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**   I hope every ex-employee of Worley & Obetz writes to Judge Schmehl about Lyons for his February 18th, 2020 sentencing and tells the Judge what Lyons has done to their lives:
                Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl
                U.S. District Court
                The Madison Building
                400 Washington Street
                Reading, PA  19601
*     I just checked Jeffrey Lyons criminal docket in Lancaster County and it states that on 10/11/19, “Sentenced/Penalty Imposed,” (click here).
       Is this because the Federal Court superseded the Lancaster County charges? His docket also states that the charges were “Nulle Prosequi” on October 11th and an order from Judge David Ashworth on the same date that states, “Order-Sentence/Penalty Imposed,” (see below).
       This is all prior to his plea in Federal Court yesterday. Can someone explain this?


(Click here)

     From the article:
     As part of a plea agreement, Lyons agreed to pay restitution of $55.4 million to Fulton Bank, the victim of the fraud. After he completes his prison sentence, Lyons will be put on a payment schedule to begin whittling down that obligation. 
     How in the world is this man going to pay Fulton Bank $55.4 million after he gets out of jail? Whittling down? That is just ridiculous!
     And do you get the idea that his lawyer, Robert Beyer of Goldberg & Beyer, did not want to be photographed? Why would LNP run such a ridiculous photograph?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonder how much money Ryan and W & O contributed to Corrupt Craig Stedman’s political camaigns. Also, if identified, would Stedman return it for the stolen money that it is?. Doubtful. That would require integrity, of which he has NONE.

  2. Benton Harbor says:

    Fulton has already written it off. Will take the loss and not pay any taxes

  3. Anonymoustoo says:

    Unfortunately , no one is picking up on the real fraud . The owners by definition are supposed to have a handle on their business . For example if accounts receivable were normally $8million a monkey could identify that $64 million seems high . That is called asleep at the wheel . Next an owner would meet with their largest customers over the years . So from 2003 to some later date is it feasible that owners never knew they lost Giant’s business . If so this means , I am busy at my shore property and have checked out . Loan documents are normally signed by owners so after awhile no one asked who is buying all this oil , gas , etc etc . Bank loans this size require financial statements . Is Fulton really duped ? Taxes prepared in house ? Corporate attorney ? Corporate accountant ? Plenty of smoke if he stole 1million but loss was 50 million . Who else benefitted ? Follow the money ……

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anon3 says:

      The owners were rarely, if ever present at the company. If you speak to most of the employees at W&O, Jeff Lyons was the person they went to for decision making process.
      While I’m all in favor of Lyons being held accountable, as well as the 2 controllers, what about the owners? Where was the accountability to protect their business & employees from this situation? They act like they’re victims, and to a point they might be, but I don’t understand how this went on for over a decade and the owners never once noticed. Complete negligence.
      Also, how is it possible that the CFO for W&O and AmeriGreen is working for Fulton now? I don’t understand how that’s not a conflict of interest.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “…restitution to Fulton Bank, the victim of the fraud”…. First of all, thank God the legislature changed the law real quick to allow financial institutions and governments to be paid “restitution” and secondly, the TRUE “victims” of the fraud are the 200 people he put out of work!!! And guess what? Corrupt Craig Stedman could have nipped this in the bud. “…Recuse, you know… when its political. I do it all the time”. Bullshit! You let this go because you didn’t want to touch a political ally and supporter, and like everything else in this county, THIS IS CRAIG STEDMAN’S F*CKING FAULT! He LET it become a federal crime and now stands back and acts like it was out of his jurisdiction. SOMEBODY needs to call BULLSHIT on Craig Stedman! And he did the same thing with the doctor who the state is finding new victims every day. SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMS for whom the statute of limitations has run out!! THANKS TO CRAIG STEDMAN! WHY doesn’t anybody see how badly Craig Stedman – as District Attorney – has FAILED Lancaster County?? This is CRAZY!

    • Anonymous says:

      You have hit every nail on the head.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anon says:

      Stedman doesn’t prosecute white collar crime, too complicated for him to figure out and or “these people are my base.” (Quote not attributed)

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s true. He is incredibly stupid. He can’t even do simple math to know he is stealing from county taxpayers. (His wife had to tell him?). But he knows the “rules of evidence” and that is why he is qualified to be a judge, acc. to him. My experience is he knows how to hide exculpatory evidence until AFTER a trial and then refuse to “do the right thing”. He is a POS.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable how Lyons can do all that damage and walk away expected to pay 55mil.

  6. huh? says:

    These guys are poster children for how differently white collar criminals are treated. From the getgo, there has been a lot of very expensive bobbing and weaving and legal tactics that seemed to keep the justice system at bay. Compare that to all the poor slobs who are stuck with a traffic lawyer. Can you even imagine what this guy’s legal fees are? And if he gets paid, one might surmise it will be with ill-gotten funds.

    Way too complicated for the average local to feel anything but no interest. Give them a dog kicker or a whoopie pie contest. Or a recipe for chicken pot pie to argue that their grandma’s was better to get them riled up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Giant is hiring

  8. barryinwinnipeg says:

    I understand Walmart is always able to use cart return guys…

  9. Anonymous says:

    $10.00 a month

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