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*    Below is a portion of the District Judge docket for Jessica Lopez as a result of this incident and the arresting officer is listed as Nathan S. Nickel.



     A federal lawsuit was filed yesterday by Jessica Lopez against the City of Lancaster and a Detective “Nichols” for excessive force and sexual assault and battery. I am checking with an attorney involved in the case to verify that this is a misspelling and it is actually Detective Nathan Nickel.
     Nickel was front and center in DA’s Stedman’s press conference when he announced the arrest of a suspect in the nine-year-old murder of Olga Sanchez last month (pictured above at that press conference). Did Stedman know this lawsuit was coming? 
     A brief excerpt from  the “Statement of Facts” in the lawsuit is below. There will be much, much more tomorrow including the full “Statement of Facts” and the lawyers involved.



     One week ago, on Friday, October 25th, LNP ran the above story on page A-3 of their print edition. They have never put this story on their homepage online. That means the majority of people in Lancaster have not read it. You have to know it exists and search for it on Lancaster Online.
     Why does LNP continue to protect the Lancaster City Police? Why aren’t they demanding answers from the mayor, city council and the police chief? Why aren’t they demanding that the hiring and training process for these officers be examined to find out what is going wrong and changing it?
     This is the second excessive force lawsuit in two months and some of the same officers are named in both. This is outrageous, expensive and eliminates the trust the public should have in the police who are there to protect and serve.
Click here for the “Factual Allegations” portion of Kenneth Gross’ lawsuit on this site and here for LNP’s, “Lancaster city police face excessive force lawsuit, 2nd in 2 months” and please check back later today.        

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  1. Becky says:

    This is not Nickel’s first use of excessive force. DA Stedman should be charging him not praising him! Did the DA suddenly decide to file a murder charge in a nine-year-old case so he could appear to make Nickel look good? I was so suspicious during the press conference that Nickel was so front and center – that I took a screenshot of him and said to a friend I wonder if he’s one of the John Does in Gross’ lawsuit that tasered him while handcuffed in the police station and that is why Stedman is showcasing him.

    This is unbelievable!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ask mayor Dickina a real question? You mean like a real newspaper would?

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