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     The City is falling apart and going bankrupt and we’re talking about changing pronouns in our codes. Unreal.
A comment into this site today.
      Yes, the three newly elected city council members made changing pronouns in the city codes a priority in their discussion with LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (click here for the video).
     How did these three get chosen by the Democrats to run unopposed and thus be obvious shoe-ins? Below is their conversation regarding the proposed artwork for the garage in Ewell Plaza. This is nothing short of sad and ridiculous. There will be more to follow and remember there is a very important city council committee meeting tonight at 6:00 pm and you can watch the livestream here.
Stuhldreher – Most recently at the city council meeting we took a vote on the public art and the garage. You know, we had two mayors come forward, one giving a fervent argument to carry on and another, you know, screeching halt. What do you think of the way city council handled that? Did they do the right thing? Would you guys have done something differently?
Amanda Bakay – Yeah, I think that, you know, given that they needed to make a decision that they did the best that they could do. I think that when you get the opportunity to ask for accountability from someone that you’re going to go give an awful lot of money to, you need to make sure that it is set in stone. And I feel that’s what we did in this instance. And, you know, I’m glad that a lot of people felt able to come and express themselves at that meeting and overwhelmingly I think that the people at that meeting felt like the project shouldn’t go forward. But I do think that public art is important and that public art needs engagement from the public. And so if we are going to do that we found a way to do that so that will hopefully be a really inclusive process and I feel good about…I feel good about what happened personally.
Xavier Garcia-Molina – I agree with everything you’ve said. Yeah, if anything I think the opportunity that arose is the knowledge that maybe we can do a better job of educating the community on public art and what the process is like and what a concept is.
Stuhldreher – Getting it out in front of the public sooner in the process?
Xavier Garcia-Molina – Right. Exactly. And, but again, it’s not something that was a mistake or wrong. I think it’s just an opportunity that we have now that we know people are actually genuinely interested in public art and want to participate in even in that conversation. Because when I think we are looking at the participation – there hasn’t been a participation that large since the Marriott was up for discussion. And so people want to get involved in conversations so it’s important that we are doing our best to, like you said, get that information before them ahead of time.
Jaime Arroyo – I agree with what Amanda and Xavier said and I think moving forward we are going to have to figure out how to balance our city’s history with art and there’s going to be times we don’t always agree with everything, but, um, you know, the opportunity here is to improve the process and how we do that. And I think city council did a good job of putting those contingencies in place to make sure that, yes, the community will be engaged moving forward to figure out what the final piece is going to be there. Remember, what was published isn’t necessarily what’s going up. I think there was a little bit of confusion but that speaks to how we should probably improve the process moving forward and I’m sure that there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for that.
Both Bakay and Garcia- Molina nod their heads in agreement and say, “yes, yes” and Garcia-Molina says, “They’re already tackling it and thinking about it.”


12-2-19 UPDATE


     It’s Cyber Monday and there is also a city council committee meeting tonight at 6:00 pm and very serious financial matters are on the agenda (click here for the full agenda):     Coming later today, a look at LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreherl’s interview with the three new city council members – Amanda Bakay, Xavier Garcia-Molina and Jaime Arroyo (click here to watch it on YouTube). And yes, LNP’s Marriott Hotel is mentioned. Can you say “conflict of interest?”

* The lights will be on in the con center for seven days in December (click here).



       All of the above are from the LNP article, “Lancaster’s CRIZ Authority had $7.15 million to allocate this year: Here’s where it’s going,” (click here). 

     The convention center is getting $900,000 and LNP’s for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel is getting $685,029. But the resident’s utility fees are going up by over $200 dollars a year in 2020. How is this possible? Why do Lancastrians put up with this?
     And LNP has the unmitigated gall to run an editorial this morning talking about being the public’s watchdog. They are not a watchdog – they are thieves!
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    “Stuhldreher – Most recently at the city council meeting we took a vote on the public art and the garage.”

