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—   There is a city council committee meeting tonight at 6:00 pm. It should be live-streamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).



*    Congratulations to former LNP reporter Tom Knapp (click here for the PennLive story). He also states the following on his non-personal Facebook page:
     Tips are welcome! To be clear, I’m not on staff at PennLive but I am writing for them on an as-needed basis, and I have been encouraged to submit story ideas for Harrisburg and surrounding areas. So, yes, send them to me! I’m also writing for LebTown, so any Lebanon County tips are welcome, too!
     The unsolved Lancaster County murders, Tom! Especially the murders of Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers which I have given you constant grief over. Can you finally get an answer from the police to see if a DNA test has been done to determine if they have the same killer (click here for “ARE THEY IDIOTS” and here for Knapp’s LNP story, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads”)?
     It would be huge and the families and citizens deserve to know!


     This was the third time the python had escaped, the neighbor told Rothacker [Jesse Rothacker, founder of the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary].
From the LNP story, “Residents wrangled 8-foot python into a trash can, rescuing it from the cold in Manheim Township,” (click here).   
     The owner of this snake should be cited. I’m not one for more laws and endless fines – but you now see it in the police log all the time – dog owners being cited and fined for their dogs running free. 
    We don’t know if it really was the third time the python “escaped,” but once is enough. This owner should be cited and if he or she released the snake purposely, they should be charged with cruelty as well since the article states the snake could have died from the cold.   
     The more I think about this the angrier I get. The owner has no right to let an 8-foot python “escape.” If he or she can’t take care of and control the snake they should have turned it over to the reptile sanctuary themselves. Cite the owner.
Please also see yesterday’s post and check back later today. 

8 Responses to UPDATE * WRANGLE THIS!

  1. Jay says:

    The police response reminds me of one night driving down the road home at 2am and seeing a 1500lb Horse running down the middle of the road Pitched Black and the horse was Dark Brown so I called Northern Regional Police and when the officer arrived well it was like what you like me to do about it Humm.. I said Maybe attempt to Locate it and maybe the few amish farmers we have around here may like to know they have a Horse running loose he just looked at me and I said well you can Wait till someone hits it and Both are Killed and then your ass will be out of the Suv doing reports along with me Reporting your ass for Failure to do your Job he went back to the Station and forgot about it because it was cold and he had shit to do at the Township building these Police Officers now days are so Damn Lazy they don’t even want to get out of the vehicles except to go into a Sheetz and get their Free Shit from them which is Also Illegal.

    • Mike emrick says:

      Run-on sentence much?

    • my 2 cents says:

      WOW!!! Glad you know soooo much about police work Jay!! I’ll be sure to give the police chiefs your name so they can use you as a consultant. And since youre so well versed in this profession, maybe you can point out the section in the crimes code that makes it illegal for officers to get “Free Shit” as you put it. Along with that, report the police for failure to do their job?? Challenge you to find that written anywhere. Here and just to be helpful, this is the website you can use to do your research: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/LI/Public/cons_index.cfm
      I’m sure you already know this, but title 18 is the one you want to pay particular attention too.

      Becky, the level of idiocy of your posters has reached an all time high recently. Lots of know it alls that know nothing!!!

    • Anon says:

      LOL! Do you also call the cops when you see a deer running around near a road??? They cause accidents ALL THE TIME.

      Growing up, I lived in a rural area (not PA) and farm animals got out all the time (usually cows). You would be driving down a dark road and all of a sudden there is a ton of cows blocking the road. NEVER heard of the cops being called. Usually the person driving down the road knew who/what farm the animal(s) belonged to and would go give a courtesy notification or call. Otherwise, just move on. The local farmers will take care of it. As for the safety situation, most people who live in or around rural areas know that you just have to be more careful driving in those areas, especially at night. The chance that you may happen upon some animal (livestock or wild), tractor, etc in the road just comes along with the territory. Don’t like it? Don’t live/drive there.

  2. Mike emrick says:

    I notice a lot of LNP articles of late seem to have “could” somewhere in the headline. Seems like horrible reporting as it either could or could not happen. Almost like fear mongering that non-desirable things “could” happen. For example, “how much could your property taxes be raised?”

  3. Anonymous says:

    What was the lump in the serpents belly, a neighbors cat or dog?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely the python owner should be cited! No danger? Half the people in Lancaster County would have a massive coronary or stroke if they walked into their yard and found an 8′ python slithering around. Irresponsible pet owners should not be allowed to own pets. Any other “pets” this person owns should be confiscated.

  5. Becky says:

    This comment came in from barryinwinnipeg under yesterday’s post and I’m also moving it here:

    So, the police won’t come if a hundred+ pound snake enters your yard… that’s nice to know. So who are you supposed to call–a charmer with a flute? This reminds me of when my sister lived in Clay and a raccoon acting as if it were rabid entered her yard. She called the local cops, the fish and game people, no response. Then she called my Dad who brought his shotgun–dispatched the critter–and told his son-in-law to burn the dead animal in his trash barrel. It seems that taxpayers out to get better service from public employees [serve and protect, remember] than having to call a senior to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights. Of course here in Canada we get the occasional black bear in the neighborhood, but we also get a response from our Natural Resources officers. This was an interesting story. Keep up the good work!

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