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     How many complaints has the state Attorney General received about the MAW/LanCity Connect over $7 million debacle? Remember when commenters were posting links to the AG’s office under articles about MAW and LNP took them down?
Please check back later today.


  1. my 2 cents says:

    How is any of this news!! Very very poor showing!!

  2. Jacquelyn E. Pfursich says:

    Jacquelyn E. Pfursich should update her website with her actual credentials/
    1. Looks like the predator “midget version”
    2. Has zero qualifications outside of kissing a$$.
    3. Husband cheats on her and she pathetically stays.
    4. She is nasty and abusive to her kids. You can hear her yell at them during her babysitting office times.
    5. Represents her husband’s poor clients and steals their money and does nothing for them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jackie Pfursich is as corrupt as they come – only took the job to benefit her weasil of a husband. She carries out all of Craig Stedman’s corrupt commands at the courthouse so that defense lawyer’s appeals are screwed up by refusing to turn over the full court record, etc. She also helps him drag out appeals by making stupid “mistakes” that aren’t really mistakes so the appeals court has to issue an order to correct it and that can add months and months onto stuff. I watch her do this on a daily basis and no one can dare say no – is it worth losing our jobs for? Its not going to get better if corrupt craig gets elected to be judge. Also…if you want to see your FB account disappear (disabled), post something negative about Stedman on his D.A. facebook page. He will have his detectives get your FB account shut down in 30-seconds by lying to facebook and using his color of office. I have seen it done. That is why he has mostly glowing remarks. See how that works? Its called “campaigning on taxpayer time and money” and it is illegal.Jackie Pfursich and Corrupt Craig Stedman gotta go!

    • Open Door Policy says:

      If Jackie does Stedman’s bidding, it is only to get what she wants and work for her corrupt husband. Jackie talks so much crap about everyone. Here is a run down of what I and several other lowly county employees have actually heard Jackie say –

      * I don’t really like Commissioner Parsons but I need to play along so Ed gets more work from the county.
      **Craig Stedman is so stupid he doesn’t realize we give info about him to LNP.
      ***Wendy Chan (she is another bottom feeder attorney) is my useful idiot. Wendy Chan let Jackie read confidential case files.
      ****Anne Cooper is my puppet. She will do whatever I tell her to do.
      *****Crystal Clark (she wanted to be a judge) will never be Judge because she can’t play the game right and she’s a terrible attorney.
      ******Yeah, Ann Hess is weird and all but she has screwed up kids and I think there was some molesting going on in her house.

      Close your door, Jackie. We hear you!

      • Puppet Master’s Time is Up says:

        Speaking of Ann Hess
        Someone should tell her and her husband
        That Jackie was the one leaking all that stuff about Mark Fetterman to the media and provoked the media to go interview Mike Hess about Mark Fetterman who Mike Hess represented.
        Jackie was the snake behind the Mike Hess, Craig Stedman and Mark Fetterman debacle.
        Jackie was the cause of the chaos all along and Jackie played puppet master with the media to make Mark Fetterman think Craig Stedman was the one leaking everything about Fetterman to the media but it was really Jackie.
        Jackie gave everything to Carter Walker which caused DA Stedman to have to defend himself once ADA Fetterman’s lawyer Mike Hess was used by Jackie to “defend” Mark Fetterman but Jackie was the source of all the chaos for Mark Fetterman and that caused DA Stedman and Mike Hess to hate each other.
        Jackie played them all.

  4. Corrupt clerk of courts says:


    Could you please Right to Know the Clerk of Courts and ask her what her policy is on her playing lawyer for her hubbie’s law firm while she is being paid by taxpayers. That ugly troll waddles her stubby self to court for her husband and plays lawyer and then returns to her office to do more stuff for her husband’s law firm while we tax payers pay her salary. We make dirt money and watch this troll double dip. She is frankly the worst boss anyone could ever have and she can barely see over the counter. She is despicable and many of us are tired of watching her play lawyer while she is being paid to be the least effective clerk of courts we ever had. Please becky call out this troll and her womanizing husband for ripping off taxpayers and treating us minimum wage county workers like garbage. Same husband’s that represented that poor woman who is did nothing for and got paid by taxpayers to do it and the woman sat in jail for basically needing help. Comical how Jackie can go play lawyer on county time but if I try to bring my kids baseball sub sale into work that’s a no no. Same goes when she uses her office for childcare while the rest of us that make 6 times less have to find outside care or lose our jobs. Out of all the electeds, Jackie is the worst. Gremlin who can’t keep her husband happy!!!!

    • Ed can do so much better! says:

      Oh my god! I just figured out who she was like A few months ago. Ed isn’t a bad looking man but he really lowered himself to marry her.

      She is as tall as she is wide and no one in the court house except a few dirt ball attorneys like her.

      Her staff hates her guts because she is just another elected leech that flaunts her elected status while we all know she does nothing.

      You would think with a personality like I hear Jackie has, she would be beautiful but she is literally an ugly troll with a nasty attitude. If Ed is cheating, who could blame him?

      And yes I did see her inside a family business court room and she was playing lawyer. Made several of us roll our eyes! Conflict much?

    • Where’s the $$! says:

      One million likes! I worked there for maybe 10 minutes and could not stand answering to her. Troll is 100% right. I would love for this website to do a feature on this nasty woman as she steals taxpayer money because she comes to work to basically help run Ed’s lawfirm. BTW – his law firm needs to be audited and someone needs to track down how much $$$ the county has paid corrupt Ed since his b*tch wife became clerk of corrupt courts.

  5. huh? says:

    And the LNP’s removal of the posts written by concerned citizens just goes to show the collusion between a supposed independent news provider and a supposed independent contractor. Lancastrians screwed just SOP.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I remember there was a bunch of people wanting the info to a.g. office to report city officials and maw. Others kept posting the info and yes the posts were deleted. Shapiro doesnt care about waste, abuse, fraud, clean air, clean water, children, etc. He picks and chooses easy cases. The millions of dollars from taxpayers to make a convention center and the millions put towards a lousy lanc city connect was enough for him to investigate. Patrick Hopkins budgets were so poorly demonstrated a child in elementary school can see that. These city officials are a joke. Im still laughing about the mayor and james getting caught kissing. Ha haaaaa

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