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     This story, from Tuesday’s city council committee meeting, has never been on the homepage of Lancaster Online or on their Facebook page. Never. It was in their print edition on Friday and I linked to the article on this site – but I had to search their site for the link (again, the link to the LNP article is here).
     This is deliberate and indefensible, managing editor, Tom Murse! This is clearly information the public needs to know and few people subscribe or read your print edition. All LNP’s talk about being a “watchdog” and a “community newspaper” and “holding officials accountable” is quite simply a lie as LNP sits their with their publicly funded, for-profit and off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel.
     Please read the book “Pressed” by former Commissioner Molly Henderson (click here). From one of the reviews on Amazon there is this:
    As a resident of Lancaster City and a Convention Center opponent I recommend that every resident of Lancaster County read this book and learn from it. We must never allow a debacle like the Convention Center to ever happen again. The behavior of our elected officials, moguls and the local newspaper is appalling. Thank you Dr. Henderson for the enlightenment. 
    Resign, Murse!    


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, they printed it though well hidden. They know what they are doing. How can we increase revenue? Let’s start, city employees retire at 70 years old. Implement a condo owners fee. Ditch the gaudy decoration on the parking garage/library. Quit with the paint for bike lanes that no one uses and are traffic hazards. Get rid of unnecessary city departments, we know they are there. Nothing tax exempt. Review all city employee salaries and duties then clean house.

    Someone else? Let’s get this going and come up with solutions to save our beloved city from the corrupt, trendy crowd. We can do it!!

  2. Benton Harbor says:

    You are correct that less and less people get the newspaper and then there is the PAYWALL. Between you and me if you click on the story and then switch to airplane mod before the paywall comes up. you can trad the stories for free

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