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    I want to come back to Kenneth Gross’ federal lawsuit featured here yesterday. I want to know if John Doe 2 is still employed by the Lancaster Police Department.
     According to the lawsuit, this officer tasered Gross while he was in a police holding cell and handcuffed (see below). If that is true, and I do not believe a high-profile Philadelphia attorney would put that in a federal lawsuit without proof, this man should not be a police officer. He should be fired.
     There will be more tomorrow.


***  A quick update/correction: Felicius Bucyukundi’s docket now indicates that his trial is scheduled to begin on January 27th, 2020.



Emmanuella Osei, Felicius Bucyukundi and Rahmir Hopkins.
**   These are three high-profile defendants that Edwin Pfursich has/is representing in the last year. He did a terrible job with Emmanuella Osei. Former F&M student Felicius Bucyukundi’s rape trial is due to start in November or December depending on Pfursich’s schedule. And now he is representing 14-year-old Rahmir Hopkins who is charged as an adult with murder.


From the Cody & Pfursich website (click here).

*     Edwin Pfursich is married to the Lancaster County Clerk of Courts, Jacquelyn Pfursich, and he has been receiving a great deal of Public Defender work recently. The question is: Is he qualified? Do “traffic matters” make him qualified to represent a 14-year-old charged as an adult with murder?


(Click here and in print the headline reads, “Details of slaying remain unclear.”)

      LNP actually asks questions about the Lancaster Police and their murder investigation? Amazing! When are they going to look into all the unsolved murders and hold these police accountable?
     And here’s a name that has been on this site quite a bit recently: 14-year-old Rahmir Hopkins’ attorney is listed as Edwin George Pfursich IV. Why hasn’t he asked to continue the preliminary hearing so he can prepare? A call to District Judge Jodie E. Richardson’s office this morning confirmed it is scheduled for this Friday at 1:30 pm (his docket indicates a different date but I was told it has been moved to this Friday). Is Pfursich qualified and prepared?
Please check back later today.


  1. Old & Canadian says:

    I am so bored by this violin of nonsense. I have no idea how to even properly decipher through these orchestras of run on sentences. Conspiracy this, corrupt that. How on earth Becky do you not scream at these people. The one 9 page run on sentence has ruffled by feathers that even if true, who cares! I will sum up this entire thread –

    1. The clerk of courts is ugly – fact checked and this is accurate
    2. Her husband is corrupt – do not know but I am leaning towards yes. Becky, is he really a traffic lawyer? OMG and the county sends him murder-bids?
    3. Run-on sentence “anonymous” poster was drinking while typing
    4. Craig Stedman is horrible, blah, blah, blah. We get it for the millionth time
    5. “Real talk” is a wannabe thug (think James from city council) because no true “thug” talks about another man’s “side chick.” I am gay and even understand that much about being a heterosexual-male!
    6. “No sympathy for this murderer” needs to speak with Jesus.
    7. “Bro Code” needs to put the Hennessy down while typing.

    That is all and should summarize and save anyone else from deciphering through this babble.

    Becky – go take a hot bath and drink some wine – you earned it dealing with this group.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Corrupt Craig Stedman has covered up every police-involved shooting, fatality, mistake, abuse, corruption, and everything else he can for the entire time he has been D.A. Some of the same officers involved many times. Destroys evidence, lies, gets others to lie for him. We will never know what he has done. He is a snake.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What fire and what cameras and what cover up is anonymous referring to?

