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 *   According to his docket, former Lancaster Police Sgt. Raymond Corll is back in the York County Prison (see below). On July 10th, President Judge Dennis Reinaker issued an order denying his motion for continuation of bail pending disposition of his PCRA [Post Conviction Relief Act] appeal proceedings (also see below).
     A hearing on his appeal under the PCRA is currently scheduled for September 27th at 10:00 am before Judge Reinaker.
     I will call the York County Prison on Monday to confirm that Corll is an inmate.


     Who dumped a truckload of tainted tubers on the grounds of two businesses off Centerville Road?
From the LNP story pictured left (click here).
     Seriously, LNP? You are going to keep this as a top story for two days? LNP reporter Dan Nephin even dug deep and pulled out some colorful language and alliteration for this piece.
     If you read the comments below the story, you’ll see that Nephin was so excited he made multiple grammatical errors in his original piece which were pointed out to him by a reader.
     And little smells worse than a rotten potato except maybe the stench from the out-of-control Republican Party in Lancaster County.

4 Responses to * ROTTEN TO THE CORE!

  1. Times up says:

    Times up

    (Anonymous ) Report your information to the
    FBI Forms-Tips

    Call governor Tom Wolf
    Phone number
    717 -787-2500
    Governor’s. Correspondence..

    This has to stop
    Hold these people accountable for there corruption

    The Martin’s live
    On Red Hill Road

  2. Anonymous says:

    Penn Manor gop site had photos with heely’s name captioned below. They are gone. Interesting but not unusual. Manor goes into overdrive to cover up corruption as soon as it appears they might be found out. Every elected official there is Republican I think. (Supervisors, school board, state reps)). I think Scott Martin lives there but I don’t know. You would have to look very hard to find a more corrupt local govt. in PA. 100-MILLION $$ in SCHOOL renovations? I don’t think so. There is ALOT of theft from taxpayers going on at every level – from police to school board and in between. And Amber and Scott Martin are right in the center of it because of their (elected) roles in funneling the money. Senior citizens are being forced to give up their lifelong homes that are paid off because they cannot afford the taxes on a fixed income and are in danger of liens, default, etc. So it is sick to hear Amber Martin claim she is helping homeowners when she knows she is doing the exact opposite. I think the checks in Manor are only signed by one person, too.The appointed township manager – and that is a recipe for disaster. Gov. Wolf really needs to step in there. It’s sinful. And most likely criminal – so they are getting away with it. Makes me want to cry.

    • Becky says:

      I WILL NOT publish your other comment. That is speculation with nothing to back it up. Please do not send that kind of unsubstantiated and inflammatory comment into this site again. You should know better.

  3. heardhere says:

    To say the Lancaster County Republican party is out of control is implying they do something. They do nothing but accept their paychecks. This is the problem, they do nothing! The tainted tubers are at least rotting. Lancaster County republicans have rotted away to nothing.

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