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—  What an unbelievable time in the history of this country (click here for the below). Let this be over soon and please send Trump back to Trump Tower for good!




*    Click here to read Dan Robrish’s full statement.


     The LNP editorial board is finally concerned about the condition of city streets – click here for today’s editorial headlined online, “Lancaster city wants to be bike-friendly. How about first becoming more car-friendly?” (click here and see the insert above).       
      But what do they really care about? Do they care about the residents of the city or do they care more about the visitors to their Marriott Hotel?
Please check back later today.


  1. Becky says:

    This email in – and they are right:

    Congratulations on 15 years of your blog!

    Also wanted to say that sending Agent Orange back to his money-laundering tower is too good for him. Better to throw him out of the White House and in front of a criminal court so he can go to jail… or put him in a refugee camp and use his tower to house refugees.

  2. huh? says:

    Regarding the Robish article, who knew Steinman owned weeklies as well?

  3. Anonymous says:

    About the problem of city streets: I have driven in to Central Market each Friday for the past 50 years, and last Friday (9/20) was the WORST experience ever! I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour at 9:00am. East Orange and surrounding streets were parking lots due to what I assume was a gas issue at the intersection of Orange/Prince. I can’t for the life of me understand why situations like this are allowed to develop without the knowledge/concern of city officials and the timely dispatch of competent traffic control personnel.
    I spoke to several market standholders who were aware of the problem and the frustration it was causing their customers and others trying to navigate Lancaster’s downtown…

  4. Anonymous says:

    That editorial hurt my head. Actually most of the drivel the editorial team at LNP puts out hurts my head, but that one is especially bad. Opining with a complete and total lack of understanding.

    The bike lanes v traffic debate is more a planning one than an execution one. This was most evident in the asinine proposal (that the city has since admitted is unworkable) to eliminate a lane of travel on chestnut. Where was the pro car LNP there? Or some of the existing asinine proposals for one way to two way street conversions that the city is wasting money “studying.”

    Instead we get an editorial about the roads being bumpy? Really, an entire diatribe on bumpy roads? The only fix for bumpy roads is money. If your so concerned about bumpy roads get on their case about all the absurd city monetary expenditures. If they hadn’t wasted 7 mil on lancity connect failure a lot of bumpy roads could have been fixed.

  5. Mike emrick says:

    Since the houses have been condemned by the city on Plum Street, I’ve been paying attention walking around Lancaster City for similar issues. I noticed there are a lot of houses that seem to have significant structural damage and bricks that appear to crumbled, much like the ones Plum Street. I think the issue on Plum Street is a small sample of a larger problem throughout the city.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have strong feelings on this too. Your observation is definitely correct. I’m gonna try to add more detail later today when I have more time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Makes gentrification a lot easier

    • Anonymous says:

      “Like” You are absolutely correct. A city inspector has to make the rounds in their district every morning. All summer they also have to check backyards to make sure lawns were cut. They also check the front porch to make sure no inside furniture is placed outside. So did Plum St. inspector see all the violations but allowed them due to the mayor not wanting homeless people on the streets and knowing there was no housing? And if so why hasnt she made a budget for affordable housing? She asked the state for millions for fire depts but not for emergency housing. Housing is clearly not one of her worries until she has a ton of people at Binns park again and on benches all over downtown. A ton of violations are allowed until someone dies or gets hurt. Someone should tell her eventually it will show all over the city.

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