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UPDATE 1-4-20 –  The commenter on this site submitted a draft to Wikipedia on Lancaster County Judge Leonard G. Brown, III.

—  Doing some research this afternoon.  —

*    Knock me over with a feather! Guess the identity of a long-time commenter on this site who really got on my nerves yesterday (and many other days). Yesterday I put his/her IP address into Google and there was a hit!
     This person submitted a draft to Wikipedia on a Lancaster County Judge (see below and I have erased the name of the judge and the IP address). Amazing! Hmmm…



     Craig Stedman will be sworn in today as a Lancaster County Judge. Will he serve his full term? The lies LNP has told the public over the years to “protect” this man are unbelievable. From previously on this site:

Please check back later today.


  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    As another old Canadian with strong ties to Lancaster County, I will add this observation. America’s allies could be facing very vicious attacks from Iran’s proxies, as well as cyber attacks on the USA, and the biggest judicial cover-up in our history is taking place in the US Senate, and the most interesting thing in and around Lancaster seems to be the quality (or lack thereof) of certain judges. I had my own experience with a former President Judge who flouted his authority, while others were life-savers. I don’t give a damn about what goes on in the Hamilton Club, but I do remember the struggles a lot of good people had to endure. To you, to all my former clients and co-workers, a very Happy New Year. Now where’s that 1960’s Guide for building a backyard bomb shelter?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I plugged my ipa in just for the heck of it and it came back as comcast. Me and 10 zillion other people I guess.

  3. Anon says:

    LOL! Oh Becky, nice try. I don’t work for Judge Brown or any judge in Lancaster and I’m certainly not a judge. I don’t even work in the same building! You should have listened to Karen yesterday. She knew what she was talking about. And you may think you have seven pages of comments from me, but I guarantee they are not all from me.

    • Becky says:

      OMG! You are “Karen!”

    • Old & Canadian says:

      OMG Becky and I am terrified for your safety!
      Now this ANON person is calling himself/herself KAREN!
      I believe for your safety and our entertainment, please post ALL comments from ANON as a feature story so we all can take a peak into the inner mind of ANON, AKA – Karen, Off My Meds and Judges Secretary!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Craig Stedman does not like Judge Brown because he is fair and honest. (Brown…not Stedman).

  5. Old & Canadian says:

    Hello my Lancaster Friends & Fancies!!!!!

    This is tooo rich not to comment on!
    Judge Brown would have been my last guess but I have been confused and wrong before!
    My guess would be this is someone that works for him or is His Honor or is his little wifey that is still politically connected (I found that little piece of knowledge on the Solanco Republican webpage).

    Now now now Becky, my love, you have sent all the political people and their fancy sheep on a search for everything ANON has ever posted to see whom aligned with Judgey Poo Brown is saying about them and their squad members.

    And I thought it would be a boring weekend!

    BRAVO, Becky, you gave our political friends something to do this weekend outside of trying to ruin one another.

    One question, have you only designated one ANON (as spelled) on your website or have multiple commenters used ANON?

    • Old & Canadian says:


      I forgot to ask!!!!!

      What did this person write about the Judge??????

      Oh, I feel like I have a purpose in life back! J/K

      Bryan and I did separate and I am pondering moving back to Lancaster in the summer. You and me Becky should have brunch at the Hamilton Club?

      Could you imagine the outrage????!!!!!

  6. huh? says:

    My guess FWIW, Hambright setting up the new judge Stedman’s page.

  7. Karen says:

    I would be careful. If you access the internet from a business especially it’s possible that multiple users will share IP addresses or that IP addresses will be dynamic (change every time your computer/device connects to the internet). I wouldn’t assume too much or take it too far unless you have expert knowledge this is definitely your person.

    • Becky says:

      Thanks, Karen. I’ve been doing this a long time. I know what I’m doing.

      • Becky says:

        P.S. I don’t think it’s the judge. As I said yesterday, this person sits on my site all day. They could not get any work done.

      • Karen says:

        Ok. But chances are very high that (if we are talking about the courthouse/government center) each department or however they group their it stuff, have a public IP and each user a private IP. I would be willing to bet you only got the public which is probably shared with a couple devices within that network. Externally they look the same and are only discernible internally.

        • Karen says:

          Which would explain why it looks like they sit on your site all day.

        • Becky says:

          I have seven pages of comments into this site from this person since January of 2019 all with the same IP.

          • Karen says:

            Ok. Sorry. I’m just willing to bet the courthouse and county use a NAT.

          • Karen says:

            But hey, now you know they likely are located at the courthouse or government center, right?

          • Becky says:

            From the nature and detail of the comments, I always figured this person (and I think I commented on it) was in the DA’s office or retired from there.

          • Karen says:


            Just talked to a friend in the IT field. He says these days any company of any significant size will be using a NAT and therefore numerous users will share one or a couple public IP addresses. He says it’s a security thing and an attempt to conserve global address space.

  8. Come on! says:

    That’ not fair!

    Was it (Anon) and you can atleast tell us WHO the judge was & if the person posting was male or female? That will bring some sunshine for a rather yucky weather weekend!!!!!

    • Becky says:

      This person has used several names on this site but recently it has been Anon. I have no idea if it’s a man or woman. I’m withholding the judge’s name for now.

      Have anything to add, Anon?

  9. Anonymous says:

    A pro-choice child molesting Satanist in favor of gun confiscation could run for office in Lancaster County, and as long as he was a republican, he’d win.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hamilton Club gonna be swingin today

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