  4. Becky says:

    I’m sorry these comments have gotten out of hand. Please stick to the topic or your comment will not be posted.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well well welllll…Jackies husband is pretty good looking lol but no hes not qualified to represent this child. The d.a. doesnt want to tell the public the childs affiliations with a gang so he has to use Ed to bury him for a lifetime. This is Stedmans plan to rid the city of gang relations. Stedman couldnt get detectives to solve any murder in the past. Hell! police cant get it together more and more are being sued. Why is it that cops are so tough in Lancaster when people are cuffed and cant defend themselves but the minute they pass a group of guys on the street laughing calling them names they just keep driving by? See theyre only tough when someone is cuffed up. This d.a. is a big bully & a punk along with anybody else that will protect him. Stedmans entitled to do w.e the hell he wants. I cant wait til his power his taken. D.a failed the city spending forfeiture money, running his mouth and power to take out others against him. (That was the lowest of the lowest blows he did) No one should respect that! He couldnt even figure out there was a gang issue here until someone called in and gave up info. The same way a lot of murders were solved in Lanc. He failed everyones children when he didnt make it public along with chief of police. 2 dirt bags that are sell outs. The fire chief is also on his way hanging out with police chief. Its funny how the fire in the attic of Hillrise Apts was considered “unknowing cause” but thats where the wiring for the camera that was removed from Lucys corner house was actually placed. Also after that fire the big lights that were used as cameras now only work for lights and little cameras are placed up beside big lights. I noticed that when Mookie killed Pedro. I went by to be nosey and noticed what they did. So property management should have gotten in major problems but since property management John Suarez worked as an officer for manor township (before he took his wifes bros disabled kids and got his ex wifes sister Gina Torres (Dana Mercados sister) and her Godmother Freddyswilda to give him affordable housing. Gina & Freddyswilda are on the board) John & city inspector Wil Peres went to school together he probably saved Wil out of a few problems so now Wil as the inspector had to cover it up with the help of fire chief to save John out of that problem. Its all about who you know. A lot of things are being hidden from the public because of many different affiliations “you look out for me I look out for you.” Theres people that work in notary offices that give free services in order to continue to receive free services from city workers. Its all about who you know, who youre exalting, and who you looking out for in this city. Laws, codes, regulations are not followed at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have any proof?

      • Anonymous says:

        About? Make sure you post an email address so I can send proof 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Should I send Becky all the emails sent to the detective with his name and date so she can post that the d.a. knew about gangs before he and police chief did press conference:) My emails confirmed Ramos death was gang related. They also confirm d.a. held info from public:) Now concerning Hillrise apts fire that was covered up also. Should I send Becky a pic of the camera light bracket that was on the corner of the house proving that camera light was removed before fire or should i get the daughter of the tenant that he was watching smoking k2 on the stairs to prove why he was watching her and had to move the camera. Should I send Becky prothonotary records proving Suarezs relations with Ginas Torres sister Dana Mercado and thats how he got his Hud house. Or should i go contact the tenant he knew had a husband living with her that parked his cadillac truck across from the office that he told “Hey the board thought it be good to move you to another 6 bd house so I can move in with my fam” We all know who the board is now lol. Suarez is also the Godfather of Ginas grandaughter. Or should I send Becky prothonotary records of John Suarez and Maria (current wife) getting custody of marias bros kid. John and Maria didnt wait on a waiting list. They forced people out of their home with the convenience/help of family on the board looking out for them with Hud subsidies. Stedman youre a dirty bird we all know it. Be careful what you ask for. One thing I dont do is throw things in the air without proof.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is still not a lick of proof in your run on rant. I particularly like this site because it offers a different perspective on some of the issues happening in Lancaster city and around Lancaster County. I personally think it’s a disservice to this site to post conspiratorial nonsense as if everyone who works in government, law-enforcement, and city and county governments and agencies in Lancaster, are all in some type of cahoots together without recourse locally, at the state level, or federally. I’m all in favor of naming names and calling out corruption but doing so unequivocally without a shred of evidence only further marginalizes this site and its users as conspiracy nutters.

  6. Bro code?????? says:

    Real talk?

    If you no anything bout the streets you wouldn’t be snitching on big Ed. What he do in his personal life aint your business. His wife might be ugly but why you gonna come on here and give up his side peace? Bro code is just as critical as street code. Big Ed got a stressful job and we better not be judging that man for wanting the affection of a good looking female.

    And that’s real talk my brother!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have no sympathy for this Murderer, shooting guns in broad daylight. Who cares if he has a crappy lawyer he’s getting it for free anyway.

  8. Real talk says:

    My ear to the streetz tells me this clown is who the DA brings in when they tryin to keep brown locked up. Isn’t this Clown the one that worked as an ADA and he is married to that clerk of courts with his side chick working in probation? If this kids fam thinks for one second this do nothing clown is helping this kid they are straight up delusional. His gang brotherz need to know from the jump that this clown is good at pretending to defend when he is just lookin for more snitches for big wins for his ADA boyz. Traffic lawyer is more like snitch maker for the blue line.

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