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—  Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow. —

*   Former LNP reporter Tom Knapp’s comment below is on Lancaster Online under his story, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads,” (click here).


     What happened to LNP’s series on the unsolved murders? How in the world can there be this many unsolved murders?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    “How in the world can there be this many unsolved murders?” How, you ask. Mayor Dick followed by Mayor Dickina. They both place decorating and spin above doing anything about the high crime rate.

    • No catchy name for me says:

      Our city traded the male version for the female version!

      I am told that a private investigator has been tailing Carter Walker and the Tom Murse rumors are true. I feel sick for his wife. Be who you are but don’t lie to your wife, Tom! And stop playing with your reporters and get them to solve murders!

      • Becky says:

        I have no idea where these rumors about Murse are coming from – and I feel I need to stop publishing comments regarding this situation. A private investigator? Oh, please!

  2. Old & Canadian says:

    Everyone who reads my many comments understands that I am LGBTQ friendly in every way. Also; I left a woman for a man so I have a unique perspective and sensitivity to this issue. Mr. Murse is a public figure and if he is having an affair (or two or ten) that does make its way to being public knowledge whether that affair is with a man or a woman. Mr. Murse does not get a pass simply because his affair may be with a member of the same sex. Would everyone be giving Craig Stedman or any other public official the same confidentiality courtesy as we are all giving Mr. Murse?

    Point is, I am as gay as the day is long but if I were a public figure that oversees an empire of a newspaper and I have a wife but also a boyfriend, that is news.

    I do not march for preferential treatment. I march for the same rights as everyone else and if I were Tom Murse, my infidelities are public knowledge no matter who they are with.

    Like it or not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nurse Murse is in a position of power. If he uses that to intimidate and do the old power seducing then it is problematic.

      But I’m not totally buying it. No self respecting gay man I’ve ever known cultivated a neck beard. (That’s beard as in real beard and not a euphemism.)

      • Old & Canadian says:

        You have just now disrespected all chubby and hairy bottoms! When it is cold outside, I look like a fat snowman ax murderer. My beef isn’t with what Murse looks like and our gay community takes in all, my beef is if he is gay, Murse has a platform to push for acceptance. Murse hiding in the closet is unacceptable for a man of his power. Just tells our community he values his career and secrecy over be a leader for our kind. Murse would be the worlds biggest hypocrite because he enjoys slamming others for their proposed indiscretions but yet gets a free pass to hide his. I do not like that. I have been in that position before as a married man to a woman and thirsted for my authentic self.

    • Anonymous says:


  3. SMH says:

    I won’t go as far as Barry cause I have to live here but it is nobody’s business what the sexual orientation of anybody is besides themselves. Some people would be better off minding their own business.

  4. barryinwinnipeg says:

    This is a general observation. I never much liked these “screen names” which people hide behind. I think if you are going to comment about people you ought to identify yourself. For the record, my name is Barry Bence, and I grew up in Lancaster County and returned to work here from 2002 until 2009, and I now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. And I agree that a person’s actions, not his or her sexual identity, is the only thing worthy of comment–period!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Tommy Mur$e says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, Becky!

    Tom Murse is too busy fulfilling his fantasies of hiring young boys for his pleasure and control and Tommy could care less about the deceased. When is someone going to do a Me2 male version on Tom Murse.

    Anyone that believes that Tommy isn’t hiding in the closet is seriously mistaken. I am sure Tom at gay bars is for “”research.””

    • Anonymous says:

      “Outing” someone who may be LGBTQ is an outrage. None of your business and why post about someone who may be in the closet. This bigotry is absurd!

      • Anonymous says:

        “Outing” someone is what needs to be done especially if theyre married! They cant keep a commitment to their spouse let alone be real with them what makes you think they’ll be real with you. Just because their gay we dont have to be super sensitive. We arent super sensitive to anyone else on here. Why do gay people get a pass on this blog?? And Paulson making that move and statement lost himself a whole lot of votes. Paulson doesnt have a clue how religious this county is. We’ll be stuck with Stedman again but this time as judge smh. You make it everyones business if youre gay and hold a position where we have to judge your integrity. You cant be a judge married with a gay boyfriend on the side. You cant be mayor, married with a straight boyfriend on the side. Whether gay or not no one will take you serious. We see you as a joke. Someone that cant be real or comfortable with who they really are. As much as the city thinks Lancaster is ready for gay events, gay people, and the gay living…its not lol. Dont show us a life you really dont live and we wont call out the life you hide. Lets be honest no one can hide that lifestyle it shows in how you talk, walk, and live.

    • Becky says:

      Please – no more comments regarding Tom’s sexuality!

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