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     April Koppenhaver of Mulberry Art Studios has been hard at work to replace the hideous artwork proposed for Ewell Plaza (see below). She and others are expected to be at tonight city council meeting which begins at 7:30 pm and should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
     If you recall, for the last city council committee meeting, the livestream video ran for over two hours with no sound. Unbelievable. Can anyone in the city manage to livestream tonight’s meeting with no glitches? And why hasn’t LNP mentioned a word about the city’s repeated and constant livestreaming errors?



*    How could this woman expose it all in a well written book and everyone involved are still getting away with it? I haven’t read the book but after looking at reviews on amazon this book sounds juicy.
A comment in this morning under yesterday’s post.
     That is a very good question! How are they still getting away with it?



     Trump and Pence are coming on a historic day – impeachment articles against Trump are expected first thing this morning!
     On top of all that excitement, city council meets tonight at 7:30 pm. Wow!
Please check back later today.

20 Responses to UPDATED – * A HISTORIC DAY!

  1. huh? says:

    PS for the first time I tried to watch the Livestream. I clicked on your link and chose Livestream.

    Nothing. Either they didn’t stream it or I’m doing something wrong.

    • Becky says:

      Nope, you didn’t do anything wrong. No livestream.

      • huh? says:

        I think it would be good for April and others there to know that they were censored this evening.

        Such purposeful pettiness on the part of Lancaster city’s bureaucrats who are absolutely held to no account when it comes to doing their jobs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow. This sounds just like building the Con. Does anyone think if it was put to a vote, we’d have a Con?

          • huh? says:

            If Lancastrians really understood their rights, they could have had a real say. Other cities have faced this kind of mess and rammed unpopular projects through.

            Lancaster is a third class city. As such, a referendum can be mounted, signatures gathered, and put to a vote that ANY public money going into a private entity has to be approved by the voters first.

            But hey, whoopie pies and hog maw.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like Mayor Dickina is taking a chapter from Bowtyda. “Learned Frankly have you”

  2. huh? says:

    Remember when concerned citizens were able to stop the destruction of Watt and Shand and stop the convention center?

    Yeah. Me neither.

  3. smh says:

    They are getting away with it because they are our rich, powerful, elite untouchables. This will never change.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re getting away with it because they keep getting re-elected. The High’s and the Steinman’s look out over the sheep of Lancaster County and say man are we ever gonna get fat off this hog.

  4. Please expose him! says:

    Becky, with as corrupt and fake as Craig Lehman clearly is, why have you not exposed him? Molly needs vindication and Craig Lehman serving as the “voice of Democrats” is a joke. He serves himself and he is a fake and a liar.

  5. Jojo says:

    Water Meter Upgrade

    Yippee, yippee……we made the list! Good grief, there must be thousands of homes on that list! And, as the writer Anonymous said….”supposedly”…..yes, he/she was correct. “Supposedly”…………we NEVER got a letter (the registered mail said we got two letters) and we NEVER got door hangers (the registered letter said we got two) and now we are subject to a shut-off??? Now here’s the kicker……just try to reach the listed ‘phone numbers to take care of the problem! Just try to deal with those folks! Just try to leave voice mail! Just try to make an appointment as the letter says you must do! To be accurate, my son did actually get to talk to the contractor company (an outside outfit, not the city) and they said they’ve no appointment times available and that they cannot make any guarantees about possible shut-offs. Sooooo….how do we get one of these appointments? Again, in the interest of accuracy…..no, we are not in any low-income housing areas……….we are in what would be considered by many as “affluent Manheim Township!!!

  6. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Trump is coming to Hershey, to talk about how great he is, and how bad all those who believe in things like the Constitution, real justice, and compassionate immigration are, and cult followers of the Dear Leader will shout their joyous chants. Back in Washington all those you-know-who congressmen will parrot their dime store messiah’s lies… selling their integrity, even their souls, at such cut-rate prices. America, what has happened to you, and to your once great democracy? So, meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all… and may all those landlords who didn’t look out for their poor tenants get a coal load in their stockings!

  7. Corrupt Craig Lehman! says:

    Craig Lehman hated Molly because Molly saw him for the fraud that he was and still is. Craig Lehman helped LNP destroy Molly’s reputation so he could weasel his way into her seat. Craig was just the incompetent puppet LNP needed for the long haul. Craig and the fake dems that supported his sorry self helped LNP completely frame Molly when all she did was tell the truth and do the right thing for tax payers. I am a die hard liberal and damn proud but I would sooner cast my vote for a republican over corrupt Craig Lehman. Man doesn’t care who he hurts to get where he wants to be!

    Word is he is now trying to screw over another competent and take no bullsh*t woman because Craig only goes after women! You won’t win this one you little fraud!!!!

    • More like criminal Craig? says:

      But it is more like CRIMINAL CRAIG. He knew exactly what he was doing and waited patiently for his LNP and HIGH buddies to ruin Molly so Criminal Craig could waltzed right into his Commissioner seat like some hero! He’s been giving and giving and giving to LNP and bowing and bowing and bowing to HIGH ever since. Craig Lehman is the biggest FRAUD as no part of him is either democrat or republican. He has NO principles outside of what SERVES CRAIG! I hope Lancaster Stands Up pays attention to Craig Lehman and calls him out because Craig Lehman is the Democrat fraud they despise!

      • Anonymous says:

        The only “Criminal Craig” I know of up there is Criminal Craig Stedman. You are up in arms over something that happened ten years ago and want to get the word out now? In 2030 I’ll look for your post about how Criminal Craig Stedman should be arrested for theft, fraud, o of j, etc.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Off subject
    Has anyone viewed the list (pdf) of properties that has not upgraded their water meters? The city is preparing to shut off water at these properties. 6 notices were supposedly sent and landlords/owners have not made appointments. A lot of the properties have children living on the premises. No running water in low income properties are automatically uninhabitable homes due to children living in them especially if its a hud assisted property. Will the city come back with cys workers to these properties like they came to London properties with police? There has to be a better way for city to enforce free water meters instead of shutting off water in addresses listed. https://www.cityoflancasterpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/12.6.19.pdf.

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