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*   A comment came in about this ABC-27 story on Debra Slaymaker-Walker.



From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (click here to read the story online).

     What a waste of an hour! It was all fluff and nonsense.
Click here to watch the video of last night’s address by Mayor Sorace and please check back later today. Oh, and who is LNP Correspondent Chris Courogen and what happened to reporter Tim Stuhldreher?

18 Responses to * A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS!

  1. Groundhog Day? says:

    Ray is a lap dog for Josh Parsons and it was Josh that got Ray burned so badly last night. Ray made a total ass out of himself just repeating what Josh Parsons told Ray to say about the election changes. Those two idiots were blaming democrats for changes that republicans wanted! Ray totally screwed up last night in two major ways –

    1. Repeating everything Josh told Ray to say about the election law changes with voting.
    2. Making the motion for lap dog and pathological liar Bryant Glick to be nominated for delegate.

    Bryant Glick is a disgrace even by Trump standards and Ray did Josh’s bidding by nominating Bryant. When everything comes out about Bryant, people will blame Ray and not Josh and that’s exactly how Josh planned it.

    Hello! Bryant’s home committee voted favorably against him and stupid Ray didn’t question why!

    Ray does what Josh tells him to do and Ray gets all the blame.

    Just like Groundhog Day with these swine!

    • Terry got robbed! says:

      OMG!!! I thought I was the only one that was questioning this!
      Bryant Glick reeks of being a total poser and his home committee people despise him.
      Word is Glick is a do-boy for Joshey so they overlooked Bryant’s mountain of lies just like like overlooked Ray having a PFA for chocking his live-in nephew and the Parsons’ patrol that literally attacks everyone else’s home life stayed quiet with Ray’s shortcomings because Josh needs a dummy like Ray to do exactly what a dummy like Ray did last night, repeated nonsense that pissed so many off. Bryan Cutler legit had to save Ray from the delegation that was seriously going to take him outside and curb stomp the stupid out of him. If LNP reporters had half a clue, Ray’s magical moment would have been front page news because Ray literally and unknowingly dissed all of the Republican delegation last night.
      Last night was such an embarrassing shit show that I nearly requested a Scott Martin t-shirt because that side of the committee is looking like the more normal option these days.
      Holy spitballs things have gotten so ludicrous when poser Glick gets to be a delegate over Terry Christopher who is absolute dynamite!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Correspondent means part time?

    • huh? says:

      Sort of. AKA stringers and nowadays associates and contract workers. Sometimes tagged “Special to the (insert pub name here).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think its pretty clear that the Mayor’s whole schtick is setting herself up for advancement up the elected official foodchain. It’s the reason for all this grandstanding, its the reason for her new Office of Self Promotion, err I mean neighborhood engagement, it’s the reason that all Lancaster’s problems are state/federal and she’s going to fix them when she replaces Martin/Smucker/Toomey/Casey.

    She believes she is Mayor Pete 2.o. Everything she is currently doing is to self promote and to ensure points in the Lancaster/PA Democratic Party system for future nominations/endorsements.

  4. Old & Canadian says:

    I can hardly contain myself with this delicious news. A very close friend of mine was a casual observer to the Republican proceedings at the Farm and Home Center last evening. She said the reporter LNP sent to cover the shindig was about 12 and looked terrified. LNP basically sent a mouse to the snake pit. My friend said that the reporter tried her hardest to ask Representative Zimmerman questions and be bulldozed her and LNP over and said they’re hardly a news organization. Is Zimmerman wrong? I think not. He may have been a naughty boy but clearly he isn’t bowing down to LNP and their 12 year old breaking news reporters. Anyone know why Carter Walker was sidelined and not invited to the Republican super bowl?

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Becky, here are the rest of the notes sent to me about last night from my very good girlfriend. She said I could share!!

