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     So just to clarify – you are giving me your word, Mayor Sorace, that we will stay within the $600,000 budget even though the conceptual proposal came in at $800,000?
Ms. Fitzgerald speaking at last night’s city council meeting.
     Please go to the 1:24:47 mark in last night’s video and listen to the full comment and answers given to Ms. Fitzgerald (click here for the video). This is absolutely shocking. I hope to have a complete transcript tomorrow.

*    R&R is already $200,000 over the budget they are allotted of $600,000! This is outrageous! Read the motion! Is R&R going to do all that?

     In the screenshot from last night’s meeting below, former Mayor Rick Gray returns to his seat after making a nonsensical comment and former Mayor Art Morris is at the podium commenting.


     Wade-El continued:
     Phase 1, Part 1: R&R will visit Lancaster to meet with the 151 North Queen project team responsible for the engineering and construction of the development.
     Phase 1, Part 2: R&R will remain in close contact with the Hammel Architects to coordinate architectural requirements for the artwork.
     Phase 1, Part 3: R&R will receive and consider the findings and recommendations from the Historical Commission as documented in the Commission’s meeting minutes and reports and content to be collected and provided by the Department of Community Planning and Economic Development and respond to said feedback and engage with selected members of the Historical Commission regarding said feedback.
     Phase 2: R&R will make at least three additional visits to Lancaster between April 2020 and September 2020 tied with key opportunities for community participation. [That’s Phase 2, Section 4 – sorry.]
     Phase 2, Section 5: R&R, these are the artists, I apologize, will meet with key stakeholder groups to include members of the Ewell family, the Public Library Board and selected members of the Historical Commission to understand the scope and parameters of Lancaster’s Historic Architecture Ordinance.
     Phase 2, Section 6: R&R will have a presence and community festivals and events to gain insight and input towards the creative development of the artwork.
     Phase 2, Section 7: R&R will utilize a range of engagement techniques including those noted above to determine what language if any will go on the building façade.
     Phase 2, Section 8: As a culmination of the engagement process, R&R will hold design and ________ or other forums where community members can vote for their favorite artistic concept of two to three presented depicting relevant variables relating to the words, color, arrangement and composition of the material to be included in the final realized design.



     City councilman Ismail Smith Wade-El at last night’s meeting:
     Council President Reichenbach and counselors:
      I move that council issue a certificate of appropriateness for the proposed 151 N. Queen development conditional on a community engagement plan which will be read into the record with all legal force and affect tonight, this evening as follows, and which the city administration will later and as we discuss this item, will elaborate on further. But it includes the following as indispensable components…
To be continued…


  1. Anonymous says:

    It appears that Ish is using the old business principle 101 “fake it til you make it”. In the meantime Lancaster is still pumping raw sewage into the Conestoga.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wade-El understands diversity, and this is something he and the arts board considers worthy, let’s trust those elected.

  3. huh? says:

    So just like MAW, the baseball field, and the con center, RandR is over budget. Sounds about right when it comes to Lancaster. This city needs to bring in a city manager with a hell on wheels track record who answers to none of these clowns.

  4. huh? says:

    Becky did anyone bring up the fact that R&R churned out the same old design and that all Lancaster was getting was sloppy seconds?

  5. Anonymous says:

    What the hell has happened to Lancaster?

    • Becky says:

      That “motion” is just ridiculous! Almost every speaker was against it (except idiot Gray)!

      • smh says:

        Intellectual buffoonery at it’s best or maybe worst.

        • Anonymous says:


          That meeting was painful. Gray’s comment was absolutely nonsensical arguing it doesn’t matter if people like it as long as the public art board did. And then he just couldn’t help himself but to take a nasty comment about Mayor Smithgall, who wasn’t even there.

          Most of the tripe from council was nonsensical. Kudos to Janet Diaz again for being the only one willing to deviate from the company line. Reichenbach voted no in what felt like an insult vote to all the well spoken residents, as he spent all night defending the art and then did not support Janet Diaz’s motion to delay approval to allow a more definitive concept to be presented for approval. He got very defensive while repeating a blatant lie that the City wouldn’t be on the hook for all this cash if the CRIZ dries up sometime over the next 20+ years. Good riddance, glad that his time on council is coming to an end.

          I wish the democratic committee didn’t have such a lock on council appointments. There is no debate due to fear of causing committee drama and losing the party endorsement. Crossing my fingers that the three new council members will be better, but I am not holding my breath.

    • Anonymous says:

      It elected mayor Dick for three terms, then elected a mayor Dick clone. People who’ve lived here a few generations, can’t talk about Lancaster without adding “It used to be a nice city.”

  6. Old & Canadian is back!!!!! says:

    Hi, Becky!!! I am back 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Took some time off and traveled to Australia. Glorious, wonderful and magnificent! Now I am home and back to my mundane day’s of soap opera watching and mindlessly scrolling through Internet. Seeing this lad’s face makes me said for his mum. She was such an inspirational lady, her boy will never measure up and just ride his mum’s coattails. God rest her soul. I am back to being my wonderful self. How has Lancaster been? Looks like city council approved an advertisement for a strip club on the side of that parking garage. Amish Country is now Sin City!

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