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     The headline on page A-4 of today’s LNP print edition and you can click here to read the story online where it is titled, “Consultant agrees: Lancaster city has a structural deficit [report],” (click here).
     Finally, LNP has a report on Tuesday’s city council committee meeting and the PFM presentation. And, of course, LNP pairs it with an editorial this morning, “Lancaster needs more tax tools and a property tax overhaul from Harrisburg [opinion],” (click here).
       Why doesn’t LNP pay taxes on their publicly funded, for-profit Marriott Hotel?  
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12 Responses to – PAY TAXES, LNP!

  1. huh? says:

    Perhaps Stedman and others might want to read this before they slap Smucker on his wrist and send him on his way


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hold on! What about all the revenue generated by conventioneers coming to Lancaster to convention?

  3. nope says:

    The Penn Square Partners were High, Fulton Bank and the newspaper. Fulton withdrew as a partner IN ORDER TO FINANCE THE PROJECT !!!! So effectively, they made it happen and then are profiting from it.

    This unholy alliance explains why Fulton Bank was almost completely left out of the the Worley & Obetz debacle, despite lending W/O $74 million dollars without due diligence. That sort of impropriety is almost unimaginable, yet nothing in the paper.

    Similarly, the City is beyond reproach because of the Steinman Foundation continued and diversified non-media business interests.

    Do not underestimate that Robert Krasne, now running all Steinman companies, was mentored by Edward Bennett Williams. Look beyond the whitewashed wiki page and you’ll see that Williams exerted significant control over the Washington Post, and mixed law, real estate, and the public sector to leverage himself into owning the Redskins, Orioles, and building himself an empire. All lesson apparently not lost on his pupil.

    This sort of insidiousness runs deeps.

    Its been effective a getting electing an inexperience controllable mayor. Now in over her head she’s reaching out to Krasne’s old stomping grounds to bring in D.C. hired guns.

    Its been successful at paying a Democratically affiliated financial consultant. At moving CRIZ money to line its own pockets ( Meeder, High, Benchmark, etc).

    It straddles party lines, first getting Smucker to create and pass the CRIZ legislation, and then rewarding him with a Congressional seat.

    Its the High family, its the Fulton family, its Bob Brandt at Benchmark, its John Meeder, and at the center of it all is Robert Krasne patriarch of the Steinman family, conductor of the symphony.

    Same as it was, same as it ever was.

    • Old & Canadian says:

      This goes right along with some fishing I recently did.
      A commenter on LNP’s Facebook mentioned under a recent Death 2 Stedman editorial that LNP let’s the commissioners do whatever because they gave LNP like a million or so bucks of advertising money back.
      So I connected with a friend that works for the county and my friend told me that Sheriff Reese took all of their sheriff sale advertising away from LNP and that is why LNP went so hard after him over that sexual harassment debacle. Becky – have you RTK this info yet?
      My friend also told me the new sheriff sleeps with anything that walks but I guess that is fine if it is consensual and no longer in his department . He he!
      I have often pondered why on earth LNP loves these tiny little men like Smucker and his new little side kick. His name is escaping me but he plays a commissioner and LNP loves him like they love Smucker because both of their brain power equals the size of their tiny little bodies. My friend works in children and youth and told me the county is such a joke and has zero leadership and everyone laughs at these pathetic articles by that Carter Walker guy.
      It never ceases to amaze me how crooked LNP is and they support the dumbest and worst candidates and THIS IS WHY.
      LNP and their cronies get paid and LNP prints wonderful and meaningless accomplishments about these dopes because LNP benefits.
      This is all so traumatic and the beat goes on.

      • nope says:

        The previous Sheriff was part of the Stevens and Lee, Scott Martin, John Espenshade faction of the GOP, that had been running the County for the last 10 years.

        You are correct that he tried taking the advertising to the Central Penn Business Journal. The newspaper helped get rid of him, and Martin ( in favor of Smucker), propped up a series of other candidates in state positions (soon to include Lehman being promoted) and Stevens and Lee was replaced by GOP committee-woman Christina Hausner.

        The County is now run by the Hampfield based religious-right faction of the Lancaster Republican party which includes Parsons, Aument, Cutler, Smucker etc etc. D’Augustino was Smucker’s chief of staff, and Stucky is being promoted for being a good boy. They’re largely benign holding mostly meaningless offices, but dutifully serving the shadow government listed in the above post.

        • Old & Canadian says:

          Well color me pink!
          This is all some news. My only question, is Ryan Aument and Brian Cutler really tied to the Smucker faction? I only ask because someone I will not name but that I trust and who actually is connected (which I will be honest and say I am not) told me that Ryan Aument and Brian Cutler neither associate or support Smucker or his little side kick. Thank you for reminding me of his name because I honestly forgot. That is how stimulating he must be!
          So if all of what you report is accurate, why on earth are voters okay with a party hack like Chris Hausner serving as solicitor for the county? Chris is known to do whatever party bosses tell her to do. Am I understanding this correctly? She must be ancient by now because I remember working a poll against her decades ago. The county made her their solicitor? Really? Does she still waddle?
          This just keeps getting worse!
          My only objection would be the paper having any sway over voters. My goodness, LNP painted Craig Stedman to be a villain and the man got triple the votes as anyone else and LNP’s God like depiction of the commissioners earned each commissioner low vote totals. With all of LNP’s cheerleading for the commissioners, you would think they could get large vote margins but apparently several thousands of voters must have skipped over the commissioner race on the ballot. And the politico that told me all that is on the Democrat committee.
          I have to believe that at some point LNP will start talking nicely about politicos they hate so voters will vote against them. LNP’s current strategy is working against them and Craig Stedman, the Coroner and Scott Martin’s numbers do not lie. I have seen the three of them constantly bashed by LNP and the three of them consistently dominate at the polls. More so then any other candidates.
          Smucker was basically a Democrat (a Democrat committee man’s words, not mine) when he was a senator because he had to play to my old stomping ground of city voters and Scott Martin who became Senator after him and no one could argue how conservative and penny pinching that guy is broke all of Smucker’s vote tallies. How does an actual conservative like Martin do so well in a very moderate district compared to Smucker who voted like a moderate during his time in the senate and Smucker got way less votes then Martin for the same senate seat?
          Not my words and I really do not care but even Democrat committee members wonder how that is all possible.
          Many of my connected democrat friends think Craig Lehman is a joke and how he treated me several years back tells me they might be right.
          I do know that there are two republican factions within their committee but there is like four Democrat factions in their committee.
          Such a mess but perfect breeding ground for LNP, High, Fulton and the shadow government to get paid!

  4. my goodness says:

    LOL, looks like we’ll be reaping the crown jewel, the gaudy bright burglar bars downtown.

  5. smh says:

    Unless Lancastrians wake up and stop electing rubber stamping council members and delusional mayors (make Lancaster trendy) live with it and quit grousing. You reap what you sow.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is just another well orchestrated ploy for Lancaster City to get more state money to piss away.

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