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     Every time someone downloads child pornography they are creating a market for the horrific sexual abuse of children. Zachary Heberling is not only charged with downloading large amounts of child pornography but also of disseminating it to others.
     He is charged with six felonies and District Judge Scott Albert set his bail at $50,000 unsecured? He is immediately set free? This is disgusting. A woman recently spent the whole summer in prison on $50,000 cash bail for kicking a dog she alleges tried to bite her child. And, as noted below, what safeguards are in place to ensure he does not continue this activity while on unsecured bail?
     And yes, as noted on this site recently for their amazing “wins,” Heberling is represented by the law firm of Goldberg & Beyer.
     There will be more to follow…


     I want to start today’s piece on Zachary Heberling, the Elizabethtown man charged with six felonies for downloading and sending child pornography, with his bail amount. LNP’s initial article on this stated the above about his bail and I took a screenshot of it because I had called them out just the week before for the exact same error regarding unsecured bail.  Unsecured bail means you are not in jail!
     What did LNP do? They have now just removed any mention of bail or whether or not he is in jail from their “updated” article (click here). Well, he’s not in jail! His bail is $50,000 and it is unsecured so this man is free as a bird. I do not know what if any bail conditions were set by District Judge Scott Albert, but how are we to know he is not in his home right at this moment disseminating child pornography on some internet device?
     Bail is set to insure you show up for court but it is also set (or in homicides – denied) to protect the public from this individual and any future actions they might take. What safeguards are in place to insure that he is not downloading and disseminating child pornography right at this moment? 


**   I reached out to Cathleen Palm, founder of the Center for Children’s Justice, this morning and received the below email response:

Hello, Becky. 

Thank you for outreaching.   

Unfortunately, there are still those in our society who see the threat to children as a person unknown to the child, some stranger and a scary person. It is hopeful that there is increased understanding of the realities of child sexual abuse – children are most often assaulted and exploited by those they know and trust and too often in their own families.  Still, it is also equally true what was noted in the editorial about this stranger lens or bad guy viewpoint which proves counterproductive to protecting children and facilitating an understanding of key undercurrents of child sexual abuse like grooming.   

Take care,


     From today’s LNP editorial.

*    Nobody believes this nonsense anymore (“scary looking people lurking in the shadows”)! Click here for “INCEST – A FAMILY TRAGEDY.”


    LNP has a strong editorial today about state Senator Mike Folmer and the sexual abuse of children and child pornography (click here).
     Here we go again. David Smucker is scheduled to have a status conference this morning before President Judge Dennis Reinaker at 10:30 am on his 24 felony counts of child sexual abuse including his own children. LNP has failed to report on this case and the unbelievably preferential treatment Smucker is receiving because he is Amish (click here for “WHISPERING HOPE – 2” on this site).
     They do these editorials over and over and yet they never call out the judges or the prosecution in local cases. I meant to cover the below case from September 4th but never had the time – so we’ll look at it today (click here for the article).
    Why don’t you write an editorial about Smucker and Zachary Heberling, LNP? If you are truly so horrified about the sexual abuse of children (and you should be) why don’t you investigate and report on these local cases and how they are handled? Does Lancaster County really care about the sexual abuse of children?
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    Becky, I think you should write to Cathleen Palm again and ask her what she thinks of the Heberling situation. And if her org will act on bringing this to light.

    I’d love to know if she knows that Smucker is sitting pretty as well?

    Let’s see if that organization has any teeth.

  2. huh? says:

    Thank you for outreaching???

    Kill me now; did she put a smiley face at the end?

    • Becky says:

      No smiley face! She did indeed use that term and in turn it is probably why I stated I reached out to her (actually sent her an email with a link to LIP News and her quotes).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please keep us posted Becky on the result of Smucker’s court appearance. It’s high school football Friday, fall foliage and fair season, so LNP is a little pressed for space.

  4. Galty says:

    Its not only men this women has just been relised from prison after serving ten years.
    Shocked the nation at the time because most of these bits of scum were women.

    2009 Plymouth child abuse case

    * Edited to make Galty’s link a hyperlink.

  5. my goodness says:

    Well, he is rahabbed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    After this length of time Smucker should go home maybe under house arrest for a few months. The bishop will take care of it. The only sin committed here was that this situation made it to our legal system and out into the public. Shame to whoever snitched him out outside of the Amish community. They are the ones who will get severely punished.

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