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UPDATED 10-19-19

     I can only hope that when the new District Attorney takes office that they dig deep into all of the unsolved murder files in Lancaster County. Below is a portion of a piece that ran on this site on June 1, 2018 (the original is here).
     Why did Stedman pull this unsolved murder out of his back pocket at this time? Of course it is politically expedient as he is running to be a judge – but is there more to his timing on this? I will look at that next week.


From the LNP article by Dan Nephin, “7 takeaways: What led investigators to charge Olga Sanchez-Reyes’ husband with her death nearly a decade later?” (click here).      

     That is a lie, DA Stedman! LNP reporter Dan Nephin, why don’t you ask defense attorneys if they think the evidence is stronger and more convincing? How do you explain a nine year delay in making an arrest and filing murder charges?
     All three of his children came out today in support of him. They were there. They were almost killed and several were injured. And they do not believe their father killed their mother and tried to kill them.
     And the first thing I will do when he gets an attorney is send them my conversation with a person who was there at the first arson. That was not even mentioned yesterday. What are the odds of two arsons?
     The police did not lift a finger to solve that first arson even though a mother and her baby were almost killed. If they had lifted a finger, there is the possibility that Olga Sanchez-Reyes would be alive today.
     There will be much more coming…    


Click here to read the above LNP article on the first arson which has never been solved.



*    What was not mentioned at all yesterday was a first arson a year-and-a-half before at a property owned by Olga Sanchez-Reyes and her husband.     
     On December 19, 2010, I went on Facebook messenger and asked a person involved in the first arson fire what happened. I received the below astonishing response. I verified a great deal of the information in the response.
     Well, one of the tenants that lived in a room upstairs with her toddler had a completely psychotic ex-boyfriend who happened to her child’s father. Two nights before the fire the ex-boyfriend came over with his mom and they started bickering at the tenant about some nonsense in the living room. My mom went to go check what all the fuss what was about and apparently some threats were made by the ex-boyfriend directed to my mom and the tenant.
     My mom called Olga and/or Carlos and they came over, called the police and the altercation was under control. I believe they actually left before the police arrived after having argued with Olga, Carlos, my mom and the tenant. I got home just as the police was leaving. My mom vaguely told me about what had happened and I just blew it off. I had a bad habit of leaving the back door to the kitchen open because I would go out to smoke.
     My theory is and I’m not positive about this but I came home really late the night of the fire, around 3, I went to the backporch to smoke a joint to put me to bed and I may have left the back door open. Just as I was getting to bed I heard the floor cracking upstairs for about a minute figured it was the tenant getting a snack in the kitchen or something then suddenly I heard an explosion and the fire alarm go off. I got up my mom and ran out back to hear the tenant screaming at the top of her lungs from her bedroom window “my baby, my baby.” I grabbed a comforter took off around the block to see if I could be of assistance to the woman. Me and a neighbor held opposite sides of the blanket and she dropped the kid to safety.
     The speculation of Carlos as the culprit of the arsons in my mind are kind of fruitless. I mean, allegedly investigators found that there was a trail of gasoline leading directly up to the other tenant’s room. Whoever did this wasn’t in search of some insurance money but genuinely wanted to see this woman and her daughter dead. The woman was an illegal immigrant and has since moved back to Nicaragua with her daughter according to my mother.
     Now, my theory for the second arson don’t exactly put Carlos in the shoes of the man who light the match. Judging by brief conversations and overall body language he was a good family man, he really cared for his children and he seemed rather pacifistic. Albeit I didn’t know him that well on a personal level. Even though Olga was kind of unbearable at times, I don’t see the motive to kill her much less risk the lives of their children for attempting murder in such an elaborate fashion.
     I’ve recently spoken to my mom and she speculates that Olga knew about the tenant’s problems with her ex in detail and was bringing her suspicions of the initial fire to light. And that in an attempt to keep his name clean the tenant’s ex-boyfriend set up to have that house fried. Be sure to keep my name away from the article, I don’t want to be next, even though I’m in Brooklyn now and most certainly out of his reach. If you’re gonna write a new article about the information I gave you, please send me a link. I’d love to read it. Thank you very much for being one of the few real journalists around anymore and actually taking the time to dive deep and investigate.


      According to everything District Attorney Craig Stedman said in yesterday’s press conference, within one month of her horrific murder, Olga Sanchez-Reyes’ husband, Carlos Montalvo-Rivera, should have been arrested and charged. With one exception, they had all the same information in that first month as they had yesterday.
      For nine years, Stedman kept her murder in his back pocket ready to pull out and announce an arrest on any given day. So why did he choose yesterday and what has he been doing for all these years?
Please check back later today.


  1. Anon says:

    Regarding your reposted comments from your 2018 post about LNP not reporting that Olga was the victim of 2 arsons and complaining to LNP about the public needing to know…….They reported on that very thing in articles on December 16, 2010 and February 27, 2011…….

    • Becky says:

      This site reported on the two arsons on December 11th – it took five days and me walking into the LNP office to have LNP tell the public there was a prior arson. They are supposed to be a news organization!


      • Anon says:

        I know. I saw your original post citing to your source of information…..the original LNP article regarding the prior arson.

        I just thought it strange you didn’t report a visit to LNP or complain about a lack of reporting until years after the reporting was done……and then highlighted it again the other day without explaining it was later remedied by LNP.

        • Becky says:

          I did report a visit to LNP and I did “complain” about LNP failing to tell the public about the first arson nine years ago. What point are you trying to make? What are the odds of two arsons?

          • Anon says:

            I just think its a little disingenuous (both in 2018 and now) to repost a comment making it look like LNP never reported the prior arson when they originally reported she was a victim of the prior arson (when the arson first happened) and subsequently reported about that prior arson at least twice since. That’s the point I’m trying to make. Your own reporting seems a bit unclear and leaves out pertinent information when you are often complaining about LNP doing the same thing.

  2. You did it becky!!!!!! says:

    Sorry to go off topic but did you see that probably because of your website that kid accused of murder, his family dumped that ugly clerk of court’s husband as his fake and DA given lawyer? Family wised up and knew that fake traffic lawyer was only working for the DA to get that kid to give up other names while that crooked traffic lawyer smiled his fake smile just to get that kid to rat and then rot in prison. Good for his fam for not falling for it. Guess the traffic cop won’t be ripping off the tax payers for that money and he gets to go home with no money to take out his girlfriend all while having to go home to his wife. Justice!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG! This is so heartbreaking I can hardly stand it. Once again, Stedman doesn’t care whose family he breaks up. As long as he WINS! The detectives never thought this guy was guilty and they still don’t. But Stedman doesn’t care. He needed to get out there in front of the cameras. He’s nervous as all hell about losing the election and this family is ruined. The kids don’t think their father ia guilty. No one in the family does and this man is all these kids have left. This is just so awful. Now he is lying about every twist and turn he can think of so he can get good press. This is sickening. He can’t tell a victim from a criminal and doesn’t have to answer for his own crimes either. This is really SICK.

  4. huh? says:

    He knows it won’t go to trial until after the election so he can milk it for all it’s worth and not have to worry about the verdict one way or the other.

    His latest beautiful dead girl DNA doesn’t seem to have any results yet. He SHOULD have chosen a newer case for a variety of reasons.

    Looks like nothing new has come out regarding the LNP cases against him as of now.

    He’s going to win.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He chose yesterday because he knew you were going to receive the emails you did about gang relations. He had nothing new to work with all along. He had to prove himself. The only thing proven was that neither d.a. or police do their job properly.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge run maybe? It’s all in the timing.

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