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12-30-19 UPDATE – LNP’s coverage of this horrific murder has been terrible from day one. It’s as if their reporters don’t have a brain or any common sense. They take whatever the police and the DA’s office tells them and regurgitate it for the public without questioning a thing.
     There is not a single reference to a first arson fire in any of their current reporting on the arrest of Carlos Montalvo-Rivera for the murder of his wife, Olga Sanchez-Reyes, over nine years ago. And like all the crimes in Lancaster, they never demand answers and accountability for why it wasn’t solved and an arrest made.
     As noted on this site recently:
The police did not lift a finger to solve that first arson even though a mother and her baby were almost killed. If they had lifted a finger, there is the possibility that Olga Sanchez-Reyes would be alive today.


     Lancaster City Police Officer Nathan Nickel has put a lot of people behind bars. A lot. If this lawsuit discredits him, once again the DA’s office is in deep trouble.
     Interestingly, it looks like the city and the police department have split on their defense. The police and Nickel seem to have gone outside of the city’s insurance carrier, Travelers, and hired an outside firm that specializes in this type of suit (see below and click here for The MacMain Law Group website). How much will this cost the public? There will be more tomorrow.

*    Jessica Lopez, Nickel’s accuser, is no saint by any means (see below). But if, as her attorney’s claim in the lawsuit, there is dashcam video of Nickel’s assault on her, Nickel has to go. Period. And that’s a huge problem for the DA’s office.

Click here and here for the above articles.


     One of my first contacts with the Lancaster City Police department shortly after starting this website was with Detective Nathan Nickel. I was shocked. I remain shocked to this day.
     Now Nickel is charged in a federal lawsuit with sexual assault. He is also the lead detective in the horrific arson murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes in December of 2010. The prosecution needs his testimony.
     So what did District Attorney Craig Stedman do about this complicated and difficult situation? Nine years after her murder, he held a press conference putting Nickel front and center and announced that her husband, Carlos Montalvo-Rivera, was charged with her murder.
       When did Stedman learn about the lawsuit? Why did he bring the murder charge from out of the blue?
     I’ll begin this twisted story with my May 6th, 2014 post on this site about that original phone call with Nickel (click here for the original).
Please check back later today.

10 Responses to 12-30-19 UPDATE – AFTERNOON UPDATE – * GRILL STEDMAN!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stedman should of left this murder unsolved. Pathetic police work. Pathetic d.a. work. The whole damn unsolved murder case file piles is a mess. The whole damn city administration is a joke.
    2020 Lancaster GET IT TOGETHER!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jessica may be no saint but she damn sure aint a fool. Nickels character is to drive around your home or places you hang out to wear you out. Im sure the only reason he did this was because he was watching her and couldnt bag her for selling or for some dirt he knew she was involved in. He was desperately trying to put charges on her and felt comfortable enough to do what he did because the dirt bag is/was protected by c.s. all these years. I hope she gets every penny she asks for. In lanc if youre seen hanging with a lot of guys whether if their family or not. The pigs on chestnut st will try to teach you a lesson or violate you to belittle and humiliate. Its always been that way and berkihiser dont stay to far behind. Nickel harasses everyone but then be huffing and puffing when you grill him. Big ol biatch!!

  3. Anon says:

    Lancaster County has been without a D.A. for ten years. Lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    BTW, I live in Philly – like you – and would like to see Ms. Adams start an integrity unit like Larry Krasner has. But it won’t happen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean by “deep trouble” “once again” for Craig Stedman? He has never been in deep trouble as he has never been held accountable for anything. Your dislike for him is well known. I merely agree with some of what you have written. I am not “EK”. And I said no dashcam video of a sexual assault because they have a way of disappearing. Stedman is no longer d.a. as of 1/1/20. Heather Adams inherits his mess (es).

  6. Anonymous says:

    1. I guarantee there is no dashcam video of a sexual assault. 2. Your theory of the case does not constitute a legal defense. 3. Craig Stedman is no longer the district attorney. 4. Every case Stedman has ever been involved in should be overturned for varying and different reasons.

    • Becky says:

      1. I’m glad you know more than her lawyers. 2. I never said it constituted a legal defense. 3. Yes, Craig Stedman is still DA – check your dates. 4. We all know how you feel about Stedman.

      I believe this is EK, who sent in a nasty, profanity filled comment that she was no longer a reader of this site. Good! Please go elsewhere! I’m really, really tired of you!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who does Nickel know that he has been able to stay on the force for so long & advance? He was 1 of the worst cops Id like to know who made the call to advance him to detective. I hope I dont run into him anytime soon because I will be asking “why are you grilling me?” Lol

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