      Outside of LNP’s whopping fail with Zimmerman it was pretty much business as usual. All the beautiful people were there. And the wretched and wannabes! An interesting tidbit is watching the tide turn with the committee and the spectacle that was a sea of Scott Martin supporters. From what intel I have, the committee has turned and Scott Martin is back to being King in a very big way. Maybe even bigger than before. I know you love that because of your little crush on him tee hee! but it was a bit interesting to watch it all unfold. A few committee people shared with me that things were taken 2 far with Amber Martin and her miscarrying their twins due to extreme stress caused by some in the party that gave her x husband money? is what made this tide rapidly turn. I do not know this all to be fact but it was the talk last evening. Amber appears to be doing very well and she looked really good. I don’t have frequent interactions with her but she appears to always be kind to people. Regardless of whatever I may think of her, miscarriage is no laughing matter and I was told she was pretty far along with her twins. That is sad no matter who you are.
      Lloyd was Lloyd and he had his peppy moments. His wife looked fabulous and I am thinking her boobs may be new!!! Lucky Lloyd! Guess that Congressional salary has benefited the misses in a double way!!!
      All the state reps were virtually non existent as no one cared that they were there. The new commissioner, the one with the PFA from his son or nephew (can’t remember) made an ass out of himself for basically making fun of election law updates that all the state representatives voted on and it appears Ray Ray didn’t get that memo so as Ray D’Agostino was mocking the election changes, the state reps were all looking at each other like they wanted to rip Ray’s head off. Ray was blaming “those democrats” for the changes but it was actually the republicans that pushed it!!! It was so bad that Brian Cutler had to intervene and explain the reasons behind the changes. Ray is either a rebel or a total idiot but since Lloyd Smucker fired Ray back in the day, he must be an idiot. The village idiot is now our Commissioner, right next to the village midget that LNP has a love affair with because the little midget gave all the advertising money back to LNP. Do not even get me started with the intel I have from the sheriffs office. OMG I could write a book!
      Speaking of Commish Parsons, what a mad face he had all night. It has to be hard for someone that worked so hard to be a hit man for certain republicans to try and oust Scott Martin just to watch all the same people either wear Martin’s shirt last night or hang all over him. Politics is such a frigid bitch! What Parsons’ did to Louie still makes me angry to my core and I love watching him burn. He is a racist little liar!
      There was some young gal from York who was very funny. I forget her name but she’s running for Delegate and she was a great breath of fresh air compared to Lloyd and Josh’s speeches. They were awful and mini-Lloyd basically just repeated everything Lloyd said. Their twinning is no longer winning for them as they did much worse with the Delegate race against some virtual nobody. Color me shocked but a black man beat Dennis Stuckey for the auditor race and I was told that many didn’t appreciate Dennis going after Craig Stedman so a sea of white people actually voted for a qualified black man as a result. Amazing! You need to fly back for these occasions as they are truly wonderful little circuses to watch. That’s my report!

      • Committeewoman Confirms! says:

        As a committee woman myself, this was a colorful yet accurate description of what happened last night. Although, I am unable to comment on Mrs. Smucker’s breasts, because I did not look. Many interesting things shaped last night and what struck me the most personally was how ill informed Ray was when he gave election updates. I almost feel like someone lied to Ray or mislead him because what Ray said and reported seemed out of character for Ray. Yet, I do agree, all of the state representatives appeared clearly angry with Ray and it may be difficult for Ray to overcome. Personally, I like Ray very much and supported his run but what happened last night does not paint Ray favorably moving forward. Ray came off as clearly uniformed at best or clearly rude and condescending towards our Lancaster delegation and neither paints Ray favorably with the committee moving forward.

  5. Jojo says:

    Just a curiosity sort of question: is she related to “those” Slaymakers and how if she is? Asking because I’ve known Slaymakers in the area who were not related at all to “that” family. Shouldn’t make any difference, of course, but we all know how that goes!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t it cost to use the Ware Center? Why did she have to use the Ware Center when we have this really fancy new city hall? She is obviously not concerned about holding down costs on anything.

  7. smh says:

    Irresponsible. Off subject. Debra Slaymaker Walker killed 2 of our children in 2018 while driving. Yesterday there was an article on WPMT (can’t link) Stating that her public defender asked for dismissal of charges from Judge Totaro, reasoning that Slaymaker Walker is in bad health. Per her medical records she has history of seizure disorder.

    Why was she driving in the first place with this history???? How was she driving a Kia Sportage ($$) and has a public defender at our expense? So she kills 2 of our kids, hurt a few others, lots of property damage not to mention so much grief for so many people and has the audacity to ask for dismissal because she was irresponsible by driving in her state of health to begin with. NO DISMISSAL Judge Totaro.

    • Anonymous says:

      She has the right name n Lancaster County for a dismissal. Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have one of the names.

    • huh? says:

      People with seizure disorders must go without seizures for a specified amount of time to be able to have a license to drive. I believe in PA IIRC at one time it was two years.

      What is her history and are any of the judiciary even up to date on what’s what with her?

  8. my goodness says:

    Ms Mayor thinks the county, state and Washington DC should help bail Lancaster out of their financial woes. Did they help get us into this predicament?

    I maxed out my credit cards and can’t pay them. I think Lancaster City should bail me out of this situation that I created by being irresponsible.

    • Benton Harbor says:

      Hey, THE SMUCK is bought and paid for. Can’t he do something? Oh that’s right he does not come out of hibernation until 6 months before the election. He adds a whole new meaning to LAZY

    • Anonymous says:

      Between the Dickster, and his clone-the Dickina-the taxpayers of Lancaster have bleed dry. Now it’s time to go hunting for more people to tax in order to prop up the Sh*ty Authentic.

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