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     I received the below response from the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Jess King, about the city’s livestreaming of their meetings (her link is here). There will be more tomorrow.


**   I have been with my webhost for 15 years. They host thousands and thousands of websites world wide. And, trust me, Steve, they don’t give a damn why google shut down Steve Markle of Leola’s free google blogspot! LOL! Not a damn. I have never read anything this ridiculous in my life (Markle sent the below to my webhost). My address has been on this site for 15 years! Grow up, Markle!
      Becky Holzinger has made a false allegation of harassment in order to put my personal blogger into a 90 day blocked mode. The page is not deleted and this block is being appealed with Blogger. It is being reviewed for 90 days. Becky Holzinger was not threatened on the blog and the illegal reports of harassment/threats are completely fabricated. Allow me to explain. Becky Holzinger posted on your services (www.lipnews.com) she was communicating with Lancaster City Council members and it was clear to me she was doing so under the false pretense that she is a resident of Lancaster. She does not live in Lancaster, she has publicly stated and has her address posted on her blog that she lives in Philadelphia. I then posted on my blogger that I would notify the City Council Member of that information by letting him know of that location. I am not letting them know her exact location, I only told her that she lives in Philadelphia. I informed them they were being tricked, essentially. Which is what she was doing, and it was obviously so. Apparently that ended her conversations with Mr. Xavier Garcia Molina and in retribution, she has made the false allegations that I ‘harassed” her to blogger.



*   And good morning to you too, convicted super serial stalker Steve Markle. I’ll have a little advice for you to show you how to grow up coming later! Stay tuned!


     Let me be clear: The last thing we need is another prognosticating groundhog! Horrors!
Please check back later today.

18 Responses to UPDATE – ** – * SUPER BOWL & GROUNDHOG DAY!

  1. huh? says:

    It is unbelievably ridiculous to me that Lancaster can’t depend on the city to do their job. Much smaller cities around the country have some on staff who knows how to push the on button for streaming.

    They are lying. Pure and simple.

  2. smh says:

    Posted as soon as possible after careful editing. Expect excuse not enough money for anything and everything that crops except what they want, such as ugly public art on library/parking garage.

    • Anonymous says:

      That response from Jess king made me lol. What a completely disingenuous answer. I guess there no limit to what a reasonable number of technical difficulties are? Also the policy only gives an out for technical issues, but then in the response she also lists personnel budgets as limiting? This administration is entirely focused on their future political careers and couldn’t care less for Lancaster and its residents.

      • Anonymous says:

        Like. Jess King is one that the mayor will include in her dealings to try and handle a situation she doesnt want to deal with. King seems just fine with it and will make something her business in order to help the mayor out. Looks like Amber got tired of responding back to folks about the equipment and their budget. Funny how they always keep a good budget on the livestream equipment that informs the public but they cant when it comes to spending tax payer monies.

  3. Sell Out Jess King? says:

    Sell Out Jess King?

    How does Lancaster Stands Up explain Jess King now?
    LSU was created to stand up to “the man” and fight “the machine.” Jess King once stood for those principles until the machine offered her a fat salary, an even better pension and Cadillac health insurance. Now, Jess King is apart of the machine and I’d like to know where LSU leadership stands on Jess now. She sold out!

    If LSU endorses and supports Craig Lehman over Janet Diaz, we will all have our answers of how “different” LSU actually happens to be.

    Maybe LSU will surprise me.
    Maybe not.

  4. Old & Canadian says:

    Becky, I have been distraught all evening or I would have written sooner. What a cluster the Lancaster Dems had last evening with their convention. I have several friends there and each were so embarrassed to be apart of such an immense shit show. There was over an hour delay to just get the thing started because that momma’s shadow boy that now oversees Lancaster Council can’t bring order to a convention where people are supposed to be like minded and supportive. Nope! Not one bit!

    Neither the female running for senate nor the female running for Congress were able to get endorsed? Why? Because the one female is a minority and the other is bisexual? I am sick over the Lancaster Dems proving the only diversity they will accept comes from those of whom they hand pick.

    Craig Lehman is about as exciting as watching paint dry and Janet Diaz is a way better candidate. I am sick sick sick of the Dems looking the other way to Craig Lehman’s serious flaws and simply ignoring Janet Diaz for the inspirational cannon she is and will continue to be. Janet Diaz will be victorious in the primary and the Lancaster Dysfunctional Democrat Committee should be ashamed of themselves!!!

    Stop pretending to like minorities, gays and other sub groups because the Lancaster Dems are full of crap . They were 30 years when I sat on committee and they still are today.

    • Becky says:

      Remember when LNP tried to tell people why JoAnn Hentz resigned? They sure didn’t tell us this:

      The convention was delayed by more than an hour after several committee members said they were upset that they needed to choose a new chair when they still didn’t know why former Chair JoAnn Hentz abruptly resigned two weeks ago, saying she would no longer be active in county politics.

      Acting Chair Ismail Smith-Wade-El told the committee that the executive committee brought “serious grievances” to Hentz about her time as chair. They said they would bring it to the full committee to deal with publicly or she could resign.

      Lancaster Dems don’t endorse for 11th District seat; Sturla gets nod for another term

      • smh says:

        Nice people!

      • Old & Canadian says:

        I am just blown away by the party that I love, choosing pasty,
        Pale and white Craig Lehman over a fiery and more competent chica! WTH are they thinking??? And then they cop out by not endorsing anyone for Congress? What the heck is going on? Word is the old party chair stepped down because they claimed she was racist, yet she’s gone and they still only endorse the crusty old white guys! Why why why! And before people turn on their soap boxes, I am also a crusty old white guy so I can rant without fear of being called a racist. Craig Lehman is pond scum and Janet Diaz scares the hell out of the establishment and I can’t wait to watch Janet whoop Craig in the primary. Don’t the Dems realize that many will vote for Scott Martin over Craig Lehman? We need to put forth a candidate with the energy and vigor and appeal and that ain’t Lehman!!!
        Rant over! I will be contacting the Diaz campaign to help her in the primary. I suggest any of my Dem friends that care about diversity and quality to do the same!

        • Say NO to Lehman! says:

          If this helps Janet Diaz at all, she should put some political operatives at the county and it won’t take long to learn all about Commissioner Lehman’s horrible treatment of the women that work for him. He told a secretary in the Commissioner’s Office not to touch him when she accidentally brushed against his arm. He also speaks down to women and uses his secretaries as personal assistants for both business and personal uses. Janet’s campaign should equally exploit how much time Craig Lehman took off from his paid Commissioner duties when he ran for Lt. Governor. Or the fact that he has both a state and county tax payer paid pensions and time and time again the tax payers pay his greedy self to be a Commissioner all while Craig runs for other political offices. Craig Lehman clearly does not want to be a Commissioner, but the stupid committee keeps voting him in so he has a solid paycheck while he runs for higher offices. As a Democrat voter my entire life, Craig Lehman as my choice for senate makes me absolutely sick. If you care about women and how employers treat them, Craig Lehman should be the last person you vote for!

        • Anonymous says:

          If my memory is right the democratic committee did not even endorse Janet Diaz for city council… and she is by far the best councilor we have.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He’s good at whining.

  6. anymouse says:

    Excuse me, Mr Stalker. I seek and value Becky’s opinion. I do live here and you do NOT speak for me! If this site disturbs you so much why don’t you shut up and go far, far away. Better yet, seek some mental health treatment ASAP. It’s obvious you need it.

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