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From the LNP article linked to below and on the right from the home page of DA Stedman’s campaign website to be judge, “,” (click here).

     Is this an example of your applying “the law fairly and with equal justice for everyone,” DA Stedman? Not only that, the taxpayers are paying Detective Joanne Resh to spend her time cajoling Richard Ruoff to somehow find the money to pay 10 artists who were lucky enough to know to contact her? And you consider this “equal justice,” DA Stedman?

**   The below comment was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article:

*    What if one of these civil suits against Ruoff lands in Roth’s court? Obviously, at this point he has to recuse himself – but is that enough (see below)?
      And it is tragic about Ruoff’s wife – but maybe Roth could go to Lancaster County Prison and ask each inmate if they have a family member who has cancer – and if so – he can just drop their charges and release them from prison!



The lead, front page story in Sunday’s LNP print edition and a comment posted under it by District Judge Bruce Roth on Lancaster online (click here).

     District Judge Bruce Roth is sworn to uphold the law. Richard Ruoff owes $200,000 to artists and vendors and has been bouncing checks for years. Is there any circumstance that would make this comment by Judge Roth acceptable? Who the hell does he think he is?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Roth did not “go on a public forum as a district judge”. He went on, it appears, as a private citizen. You “outing” him “as a district judge” does not, suddenly, make personal actions “unethical” or “unacceptable”. .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im not surprised that Roth commented what he did. No one who has sat in his courtroom will be surprised by his comment. This is just proof of how knowing someone in high places in Lancaster can excuse you of actually taking responsibility for a crime committed. Their pride is so wicked they dont even bother hiding it anymore. The judge that got stopped in traffic and now this cocky arrogant bastard Roth. Has anybody sat watching a trial in his court room? This pig puts a show on hollering and screaming belittling people. Ive never seen anything to compare it too. Everything about him is disgusting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The comment, the content and the context are, most certainly, acceptable under PA Rules of Judicial Conduct, the law, and as a private citizen with compassion and empathy. Others should follow Judge Roth’s example.

    • Becky says:

      Absolute nonsense! Is this Judge Roth?

    • Anon says:

      I agree with you, Anonymous. Judge Roth has done nothing wrong. The implication in the post that any law is not being upheld by him or that charges are being or would be dismissed is absolutely baseless.

      Furthermore, if you read the article, it states the detective and the District Attorney’s Office are doing exactly what the victims have asked them to do……they are getting them paid. This man actually wants to and is working to pay these people. Throwing him in jail would not get what the victims or the majority of Lancaster desires.

      • Becky says:

        Just curious – how do you know what the majority of Lancaster desires?

        • Anon says:

          The event brings in a ton of money to the area and good music. It also helps get some local artists recognized. I think it can be safely assumed that Lancastrians, their personal feelings about the owner’s business ethics aside, would like to see the event continue. Throwing him in jail does not achieve that, hence the last part of the comment. Note, I did not say the majority of Lancaster wants the issue handled the way it is being handled…that is the victims, per the article. I understand a number of people may not view “justice” as being done. However, I am one that strongly believes in the serious consideration of a victim’s wishes and needs. Throwing him in jail would also not get them paid…particularly if this man’s finances are as bad as I imagine (having experienced the bills that come with extraordinary medical care).

  4. Ellen Pee says:

    Ruoff will get his ass kissed and repercussions will be none. That event brings in far too many hipsters with money to Lancaster City.

  5. Mike emrick says:

    Does Ruoff receive CRIZ money?

  6. my goodness says:

    The city will probably bail him out regarding the financials, they desperately need this gig for their financial interests. There are many, many people with horrendous, extenuating circumstances that judges couldn’t care less about. Nothing notable about these people, just average Joe. Lancaster County, all depends on who you are.

  7. Old & Canadian says:

    This fascinates…..

    A. That Brucey is still a judge.
    B. That Brucey listens to music. Thought he left his fun days behind him.

    The owner should bounce checks nearest to Brucey’s chambers so the owner can have a helpful and understanding ear.

  8. really ? says:

    Being a DM doesn’t preclude him from supporting a friends going through a difficult time and being a decent human being. And is it not possible to find someone’s actions or mistakes be reprehensible, but still be understanding and sympathetic of them as a person ? I’d rather we had judges with empathy, who can relate to circumstance and see the folks who come into court as human beings and not simply “criminals”. I actually thought you advocated for the same.

    • Becky says:

      If he is a personal friend of Ruoff – that is one thing. But to go on a major public forum as a District Judge and state “I support them” is not acceptable.

    • Old & Canadian says:

      I, so agree with this commenter. The next time I get drunk and pass out of a public sidewalk, wearing only my thong and I forget to pay the bartender my tab as I pass out on a public sidewalk…..I pray I have a judge like Brucey who understands my hard times.

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