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     Some slightly offbeat news this afternoon: I was looking at the court calendar for this Monday for a different case but look what I found. County Treasurer Amber Martin’s ex-husband is suing Paul Davis Restoration. Someone asked weeks ago on this site why Green has mechanical liens on his house. I guess the explanation is here.
     Martin, of course, is married to State Senator Scott Martin and she and her ex, Gerald L. Green,  have been involved in a highly contested custody case for months.
     Why was I looking at Monday’s court calendar in the first place? That will come tomorrow.


**   Craig Stedman gave Gregory Paulson some really nasty looks last night. The one below occurred after Stedman was questioned about Right to Know requests and his drug forfeiture records. Paulson was asked if he had anything to add and he said:
     “You’re the one challenging his integrity, not me.”

*    Last night’s debate started over 20 minutes late – and with 1:20 remaining in their video, LNP opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy states this:
     As we noted, the LNP editorial board noted in an editorial today, the one thing that sets newspapers apart is we correct the record from other news organizations or social media organizations and I have something to correct the record.
     Briefly at the beginning of the debate I said it was delayed by technical difficulties and our amazing LNP production staff – that was unfair to them and also incorrect.
     We had a disagreement over the terms of the forum with the Republican candidate [Stedman] which thankfully was resolved and we were able to have a good discussion I hope this evening.


LNP editorial from March 31, 2019 (click here).

      Three tweets from LNP reporter Carter Walker during last night’s judicial debate are below (click here to view the video). Yes, District Attorney Craig Stedman lies!

Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    A photo of Stedman in handcuffs during a perp walk after an indictment priot to election day might have an effect on those polling results.

  2. The Insider says:

    Word has it that lawsuit is going to be a big story in the Lancaster area when it’s complete
    Mr. Green’s attorney is Saxton and Stump

    • Ohsotired says:

      Yeah it settled so where’s the big story? Paul Davis is a great company and I’d love to know that settlement figure. Something tells me Green went down with his tail between his legs. This guy seems to be nothing but bad news.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard Paul Davis restoration is just a scam company that takes advantage of insurance claims with very little intent of actually doing construction. I bet there are tons of lawsuits against this company.

    • Mind your own business says:

      You heard wrong. Paul Davis is a great company as I worked there for many years. I don’t know any of these people but I do know Paul Davis is a great company. And if this guy is a private citizen why put his personal business on blast? Who cares who he used to be married to? No one cares that he has liens on his property.

  4. It is all math. says:

    I half believe LNP attacks prominent republicans on purpose. LNP knows any attacks even with merit will rally the republican base. And guess what people? The Republican base is no longer controlled by the Republican committee, the base from a time after time after time polling stand point is controlled by 5 top republican elected officials. The party does not matter it matters what that top 5 say. Every time Stedman is attacked in the press, his poll numbers go up. BTW I do independent research for the Libertarian party so I am no Republican hack. It just astonishes me that people have not caught on that the more you attack candidates like Stedman, the more popular he becomes. In terms of over a decade of polling research I have done, Stedman is consistently the second most popular Republican elected official in this county. The number one spot gets trashed through the mud more then Stedman but the #1 spot stays steady and even his numbers go up every-time that guy is crucified. My point is people, if you are going to run candidates like Greg Paulson against these tried and true popular republicans, you are going to lose BIG and any negative press will just make their numbers go higher. I know Greg Paulson and he knows me, very good man right there but even he knows he can not win against Craig Stedman. When Greg Paulson ran against Scott Martin, he got crucified. Why? Because you can talk as much as you want about Scott Martin and it does not matter. Same with Craig Stedman. Same with Ryan Aument. Same with Bryan Cutler. Same with Mindy Fee. So on and so forth. I did not make the rules of engagement but the polls are generally very accurate and every time Stedman took another beating in the press, his numbers kept going up up up. It is the old time Lancaster County motto, “he might be an asshole but he is our asshole and if you are dissing him you are dissing me.” No matter how sick that thought process no matter how demented, it is what it is.

    • Same with the Democrat Craig says:

      Same way with the dem candidates. I spent maybe 3 months as a Democrat committee woman and I decided that wasn’t for me. Many of them despise Commissioner Craig Lehman but vote for him anyway because they can’t run a dem candidate against him that will beat him. The committee isn’t strong enough to even endorse someone against Craig Lehman because they won’t win. This commenter is 100% accurate about his polls.

    • Mike emrick says:

      Nice comments. I see this all the time about poll numbers however, I’ve never met anyone who has ever taken one of these polls. Given your work with the Libertarian Party I was curious if you could provide any insight on your polling process and specifically how you identify individuals to poll. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep. And for the same reason President Trump will be reelected.

    • Becky says:

      Who is the most popular Republican elected official in the county? Smucker? Martin?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lancaster County Republican Cult. Weasel though he is, Stedman’s a Republican. Get used to “Judge Stedman”

  6. Old & Canadian says:

    Unless we all wish to live in a world of make believe and fairy tales, there is no way Greg beats Craig. Zero chance! And we can blame our wonderful democrat committee for such a weak candidate. Greg certainly came off as mild manner and nice but he also came off as clueless and one million years old. Now I am no spring chicken myself but I also know I no longer possess the skill-sets required to rebuild computers like I once did. Face the music my friends, everyone in that room knew Craig is going to win. Hell, Craig he spoke to that make-shift editorial board like he was their judge. Greg is a weak candidate at best and as a result, get used to saying “Judge Stedman.” The Democrat committee handed this race to the Republicans!

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