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     This year, police interviewed doctors who treated Montalvo-Rivera immediately after the fire and they said his story about being knocked unconscious from a blow to the head for at least 45 minutes before the fire started was “highly unlikely.” It would have been a serious traumatic brain injury, prosecutors said, yet he was walking around displaying no symptoms afterward.
From the same PennLive story linked to below.
     Where is this 45 minutes coming from? Did Montalvo-Rivera have a watch and look at it before he claims he was hit and then look at it again after coming to? Forty-five minutes is a very long time and it certainly would not take someone that long to pour gasoline and light it.
     And Stedman said science has improved in the almost ten years since her murder so what did the doctors tell him that was new that they didn’t tell him 10 years ago? Did they do an MRI ten years ago and re-read it gaining new insight?
     There will be more to come. Have a safe, warm and happy Friday.


***  As soon as I saw this entry on the District Attorney’s Facebook page I wondered when this man was arrested. Sure enough – it is right in the CrimeWatch entry (click here):

     Yes, they keep these in their back pocket and when the DA’s office needs to look good they pull them out. The charges were filed on October 18th and he was incarcerated on October 21st according to his docket.

**  “I will kill you like a dog,” Montalvo-Rivera reportedly said to his wife during an argument, according to court records.
From the same PennLive article linked to immediately below.
     I don’t know why PennLive has “like a dirty dog” in their headline and I will listen to the video of the DA’s press conference again. But this comes from the victim’s sister who told this to the police six years after her horrific murder. Six years!
And Stedman loves this kind of inflammatory statement. Tell that to a jury and bang – you have an automatic conviction – or do you?


*    The third version emerged during grand jury testimony in February 2013 when Montalvo said he jumped from the window with his hands tied behind his back. He said this time that he believes his bindings had been loosened while inside the house. But the neighbor said Montalvo’s hands were tightly bound when he saw him emerge from an alley later.
From the PennLive story, “Man threatened to kill wife ‘like a dirty dog’ one year before she died in arson: police,” (click here).
     How do you tie your own hands behind your back? Did he practice? I’m told there are YouTube videos on how to do it. Did he watch them?


     The October 17th press conference announcing the arrest of Carlos Montalvo-Rivera for the almost ten-year-old horrific murder of his wife, Olga Sanchez-Reyes. From left to right – Detective Nathan Nickel, District Attorney Craig Stedman, Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser and First Assistant District Attorney Travis Anderson.

     With no new evidence in the case, why did District Attorney Craig Stedman arrest and charge Carlos Montalvo-Rivera last month in the almost 10-year-old murder of his wife, Olga Sanchez-Reyes?
     And why isn’t the media demanding answers?
Please check back later today.


  1. 180-degrees says:

    White women probably go to jail for simple assault when its their hubby or something like hat. When one of the victims is a convicted and the other is currently a fugitive…not so much.

  2. 180-Degrees says:

    The time to rail against craig stedman was before he was elected to corrupt court of common pleas judge. You derided him for ten years…then took no stand when it counted – when he was caught stealing. instead you focused on whether white women go to jail for theft compared to women of color butthought he should walk. And he did. Now you’re gonna bitch about him again? Too late. You had your chance. He’s in there for life and there’s not a goddam thing you or anyone else can do about it. And he leaves behind such a great legacy. ha ha.

    • Becky says:

      I am still feeling snarky!

      1. You said a long and nasty goodbye as “former reader” but you apparently still read because you continue to comment.
      2. I most certainly did take a stand.
      3. The state attorney general certainly can do something about him being a judge if they examine some of these unsolved murders, like the one discussed today, in depth and find no attempt to solve them. And that he protected dirty cops and did not prosecute them.
      4. Maybe I should have focused on whether white women get probation for simple assault but women of color go to jail.

  3. huh? says:

    Hah! All discussion aside, I’m cracking up at that press conference picture and those cops in their “my balls are too big to stand with my legs together” pose.

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