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     There are two very important debates tonight. The Democratic candidates for President, of course, and a debate between the two candidates for Lancaster County District Attorney (click here). Multiple items in that office have to change.

**   A man drove his vehicle into a stopped police vehicle – while he was drunk and carrying a loaded, unpermitted handgun, according to Manheim Township police.
     …Last year, Kranch was charged with driving under the influence after a Sept. 25 crash about a mile away on Lititz Pike at Chester Road. That case’s status wasn’t clear from online court dockets Monday.
From the LNP article, “Man charged with DUI, gun violation after hitting police vehicle: police,” (click here).
      What is Kranch’s bail amount? $10,000 cash which was posted by a bail bondswoman. The gun charge is a felony.
      What was Kenneth Gross’ (the subject of the lawsuit below) bail amount for the charges lodged against him which were all misdemeanors? $250,000 cash and according to his docket he spent 10 days in jail.
     How is this possible? Who is watching these judges?

*    Lancaster Police Officer Christopher Kophamel, who is named in the below lawsuit, was sworn in on June 24, 2014. He was featured on this site the same day and that is below and the original is here.
      Officer Timothy Sinnott, who was sworn in the same day and is also featured below, was named in two federal lawsuits this year for excessive force. One settled for $30,000 and one is ongoing.



     The “Factual Allegations” portion of a federal lawsuit filed on October 11th and brought by Lancaster resident Kenneth Gross, now 37, is below. He is represented by Attorney Patrick G. Geckle of Philadelphia.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I notice you mentioned Patrick Hopkins made things difficult for you. Was this when you filed a Rtk? I did a few rtk’s and he deliberately wrote the address wrong and didnt send all documents mentioned on rtk filed. When I asked for something i knew was documented but never sent his reply to me was that he discovered some documents were missing and he will send them also as soon as he could. Rtk’s a for the public he should not be withholding documents requested or adding time to give documents when they should have proper bookkeeping.

    • Anonymous says:

      I could be flippant and say it sounds like Gross is a white guy and will be heard. However, I know the cops don’t wear body cams but there are cameras in the holding cells IIRC.

      With this many screw up cops, no wonder they balk at wearing a body can. Yesterday I posted asking how Lancaster flies under the radar… Maybe cameras would change that

      They consistently hide behind he said/she said. And when film taken on the city cameras on street poles is shown, nine times out of ten it is heavily edited.

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