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**   According to his updated dockets, John Snoke was found not guilty this morning by District Judge David P. Miller in his summary trial for caring for feral cats (see below).



*    On a far more serious note, a man was shot in the back in a corner store last night (click here for the police press release). The above was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the LNP article which quoted the police as stating they did not know if there was a danger to the public or not! 
      Where is the video of the shooter, Lancaster Police? Release it and get this dangerous man off the street.



     John Snoke, 78, is scheduled to have a summary trial today on two counts of caring for feral cats in Manheim Township. The trial is scheduled for 10:45 am this morning before District Judge David P. Miller.
     Snoke pleaded not guilty to two counts of caring for feral cats, one in an incident on November 8th and another on November 20th.
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8 Responses to ** – * GETTING CATTY – AGAIN!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just moved from 1 area of Lanc city to another nearby neighborhood in the city and can notice a cat issue. Lanc has become a refugee city. Different people are living here without knowing problems that occur when you feed these cats. In this area people feed the cats. These cats are huge they look like dogs from the back until you their tails. Their loud. Their demanding. They become territorial. They break your trash bags. People leave trays in their backyards for them. Ive never seen so many people care for outside animals the way the people in this area do. You cant walk behind our homes because the alley is full of cats. Mean cats at that. What do you do when the entire neighborhood is involved in feeding them??

  2. huh? says:

    Speaking of old cases, was there ever a. Update on the taxi cab driver alleged rapist?

  3. my goodness says:

    Congratulations Mr Snoke. You managed to have a judge that has some common sense. Miracles will never cease. Now, your nosy neighbors……………..

  4. huh? says:

    Allowing them to “run large?” I know it’s a typo (there are always typos in these things). But when I read that all I could think of was the mob. Mafioso cats ru ning large.

    If these complainers lived in Australia they would probably report animal rescue workers for giving the animals water.

    Yes, feral cats can be a problem. Instead of reporting this man, why don’t the naysayers help the guy by trapping them and getting them neutered or something. Anything.

  5. smh says:

    I believe Lancaster County has more important things to worry about than senior citizens feeding stray cats. If Lancaster County really gave a damn about stray cats THEY would do something about the situation. All this to appease some nosy neighbor that needs to get a life.

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