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     One of most corrupt, shocking and heartbreaking cases I have covered over the last 15 years is the case of Akeem Washington. Several Lancaster City Police Officers and the DA’s Office conspired and lied to put an innocent man in jail for years. It was a modern day lynching.
      I am going to work on sending a submission to the Pennsylvania Innocence Project and will post here when I do (click here for their website). I encourage everyone else to contact them regarding this absolute travesty of justice.


**    When Tony Torrellas was shot dead in the home of the mother of his son, DA Craig Stedman ruled his death was justified and he did not name the killer. And LNP didn’t blink or question it or hold Stedman accountable. Stedman is protecting this man. His name needs to be released.
      In 2013, Stedman named the shooter (click here):
     Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman ruled that Ismar Martin of 426 N. Queen St., was justified when he shot David Montes during an altercation at Martin’s home on Feb. 13.
     So why hasn’t he named Torrellas’ shooter? In the below recent Fox-43 article, the shooter is named.

*     Knock me over with a feather! LNP is looking to hire a “Public Safety Reporter” and their description is below (click here for the ad). LNP has not held the police, prosecutors and judges accountable for over 40 years! In fact, they have served as their public relations ambassadors. Do you really think they are going to start doing their job and holding them accountable? 
     “Revisiting cold cases. Identifying trends in crime. Examining the criminal justice system and holding police, prosecutors and judges accountable. Reporting from the field in real time, with all the digital storytelling tools at our disposal, on natural disasters and emergencies. LNP | LancasterOnline’s Public Safety reporter serves as the eyes and ears for our community’s 540,000 residents by breaking news online, providing context and insights in print the next day, quickly parsing data to explain why it matters, routinely chasing down enterprise stories and following through on mid- to long-range investigative projects.”


UPDATE 11-22-19 – Philadelphia Defense Attorney Perry de Marco, Sr. responded to my email yesterday and confirmed he represents Rahmir Hopkins and was present at his preliminary hearing on Wednesday (see below).
     And yet, there is not a word about him or any actions he took in the DA Office’s press release and therefore, LNP which simply re-wrote it, doesn’t mention his defense attorney either. This is terrible “reporting.”
Please check back later today.

—  Making some phone calls this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


***  DA Spokesman Brett Hambright tweeted the below shortly after tweeting his press release on yesterday’s preliminary hearing. Hmmm. I think a video of the shooting would be better. Why wasn’t that captured?

**    The District Attorney’s Office never mentions the defense or the defense attorneys in their releases. According to his docket, Hopkins has private Philadelphia Attorney Perry de Marco, Sr. (see below and click here for his website). I will call and try to confirm he is representing Hopkins and that he was present yesterday.
       Hopkin’s preliminary hearing was originally rescheduled so he could hire a private attorney and not use assigned Public Defender Edwin George Pfursich IV.



*    From the DA’s press release this morning (click here):
      A Lancaster teenager will face homicide and related charges in County Court after a preliminary hearing Wednesday revealed video footage of him at the scene and an incriminating eyewitness statement.

     Rahmir Hopkins was 14 when he shot 24-year-old Luis Perez on Oct. 9 in the 600 block of South Lime Street, according to charges filed by Lancaster city police.
     Perez was shot in the back as he tried to get up as two of Hopkins’ companions kicked him, according to testimony at the hour-long hearing.
     “(Hopkins) pulled a handgun and shot the victim in the back,” First Assistant District Attorney Travis S. Anderson said in a brief argument following testimony.
     At the conclusion of the hearing, District Judge Jodie Richardson ordered Hopkins face the charges in Lancaster County Court.
     FADA Anderson called three detectives to outline evidence in the case.
     Hopkins, now 15, wore a blue jumpsuit for the hearing. He watched closely as a detective narrated about eight minutes of surveillance footage captured at the scene.
     Video cameras positioned at two corner stores did not record the shooting, but they did record Hopkins and his two male companions engage in a confrontation with Perez. Perez can be seen falling into the street, where he was pronounced dead.
     Hopkins is seen in the footage in a corner store purchasing a bottle of red juice, which he then carries outside. He is seen in later footage, at the location of the shooting, with the bottle of red juice.
     Lancaster city police Detective Eric McCrady said he instantly recognized Hopkins as the male in the gray hooded sweatshirt with the juice because he had questioned him recently about a separate homicide case.
     Detective Robert Whiteford testified of an eyewitness who watched the altercation and shooting from his front porch.
     The witness identified for police who he saw fire a gun: a male in a gray hooded sweatshirt in surveillance video still photos.
     Hopkins is presumed innocent. He is also charged with two felonies regarding illegal possession of a firearm. He is at Lancaster County Prison without bail.



From a Letter to the Editor titled, “Not happy with smaller paper,” (click here).

     There have been a number of letters recently complaining about the reductions in the LNP print/digital edition.
     And online this morning there is this:

     There is not one thing that I want to read or watch in all of that. Where is the news?
Please check back later today.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Paper today regarding sale of shell site. I’m confused by this whole thing and LNP doesn’t provide really any explanation, but I think there’s likely more than meets the way.

