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     That’s all you’ve got, Harper?  Remember when you said you think more than most people? LOL! And if it’s not worthwhile (that’s one word not two), then certainly do not read it!

     LNP went to a retired psychology professor to understand why Lancaster County drivers can’t handle a zipper merge (click here)? LOL! That is desperation! The professor offers this:
     “Once they’ve got a situation where that right lane is empty and people are shooting down, the zip thing has already failed,” he said.
     This is the top headline in today’s LNP print edition on page D-1 – “Money” (it is not currently online).
     Aren’t you glad LNP used your money to build their Marriott Expansion? Check out the events for the convention center in November (click here). I thought fall was the busy season for conventions? There are four events listed; three are one day only and only one involves one overnight.
     Maybe they could hold a convention on the zipper merge?

3 Responses to ZIP IT UP?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Im confused…What exactly has harper written that was worth reading?? And maybe he should be added to the stalkers list lol.
    The comment section on here is way more interesting than anything he can come up with.
    Becky does a damn good job harper. Sometimes she doesnt do a whole full report on something she mentioned but she really does a better job alone than the entire lnp crew.
    Does harper really believe people made it to the moon? Lmao. He looks like a dumb ass trying to poke his eeney weeney teeney weeney short short muscle (vaccine article). This city is a mess and an embarrassment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This zipper merge thing… I would be terribly disappointed if Lancastrians were to understand the concept and actually implemented it. That would mean that Lancastrians had evolved.

    Zipper merging like vaccines and climate change is a liberal scam.

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