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—  Doing some research this afternoon.  —

**   This story has been up on LNP’s Facebook page for two hours now (it switched just after I took the below screenshot) and there is one “like” and still not a single comment. Are people scared or what? You can comment here anonymously.


*     Why should the Sheriff’s Office be set up under a paramilitary structure? What do the judges think of that? What do the County Commissioners think of that? What does the public think of that?

From the LNP article linked to below.

From Wikipedia.



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17 Responses to ** – * WHO COULD HAVE SEEN…

  1. Chief Deputy Riggs says:

    Their chief deputy sounds insane. The county has to see him as a danger to the public. How can he get away with threatening his subordinates like that? They should push to have him charged with terroristic threats.

  2. huh? says:

    Why paramilitary? Josh Parsons background.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ed Pfursich was court “appointed” to represent that poor foreign woman who committed the serious crime of giving birth in a bathroom. He did absolutely nothing for her that my dog couldn’t have done. And we taxpayers paid him handsomely for that. Both he and Clerk of Courts Jackie Pfursich are dirt sandwiches. He is a private attorney…NOT a public defender. I would like to know how many taxpayer dollars have been doled out to him since Jackie became in charge. She is a lawyer, too…but a lousy one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stop These People: Thank you. I am the poster who has been saying for years that Jackie Pfursich is CORRUPT and only ran for the position to enrich herself and her husband. Clerk of Courts is supposed to be a neutral position, meaning all criminal cases / paperwork, filings, etc. are to be handled in the same manner. She has been doing favors for years – mostly for corrupt District Attorney Craig Stedman. He…in turn…well – you know the rest. You worked there. I know this from personal experience. Voters need to turn her OUT in November. She is a disgrace – part of the Lancaster County elite.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ding ding ding. You’re all wrong! There was a poster here from the sheriff’s office before the special election who predicted all this shit if Leffler was elected. And I don’t know any of the county commissioners but I have been giving Carter info that he has run with – or used as a springboard to dig further. He is not beholden to anyone. If it’s news, its news. The bigger story tonight is the commissioners vs. Craig Stedman – who is only staying in his lame duck post to try to keep his dirt off the air until he is elected judge. (He hopes). And the bigger question tonite is how has he not been arrested by now? He has already proven he is a liar AND a thief. And there is SO much more… McSwain needs to open up a criminal investigation NOW – not suck up to Stedman at photo ops. You are judged by the company you keep. Now Stedman is making McSwain look corrupt, too. Wonder if McSwain knows yet that he was USED. Keep on schmoozing at your own risk. Can’t wait til Friday!!! Is McSwain our Acosta?

  6. Should Have Voted 4 Louie! says:

    This is what happens when you put a self serving little man at the helm of a corrupt and debunked GOP.
    The little man recruits stupid and ethically corrupt losers like Leppler to do his bidding. Once so many employees complain, LNP is forced to write a story and the little man throws his stupid sheriff pick to the wolves. Hey Josh! Remember when you swore to Louie that if he scratched your back you would help him be sheriff? Karma is a giant for you little man! Louie got screwed because he was smart and his skin is brown!

  7. Damn Blondes says:

    Why does the sheriff have a work vehicle that he uses for personal travel and to pull people over when he has zero authority to do so? Why is LNP not asking questions about Leppler’s tax payer funded vehicle that he uses to go grocery shopping, to the gym, home, take his girlfriend out to eat. You know the blonde Chris that we see you having lunch with? Whoops…..

  8. Sheriff is the scapegoat says:

    Ut Uh…. the good sheriff must be on the outs with Josh Parsons. Carter Walker only goes after people that Josh gives Carter dirt on and tells Carter to proceed. All the shady stuff that Josh has done and the out of control budget and not one peep from Carter Walker. Wanna know why? Because Josh supplies all the dirt to Carter. Not sure if Craig Stedman and Josh are still best buddies or not but Josh is the one that fed all that stuff about Craig Stedman to Carter Walker and LNP. Sorry to hurt feelings! None of these people are truly friends with each other.

    • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner says:

      Ding ding ding! You sir or madam are CORRECT!

      Parsons controls Lepplers budget and Parsons is the reason there is no good pay in that department. But Carter will not mention that because Josh and Carter decided to sacrifice the sheriff. LNP needs to fire corrupt Carter because that guy spins stories how Josh tells him to do. We see you bro in Josh’s office and meeting for coffee.

      Josh spun this story to screw Chris. No doubt. And if Chris does not believe that they are all making him the scapegoat now, Chris is a damn fool!

  9. Disgrace says:

    Crooked Jackie is the shadiest elected right now. Her selected attorney friends come deliberate in her tax payer funded office about their cases. Everyone knows she shares confidential filings with her buddies. She’s a dirt bag. Leppler ain’t a bad guy but he runs with dirt balls that talk so much junk about him. Hey Leppler – Jackie is not your friend. Why was Carter Walker in Jackie’s office talking about you? Keep thinking these people like you.

  10. Ellen Pee says:

    Tell the public? Nooooooooo. That’s the kind of thing real newspapers do. Hey! I hope they re-run that best-place-to-go-for-a-burger-on-date-night story again. Booooy. That one alone is worth paying to read online.

  11. Stop these people!!! says:


    Anyone with quality moral character would never work at the court house. I worked there and it was the worst experience of my entire life. Incompetent people are always elected to that post. The new clerk of courts is very shady and so is her husband. You have done articles on him before.
    Someone explain to me why the Clerk of Courts gets to leave her elected position almost everyday to appear in court to help her husband’s law firm? How is that legal? How do we know whom they represent do not receive special treatment because the woman in charge of processing criminal complaints is representing people in court to profit her husband’s law firm?
    Like another poster said, do a right to know on how much money the county has given Ed pfursich and his law firm since his wife was elected. It will make you sick at the backroom deals that these two are doing.
    Someone has to stop them!

  12. my goodness says:

    I think the local GOP concentrates 100% of their resources on Stedman.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Lancaster County GOP is sadly lacking and has been for at least two decades. They really need to get it together. Apparently they learned nothing when they lost Charlie Smithgalls’s last election for him.

  14. Embarrassment #2 says:


    Do a right to know on the sheriff department. This clown cant budget his own home and that is exactly why he has spent so much more money then Reese ever did. Reese was a perv that got caught. Leppler was a perv that manipulated and seduced women that were 2 scared of him to tell on him.

    And Leppler and his top goon can keep their moronic uniforms. You ain’t real cops no matter what your cargo pants tell you.

  15. Leppler the sheep says:

    Leppler become sheriff because he kissed the right behinds. They should take a poll of all the women he slept with in the office and entire court building and finally got one pregnant. He was dating an office girl the same time he was courting his now wife. A report needs to be done on his financial issues but LNP won’t touch that cuz of all the sheriff sale advertisements they get out of him. He gave himself a new basement and then filed bankruptcy. What an honorable fella!!!!He chased away good guys because they new the truth about him. Just another great member of the grand old party.

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