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       Speaking of Lancaster County Judges, the two candidates for that position in November’s election will answer questions from the LNP editorial board tonight at 7:00 pm (see below and click here). This should be very interesting and it is very important!



Judge David Ashworth (left), the LNP article on Jamon Wagner’s sentence (click here), Harrisburg defense attorney Casey Shore.

*    Judges in Lancaster County are elected and yet, LNP’s rewrite of the DA’s press release above doesn’t even name the Judge who accepted a plea deal and sentenced Jamon Wagner to 9 to 23 months in prison. It was Judge David L. Ashworth.
     This is terrible reporting. The DA’s press release contains that information but LNP does not include it (click here)! How is the public to know who to vote for if LNP does not include the name of the Judge? Do you agree with this sentence? Is child pornography and the dissemination of it a crucial societal issue?
     The DA’s press release does not name the defense attorney but according to his docket it was Harrisburg private attorney Casey Shore.
      This is basic information that the public needs to know. What is wrong with LNP?



     Council president James Reichenbach, pictured left, tabled the big item on last night’s city council agenda first thing with no explanation: The Heritage Conservation District shown below. He said it will be discussed further at their committee meeting on Monday, November 4th.     Council members Faith Craig and Pete Soto were absent from last night’s meeting. These absences by council members are concerning and happen often.
    Chris Ballentine, the Financial Chair and pictured left, in an item that was not on the agenda, suddenly announced that the city needs to move $34,000 to the Administrative Services Department from various departments to cover third quarter workers’ compensation claims. All the council members present voted “aye.”
     Neither the mayor nor the council president had anything to report to council. Imagine that!
You can watch last night’s meeting here and please check back later today. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    Your link does not work except for subscribes. Therefore, even for non-Facebook members – it can be accessed by going to facebook/lancaster online. It is 40 minutes of Stedman evading questions in favor of defending his criminal activities, as well as lying.

  2. huh? says:

    Wonder if the LNP will sic Carter on them?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judges are only “elected” once. Then they are retained. If you want Ashworth out, vote no for retention. Good luck with that. You can count on one hand how many judges have not been retained in the history of PA. You have a better chance of getting rid of them by filing complaints to the JCB. When they get enough (different) ones about the same judge, they quietly arrange for them to “retire” with full benefits. That was the case with Jay Hoberg and Janice Jiminez.

  4. smh says:

    Good. It’s ugly and gaudy. I am not going into anything with a parking garage perched on top of it.

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