    Willie shell has ran for city council several times. I don’t know anything about him as he never seems to get much traction. Must not be connected in democratic committee. Article states part of the property was acquired via tax sale and city negotiated purchase for other parts. Why did the city buy this in the first place? Did they have some plan for it that fell through? The property doesn’t look blighted in the photo.l, and it doesn’t appear redevelopment authority did any work prior to listing for sale. What is going on here that I’m missing?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The same guy who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and slashed her neck Couldn’t have possibly committed any more crimes?! Another conspiracy by law-enforcement, the prison, the DAs office, and the judge!

      • Anonymous says:

        And your shocked he stated he wanted to harm officers? Supposed his cousin wouldn’t lie for him, he played pro ball oversees. Maybe you could visit him in prison and meet him for yourself? Easy on the term lynching, it’s not something you just throw out there. He wasn’t killed or hanged, and he had a trial.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think we talk conspiracies why even come visit the page. You seem to come on just to through your “conspiracy theory” comment under anyones comment concerning police, da, dickana, or anyone brought up in the county.. This man had a lynching trial with the help of the corrupted police force and da. We all know it. Police and da try to make many on here look like conspiracy theorists if not they’ll comment under your post to try to belittle you by challenging your post with proof. I can tell who the da and who the officers are by the comments. When you cant use your power and name to stop people from telling the truth the bullying/intimidation starts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am guessing Carter Walker is quitting. Don’t blame him. But since Brett Hambright is out of a job in 2 months maybe he can get his old job back. He has all the qualifications: He’s a suck-ass reporter with an obvious bias. Probably have to take a pay cut tho. I’m guessing the job pays in the low 30’s. Max.

    • Becky says:

      Actually, I think they are replacing Lindsey Blest, their rising star, who got married and moved to DC and obviously left LNP. I’m not sure Hambright will be out of a job. It’s up to Heather Adams when she becomes DA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugg that’s depressing. That’s like $15 dollars an hour.

  4. Anonymous says:

    LNP dropped the ball on Stedma after catching him stealing red-handed. Don’t know why but instead they editorialized that they hope he “grows into” his new job as judge. Not bloody likely. The guy is a career criminal.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nothing Lousy News Paper does could be considered reporting

  6. Anonymous says:

    Any red juice is the blood on Craig Stedman’s hands. Time to disband the Drug Enfocement Task Force, whose funding model AND purpose is aantiquated

  7. Anonymous says:

    The reporting done by any LNP reporter is pathetic. Its like they have to get an “ok” from police and da or mayor. Then after they get a ok they give you the run around. Its tickles me to think someone would even pay for that paper lol.
    The da is also pathetic. Whats his grand plan??? Hide from public and act as if theres no gang issue until he becomes judge. When he becomes judge will he secretly then start slapping max sentences to people in gangs that walk into his court room in order to control gangs and exalt himself? Can the people get together and sue city for not having enough police or detectives to police streets and solve murders? The taxpayers should receive the services they pay for!!!
    This city needs to love on their youths. These art programs is not the answer. Press conferences hoping older family members like grandmothers giving up their grandsons is not going to happen forget about it. If I was a grandma why should i give up my grandson when taxes are being taken out my check to provide safety in my area. They dont even like us but want us to give up our own people lmao. I dont know about you guys grandma but my grandma is protecting me to the grave. “No speaky Engles” lol. The police conferences are hilarious. Its not ok for a 14yr old to be able to get his hands on a gun let alone afford one. The courts will then appoint a public defender not even qualified to represent them properly. This kid along with all the others involved in killings stabbings and shootings within the past 2yrs were failed.
    We dont have enough police patrolling the streets. We dont have community peace between the people and police. We dont have police that fit into our communities and understand different cultures. Theres no police trust. Hell!!!!We dont even have police that look like us how about that?! This is home to the refugee in the u.s. Its also 1 of the most racist religious segregated citys around.
    We have children carrying guns while buying “red juice” at the corner store. No one seems to have a problem with the ages of these children carrying guns to go buy juice. Not only did the 20 something year old get shot from the back but the other boys with Hopkins kicked him afterwards. Their lack of compassion at that age is bad. Kids at that age run away. This city better prepare itself its only going to get worst.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. But we do have a convention center, bicycle lanes, gentrification, and a Mayor Dick clone, so it’s not a total loss.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is getting very difficult to justify spending any money on the paper. Pennlive does a pretty good job reporting for Harrisburg, so it can’t be impossible for LNP.

  9. Becky says:

    The Roots piece isn’t even an article – it’s a list! And I don’t care what reporter Kevin ate:

    Number of food items consumed in the writing of this article

    9. Two pizza slices from Norma’s, fries from Fink’s Fries, two donuts from Bird-in-Hand Bakery, cheeseburger combo from Lena’s Ladle and an apple from a farm stand.

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