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      I am so grateful that Molly Henderson wrote the book “Pressed.” It’s almost impossible for decent people to believe that the Steinman family and their news organization used their power and influence to line their own pockets and take millions and millions of dollars from the public.
     But that is just what they did and Henderson carefully documents every step. And they are still doing it today.
     Please read “Pressed” and there will be much more to come.

**   The below was posted on this site on November 12th (click here for the original). The link to buy “Pressed” is here.

*    Remember this, Tom? I remember it very well and it’s also in former Lancaster Commissioner Molly Henderson’s book, “Pressed.”  You share a byline on this “informal poll.” Maybe you’re the one who should “GET OUT?”



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  1. Anonymous says:

    How could this woman expose it all in a well written book and everyone involved are still getting away with it? I haven’t read the book but after looking at reviews on amazon this book sounds juicy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because this is Lancaster. The Pretzel Republic. I know of no one-other than anyone who could benefit from it financially-who supported the building of the Con. Lancastrians everywhere may not like the leadership, but they keep on electing them.

      • Anonymous says:

        That doesnt explain why no charges & no investigations. No one in Lancaster would have known of Mollys book if Becky didnt make it known on her site. Why arent people pissed off about this!? Guess lnp (staff/owners) has to kick a damn dog for people to give a damn. Its like everyone is so used to this behavior from every official and business in this county that no one is outraged when they need to be. Im getting this book for myself as a early personal xmas gift. The least we can do since she didnt win her lawsuit is support her buying her book and circulating it around to as many as we can. We need more people like Molly in this county.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really? WGAL

    It was a lucky day today in THE SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY for one lucky couple in THE SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY. Bob and Essie Martin we’re driving down a road in THE SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY. As they passed a SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY elementary school a SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY crossing guard had motioned for the Martin’s stop in order to let a group of SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY school children cross the road. The couple later learned the children were on their way to Amish Acres Park to celebrate life…here in THE SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY

  3. Anonymous says:

    The real shame in what happened to Henderson and the others is the role the Lancaster County Judiciary played. And still plays. Incestuous.

    • Courthouse player says:

      What the book doesn’t say is that Judge Louis Farina, who found the hotel tax to be constitutional, was a golfing buddy of most if not all of those involved – the Highs, big wigs at Stevens & Lee, Fulton Bank and at LNP, etc. Farina, aka “the golfing judge,” played with them regularly at the Lancaster Country Club. As soon as the Hotel Tax case was assigned to him the case was over for the hoteliers. That was a standing joke around the courthouse for years.

      • Anonymous says:

        There was no ability to appeal to a higher court?

        • courthouse insider says:

          It was appealed but appellate courts are generally reluctant to overturn a lower court if there is any basis to justify the lower court’s decision. Had Farina ruled the other way he probably would have been upheld. Don’t forget Gib Armstrong pushed changes in the laws dealing with this project 3 times and the changes the legislature approved gutted the lawsuit filed by the hotel owners.

  4. WGAL SUCKS says:

    WGAL could use some lessons in investigative reporting, too. They are THE WORST local news station I have ever watched. They will not cover ANYTHING that will remotely ruffle ANY feathers, and deliberately stay away from TRUE investigative journalism or, even local news that is “distasteful”. I do not need Brian Roche to rehash the exact same consumer scam with different clothing on it over and over and over again and if he tells me one more time not to give out my social security number I am going to puke. In a word, they SUCK. Meanwhile, they never met a fire they didn’t like (if they have video), regardless of where it occurred, damage, injuries, deaths, no damage injuries or deaths, etc. If I lit my bed on fire and had video of it, they would use it.

  5. huh? says:

    Who knows? Maybe they were “chosen” on purpose? You never know…

  6. Anonymous says:

    cwthompson@npr.org. email for president of Board of Directors of IRE

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ire will know now. Im sending screen shots from this article right on over with blog address.

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