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      A quick change in topic this afternoon but there is an important city council committee meeting tonight where the below hideous artwork for Ewell Plaza will be discussed. The meeting begins at 6:00 pm and should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).



****   Beside the inconsistencies about his hands, police said there was another inconsistency: The window, through which Montalvo-Rivera said he exited, was closed when firefighters arrived.
          To “believe any of Montalvo’s versions that he had jumped from the second floor rear bathroom window, investigators would need to believe that Montalvo closed the bathroom window while he was jumping down to the ground while his hands were either tied in front of his body or behind his back,” the affidavit said.
From the LNP article, “Husband charged in 2010 arson that killed Olga Sanchez-Reyes, mother of three [update],” (click here).    
       Attorney McMahon is going to have a field day with these geniuses! Have they ever heard of a window that won’t stay up? Google it!  


(Click here)

***  Here’s a takeaway, LNP reporter Dan Nephin: DA Stedman knew about the federal lawsuit about to be filed against Detective Nathan Nickel. Since that lawsuit alleges sexual assault on top of excessive force, there is a good chance Nickel may not be a police officer much longer.
     That is why, with the exact same evidence they had within a month of her murder, DA Stedman decided to bring charges nearly a decade later.

**   Becoming frustrated, McMahon [Philadelphia Attorney Jack McMahon] at one point stood up and asked the judge, sarcastically, “Why don’t we just say he shot him and let’s go home?”
     After being denied of asking a separate question, McMahon said, “I know we’re in Lancaster, but this is not the law.”
From an LNP article in 2015 and written by then court reporter Brett Hambright (click here).


*    Carlos Montalvo-Rivera, who was charged last month with the horrific arson murder of his wife nine years ago, has hired Jack McMahon as his defense attorney according to his docket (click here for McMahon’s website). His preliminary hearing was continued from October 29th and has not yet been rescheduled.
     The DA’s office is going to need more than Detective Nathan Nickel’s testimony (if he can testify) to win this one!




     When I saw the first picture of Detective Nathan Nickel holding a little girl on the Lancaster Police’s Facebook page, I said hmmm… When the second picture went up a few days later of him holding a baby, I immediately went searching for lawsuits against Nickel. It was obvious there was trouble brewing for him on some front! 
      That is what the Lancaster City Police do to protect their troubled officers and after years of covering them the deflection is all so obvious.
      And DA Stedman did the exact same thing – protecting a bad officer. The corruption in Lancaster is simply astonishing!
Please see immediately below and check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I see drug users should not be prosecuted…possibly, but I do not see a posting that says dealer should not be. Just that he is not the success to crimefightint (or justice) that Craig Stedman wants everyone to think he is. I predict he will be a very dangerous judge for people who seek truth. I have heard the term “snake” bandied about very often. But best of luck with your anger/condescension.

    • Anon says:

      My comments were a reply to the condescension of the poster that mocked Becky for not being a sociology major and then to the one that wrongly assumed I was a sociology major, which is a career path he apparently looks down upon. And, although you say you didn’t see anyone suggesting drug dealers shouldn’t be prosecuted, the comments that were being replied to were specifically criticizing the prosecution of dealers. One literally said “don’t blame the dealer.” The other questioned the purpose of prosecuting the dealer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Opioid comment not over the top. Studies show prosecuting dealers after the fact doesn’t do anything to stem the crisis. It is a failed policy that a minority of prosecutors use. How is it helpful? The dead person isn’t coming back and users will get their stuff elsewhere. No drug dealer say he is gonna give up the life because Craig Stedman has scared him straight. If Stedman had sought help and treatment for low level users instead of jail, they wouldn’t be released into a deeper spiral of destruction I assume you were not a sociology major?

    • Anon says:

      Wow. And I thought I could be condescending at times… Becky didn’t deserve that comment.