    We? WE???

    As my dad would say, Jesus H. Christ.

  2. nope says:

    The City is falling apart and going bankrupt and we’re talking about changing pronouns in our codes. Unreal.

  3. talking says:

    On the topic of Con Center vacancy, it is important to note that the Con Center loses LESS money when its dark. I have asked the question many times…what is better, a con center that is vacant and loses LESS money or one that exceeds expectations and loses MORE?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let me spell this out for the poster who claims to be an ex LNP reporter and claims the Amish are far removed from prominence as those of us peons know it: It is hands off the Amish – no arrests except when it cannot be avoided, no bad press, no bad publicity, no mention that it is a cult – not a “faith” or religion – no negativity whatsoever, hands off the puppy mills, the child abuse, the sex abuse, the finances and tax breaks, etc. because without the rest of the country buying the bullshit, Lancaster County’s entire economy – built on tourism when there isn’t a goddam thing to do or see here – would collapse. In seconds. And never come back. Got it now???!!! And BTW, have you EVER seen or known of a governor (Corbett) to join in a petition to take a TV show off the air??!!! READ BETWEEN THE LINES, FOLKS!

    • Anonymous says:

      Despair, doom and gloom. Amish are best neighbors I’ve ever had.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s nice. Because while you sleep in your warm comfy bed tonite next to your fabulous “best” neighbors (probably liked because they “keep to themselves”, Lancaster is facing a homelessness problem akin to that shown on 60 Minutes tonight in other shelterless cities like Seattle for the same reasons: Favored developers getting breaks us normal people don’t get and building outrageously priced housing like the 300,000.00 one-bedroom condos sprouting up in the rehabbed blighted buildings while WORKING families cannot afford apt. rentals and the homeless just get arrested for petty bullshit to get them off the street (and out of sight) or are written off as “mentally ill” or “drug addicts” when they are not, and that is NOT the problem. But judging by your flippant comment, I doubt you care. I have met very few, if any, people here who have a social conscience. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seattle is a liberal fascist cess pool. Your right I don’t care, I have money, privilege, and power, and I will use it to keep my family headed in the same direction. 60 minutes is your source LMAO you know everything about the world by watching TV. Ok boomer!

        • Anonymous says:

          HOMELESS?!?! That’s a very sensitive topic for Mayor Dickina. Several churches and church related organizations that deal with homelessness routinely invite the mayor dick clone to stop in. But the Dickina never has. She has however ridden her bicycle in the bicycle lanes and LNP covered that!

      • Anonymous says:

        As long as you drown out the howling and the screams, you should be ok. And after all, it is all about YOU.

      • Anonymous says:

        Amish are inbred pieces of sh*t. It’s a cult and this area kisses their anabaptist asses in the name of tourism.

        • Anonymous says:

          Like 1000 times and absolutely agree! And I seriously doubt the person who has “money, privilege and power” has any of that…or brains. Note the way he attributes that comment to someone else (“You’re right….”) I’m guessing “total loser” is closer to the truth.

  5. anon says:

    So the two projects former State Senator Gib Armstrong bet his political reputation on, convention center and baseball stadium, are taking handouts from the taxpayer. So much for conservatism.

  6. Anonymous says:

    29 e king st. The last I heard a big company was going to move into there. I remember people upset about parking in that area. I thought criz was to help small businesses. Im sure some business owner can use the thousands given to big companies.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The con center had enough handouts. The money should of been distributed to new business owners or business owners that actually need the money with proof. The list contains Holiday Inn that has a cooperate office that can help them. The stadium doesn’t need help.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why do Lancastrians put up with this? They’re too lazy to vote.

  9. huh? says:

    Which is why my friends who had a viable small business downtown said screw it and moved to another county. The money they had to spend to complete the required paperwork while knowing they would never see a dime of the CRIZ money was the last straw.

    Where are the small businesses speaking out against this? They need to speak up.

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