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     From the LNP article pictured left (click here):
     In its letter, the board wrote it would not be filing charges because Reinaker cooperated with the investigation, the conduct was “brief and singular in nature,” he apologized to Officer Snader, he accepted responsibility and he self-reported the incident on June 14. The board said the letter must be made public in lieu of charges being filed.
     Reinaker’s self-report to the Judicial Conduct Board came the day after the incident was reported by LNP and subsequently brought national attention to Pennsylvania’s judiciary.
     That is ridiculous and unacceptable! We have to expect and demand more from our judges.
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  1. The story behind the story says:

    I am getting tired of reading and hearing about these jabs taken at my Constable brothers and quite frankly it pisses me and many like me off that work extremely hard in this profession and neither get the pay or respect we deserve. So for all you blind sheep that wanna blame Constables for every damn thing this is the actual truth about PJ Reinaker’s stop

    Yes a Constable did do the RTK to get this police footage. Commissioner Josh Parsons prompted this Constable to get it. The Constable did what he was told and that is when Commissioner Josh Parsons reporter puppet Carter Walker got the lead. This was no accident and it was not retribution from the Constables it was one Constable that was manipulated by a political rival of PJ Reinaker’s to embarrass the judge.

    So stop with all this Constable hate. Look at your own damn political in fighting and Constables got used way big in the process.

    That is the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      The cops set him up too. Why? Payback for Corll? Also, does anyone know which four a.d.a.s are leaving the d a office. Lnp alluded to them and obviously trevor anderson’s promotion was short lived. I hope he doesnt get to keep the 25 thousand dollar a year pay raise. That was ridiculous despite any “increased responsibilities”. Also does anyone know if todd brown had to take a pay cut to go back there?

  2. huh? says:

    And once again the LNP avoids reporting that Reinaker took part in the porn emails and doesn’t see anything wrong with children being featured urinating

    The LNP is a shameful company. Reinaker’s own words were damning but not a whisper by the LNP

  3. Constables says:

    Nothing will happen to him AND he and all the other judges already know who turned him in and they will get so screwed in every courtroom from now on.

    When you go to blow a powerful whistle, be smart enuf to know what it will get you.

    AND the JCB basically told them thanks for reporting!

    • Anonymous says:

      My question is why? What did they have against him in the first place? And if they are a courthouse regular or insider, how could they not know it would end up biting THEM? It’s not like they uncovered some huge money laundering scheme among judges, for e.g. Just curious as heck.

      • LNP = Low Level Ho’s says:

        A few select dirty constables are still pissed at Reinaker for basically terminating the constables raping of the tax payers by turning there job functions over to the sheriffs office. Reinaker did the right thing in this case but LNP’s turd reporters wouldn’t give that man his props because the new turd sheriff and his midget ruler gave LNP the sheriff advertisement dollars back which LNP banks like a million a year from. Reinaker f*cked up with this traffic stop but he did a good thing by slapping some dirty constables down. This is all a game and the taxpayers are always on the losing end. Just remember if LNP is praises ‘em, that means LNP is getting paid. I remember decades ago when LNP was a quality paper now LNP is a low level escort ready to dip their booty for dollars.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense because the constable system in PA is outdated and has always been fraught with problems. I googled it a few months ago when I had to pay one 75.00 to do absolutely nothing. I am surprised cops played along though. That police chief could have said there was no such tape and no one would have been the wiser. And LNP did not have to follow a news tip that, basically, went nowhere. As always, their stories leave more questions than answers. But they had a very novel, well-written and well thought out Opinion today titled “Don’t Drink and Drive”. (Sarcasm). The news media in Lancaster is SO lame. ALL of it. CBS 21 was so wrong on its Reinaker headline last note that he should sue them for slander.

        • Anonymous says:

          Constables are loser wanna be cops. Just like prison guards and mall security cops. Unfit to be real police, but still have that need to bully, wear a badge and uniform, and tell people they’re “a cop in Lancaster”. Total bottom of the barrel.

  4. smh says:

    This will make his honor more arrogant and obnoxious.

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