      If you were really a sociology major yourself, you would know that what you are talking about and stating as if it were fact is but one THEORY of how to deal with the drug crisis and crime in general. Just because it is the theory you may prescribe to, doesn’t mean all other theories are criminal or an attempt to continue or increase the problem as was stated below. Saying that is being just as egotistical and ridiculous as you all claim Stedman is. Would you really prefer that they not prosecute any dealers? Just let them go? The drugs you gave that guy killed him, so what? We won’t punish you because it wont bring him back??? Really?? That statement undermines the punishment of every single murderer! There are many purposes and goals of punishment…..rehabilitation is only one of them and they are not mutually exclusive to each other. In fact, any theory that only targets one aspect of the problem (such as yours) is not sufficient. Especially given treatment success rates. You have to attack from the problem from all angles. I would think a sociology major with your purported level of omniscient understanding would know all of this…

      • NotasocMajorandRicherforit says:

        Yeah…and the “war on drugs” is a real success – from all angles. Don’t think poster needs soc. degree. Please list other “many purposes and goals of punishment” for those of us who majored in a subject that would allow us to earn a decent living. Seriously. I only know of 1. deterrence; 2. restitution; 3.public safety; 4. rehab

        • Anon says:

          1. It was the original poster who made a snide comment about Becky not being a sociology major after attempting to “school” her on why drug dealers shouldn’t be prosecuted.

          2. I myself was not a sociology major, but know of many who did just fine with their degrees. Glad you are doing so well in life.

          3. It doesn’t take a sociology degree to know what the goals of punishment are….Google them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Craig Stedman is THE reason for the opioid crisis in Lancaster County. Prosecuting delivery resulting in drug deaths does nothing to stop the use of opioids. And he doesn’t want to do that. So if your son or daughter has died, don’t blame the dealer. Blame corrupt Craig and his failed policies and his equally corrupt “Drug Enforcement Task Force”, which exists solely to make sure the epidemic continues and these cops can make overtime putting their salaries in mid to high 6 figure range to do absolutely nothing. Craig Stedman IS the problem… Not “part” of it. He IS the problem. Don’t let him become a judge. Trust me. He doesn’t give a sh*t about you.

    • Becky says:

      Craig Stedman is THE reason for the opioid crisis in Lancaster County.

      That is a bit over the top! Please keep your comments reasonable.

    • Anonymous says:

      stedman is to blame for a lot that goes down in Lanc. whether people think its fair or not. Who are we to blame for the drugs all the kids in Lanc are dealing including heroin with fentanyl? The kids got it from somewhere. Who are we to blame for piles of unsolved murders? Who are we to blame on why police keep doing what they have? Who are we to blame for the unreasonable sentencings between different races? Someone that oversees needs to take responsibilty for this mess. Judges and police will keep doing the same while we keep exposing their deeds as we should but no one is held accountable. When nickel did what he did. Police painted Nickel on their fb page as if he was a family type man. They even put him with someones daughter to take a pic after he violated a woman. The da puts him front & centered. Stedman has a babygirl Im sure he wouldnt like Nickel fondling her but since its not his daughter who cares (did yall receive mail with his family pic?)stedman is a problem and has been a problem. Stedmans so damn smart but his wife had to cover his behind. How the hell do we have a drug task force funding but damn near every boy in Lanc city sells drugs? When someone commented about da not telling public about gangs in Lanc. Is this why he never made it known to the public because he didnt want people to know not only was he taking money for his own personal use but he allowed the entire county to be infested with gangs and drugs while helping himself.

  4. huh? says:

    Wait a minute, are they proposing that chintzy All the World’s a Stage “artwork” as ACTUAL artwork that will be on the building???

    Shakespeare is probably spinning in his grave

  5. huh? says:

    Two things.

    I actually owned an old home and the windows had to be propped up with a dowel when open AND we actually referred to them as guillotine windows!

    Second, if Stedman had that officer front and center, just goes to show how inbred the whole lot of them are.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I remember those pics of Nickel on their fb and had the same thought. Now we know why smh

  7. smh says:

    LOL, sounds like McMahon gets it regarding Lancaster.

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