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     The little boy who was on a school bus on his way to Fulton Elementary School this morning and who was bullied, injured and taken to the hospital in an ambulance is out of the hospital and okay (see the video below). Two women jumped on the bus to help him.
     I am told this will be the lead story on ABC-27 this evening at 5:00 pm.

omg thanku everyone for ur prayers.. hes home doing fine… send him thinking of u cards let him know hes cared about even if u dont kno him… keep him and his mother in ur prayers… lanc city raise ur kids right…

Posted by Must See Pics an Vids on Thursday, October 3, 2019


***    WGAL is reporting that two Lancaster Police Cruisers collided last night at about 7 pm in the city (click here). Where is the police press release on this incident?

**    A six-year old boy was bullied and injured on a school bus going to Fulton Elementary this morning (click here). The mother means Keith Carroll, Coordinator of Parent Concerns for the School District of Lancaster.

*     I did not post yesterday afternoon because I received an intriguing phone call at 3:40 pm. It was a woman who wants Peggy Steinman to take a DNA test to prove that the caller is true Steinman lineage. Stay tuned!


Justin M. Burke

     According to court records, in February 2017, Burke was charged with two counts each of indecent assault and harassment. He was accepted into the county’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program in March 2018. 
     The program is typically for first-time offenders that does not involve a guilty plea and will not result in a conviction if the program is successfully completed, according to the district attorney’s office.
     Under his terms, he was to perform community service, maintain full-time employment, pay costs and comply with sex-offender conditions for two years.
     …An after-hours message left Wednesday with an answering service for an attorney listed for Burke in online court records was not immediately returned. 
From today’s LNP story, “Elizabethtown man raped woman after bringing her to his apartment to ‘see his puppy’: police [updated],” (click here).     
     How did Burke get into the ARD program for this? It was not his first offense! And who is the attorney who got him into the program? Surprise, surprise: It was Alan Gary Goldberg of Goldberg & Beyer!
Please check back later today.  


  1. Ellen says:

    Hello Becky,
    Somewhere I read that the Mother of the child on the bus said that sending cards would be nice. I’d like to send a card (I have fun pop-up cards). Might you be able to send his full name and address to me? (I doubt it is safe to publish it in this day and age.) Also, thank you for your investigative reporting – you make a difference.
    Warmest regards,

  2. huh? says:

    That’s a decent post by the child’s parent. That Keith would go to the hospital etc. Is encouraging.

  3. Old & Canadian says:

    Goodness me, I need better reading glasses and stronger coffee. I thought the title read, “How did he get HARD?” I could have answered that much easier than the ARD version. I am such a blind queen.

    Onto the other subject – I had to cyber stalk the Clerk of Courts since so much commotion was made about her yesterday. She looks angry in most pictures, mixed with a complete dread of life. Is she evil or in need of counseling and a gay friend? Since I am in other parts of the world, I can not volunteer my services.

    I can tell her that an eyebrow wax, some teeth whitener, a smile and possibly a new husband or wife may recharge her life. My gaydar is very sound and she may be unhappy in a traditional marriage role because she has many alarming bells that lead me to believe she may prefer women. Just an old, gay man’s hunch but her anger may be a result of not being able to be her authentic self. Been there and blossomed out like a butterfly.

    If she does treat her staff poorly, the good voters need to send her packing. You can not lack in the looks department like she clearly does and also be mean. It will get you no where and just gets people like me chatting about you online.

    Becky, darling, what was this commotion about her husband making money off some poor woman’s misfortunes? Was he the one that left that immigrant mother in jail for the tragedy of birthing a baby in a bathroom, while in a state of shock?

    • Becky says:

      Becky, darling, what was this commotion about her husband making money off some poor woman’s misfortunes? Was he the one that left that immigrant mother in jail for the tragedy of birthing a baby in a bathroom, while in a state of shock?

      Yes, that’s the case.

      And behave, Old & Canadian! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like jackie had a few county workers fed up and pissed off yesterday lol. I wonder who Burke is related to for them to excuse him from the Ard program qualifications. Goldberg & Beyer brothel is the go to place as usual. Nothing surprises me when it comes to them.

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