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*   “Ida” just sent in a comment. Ida, I know that. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I will post your comment tomorrow. Thank you.


     You have to admit this woman is amazing! “The entire team at Woo-Cat Management?” Isn’t that just yourself? Who exactly did you give the coats to?
     Tomorrow this woman’s unbelievable giving and generosity goes up yet another notch. And then we cut to the chase with her deceptions and lies!
     How did this woman become the Lancaster County Treasurer?


*    I bet that’s going to be interesting! Apparently you have the exact same four friends as Melanie Massey in Louisiana! See below and click here for the picture on Massey’s website.




     On January 21, 2017, Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin posted the below on her “personal” Facebook page about one of the two private companies she owns.
     How big is Woo-Cat? How many clients does Amber have? How many employees does Amber have? Where is their physical office? How much income does Amber make from Woo-Cat? How much time does Amber spend working for Woo-Cat? Who wanted to buy Woo-Cat?

Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Harrisburg insider is wrong.

  2. huh? says:

    This may get lost in all the news – i wonder why the LNP is running so many stories on the double homicide perpetrated by Sterbinsky. Usually it’s just one story and then silence for most people.

  3. Harrisburg insider says:

    Word from Harrisburg is the attorney general is looking into Stedman and Scott Martin for allowing his drug addled sister off for killing 2 people and causing a terrible accident on 222. Is it really any surprise Amber Martin is also a criminal.

  4. Where is LNP? says:

    Our county treasurer is guilty about tax fraud! Wait until Lancaster is in the news because our treasurer is in prison. What will that do to our property values. I guess Scott Martin will then have no problem putting pipelines through our yards and knock down our places of worship to make a buck. Oh poor poor Lancaster how has it gotten this bad?

  5. Lancaster deserves better! says:

    Becky you are the best! You should be in charge of LNP it would be the only way the truth could be reported. This woman is a proven liar! We know she is an adulteress and a child abuser it really comes as no surprise she is married to Scott Martin who is an even bigger criminal than her. Why do we let these lowlifes represent us?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looked on woo cat website to c what they do. Still can not tell. But the big male looking cop posing with her kids is carolyn “the grunt” gundel who is the biggest lying cop in manor township. tells me all i need to know. Bunch of LIARS & LOSERS.

  7. Holy Moly says:

    Holy Moly

    That is Horrible

    So she Did this fake post so she can write-off (donations ) on her taxes for her company
    Where are the receipts for those 100 Coats
    Who are the women that received those 100 Coats
    What charity is she donating to

    If any of these big charity events happen
    She would have taken pictures of people receiving the Coats or/the Boxes of food
    She would have posted these pictures everywhere Including
    The walls in her office

    Amber Martin /Scott Martin would have called the newspaper
    this would have been the front page story in Lancaster’ on line

    This woman Uses
    poor People in need
    To benefit her reputation and promote her company

    This is Disgusting

    Taking lessons from your husband Amber Martin where he/ Scott Martin stoled Land from Nuns

    Where Scott Martin’s trying to take away our freedom of speech

    Scott Martin uses our Tax dollars to bail out the Marriott/convention center
    Here’s a question
    What did Scott Martin get in return
    (look into that)

    Is your sister Scott Martin still on heroin
    When the D.A your friend let her walk
    She was driving under the influence
    Trace evidence Was found in the car
    she killed 2 people and hospitalized one
    no charges
    thanks to your friend the
    D.A Craig Stedman

    This really upsets me
    Using the poor
    She is a Scumbag

    At the end of the day She cannot hide from a higher power

    God help you
    Amber Martin

    To the people reading these articles on
    Amber Martin’s behavior

    Please share this website with people at work
    in meetings
    Tell them to look at this website. (tonight )
    about Amber Martin Lancaster’ county treasurer’s behavior.
    And corruption

    Wow – thank you Becky you knock this one out of the ballpark

  8. I want to vomit
    Martin needs help
    Whoever on here defending her, is likely her herself
    I will report to Attorney General

  9. Ellen Pee says:

    Lucky for her she gets collateral lip coverage from the butt kissing LNP gives hubby Scott.

  10. Ida says:

    With further investigation you’ll find Nicole Heely was a fake account.

  11. huh? says:

    Facebook is very clear these days about fraudulent and misleading political posts. They reserve the right to remove them and to ban the person. This is fraud. The page needs to go

  12. Truth Be Told

    Wow Amber Martin Lancaster’ county treasurer
    She is such a low Life scumbag

    Becky please keep looking into her
    company (Woo Cat)
    If you look up H.O.A
    That is the best business to get in
    if you want to scam people out of their money
    H.O.A. Homeowners association (Scams)

    WOO CAT needs to be audited

    Amber Martin claims she has many Employees
    not true
    False Advertising

    The only person
    Amber Martin has working for her at
    WOO CAT is the Landscaper Her Friend

    There is a list of things that she could be doing that is Corrupt in this business

    Why is she not listing the neighborhoods on her website that she represents

    What is she hiding or how much money is she hiding

    You are right Becky
    How much time does she spin working on
    When we the people are paying for her to represent us for Lancaster’ County Treasurer

    Using a picture from the New York Mets
    Of a food drive for the needy
    Acting like that was her food drive to benefit her to make her company look like a charitable organization Wow
    how low can a person go
    Amber Martin
    Found it

    Then She Amber Martin posting a picture of women and their pajamas pretending to be her friends
    Again stilling a picture apparently from Facebook

    Same women
    same pajamas
    same background

    I can’t wait to see what else Becky has looking forward to tomorrow’s report

    Thank you Becky

  13. Anonymous says:

    Is Scott Martin Stedman’s campaign manager again or is he fed up with Corrupt Craig Smegma too?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Public officials who dont have anything to hide – especially those who handle or control large sums of money – file their required Statement(s) of Financial Interest directly file with the PA Ethics Commission, making it readily available to the public. Those who do have something to hide force you to file a RTK request and hope you will give up looking for it. Hers are not on file with the state. Next stop: Lancaster County.

  15. Sketchy says:

    I checked her political page and none of those posts are on there.

    You will see who posted on a business/political page as it will have who published it next to the date. The pajama post is a fake because it only shows the date. If this was a real post, you would see the information prompt below before the post and picture –

    Amber Martin, Lancaster County Treasurer
    Published by Amber Martin · July 18 at 10:03 PM

    This means that she allows multiple people to post on her behalf. Basically someone either photoshopped these are there were duplicates of her page made.

    • Becky says:

      Please see my response below. Not on Stedman for Judge FB!

      • Sketchy says:

        I see your response but it is not accurate for this Facebook page. Stedman probably does not have multiple people posting as administrators like this woman appears to have. I even checked back to her 2015 posts and all of her posts have the same headers with the published by and date-time stamps. It is a bit sketchy that things that were allegedly posted in 2015 are now being exposed Yet these new findings do not have the same headers as all of her other posts from the same time period to present day. How can you explain why all of her posts have the “published by” information yet these do not? Looks like whoever created them missed an important addition to make them real.

        • Becky says:

          The screenshots are valid. Someone got suspicious years ago over all the praise being heaped on Amber. Turns out – Amber was heaping it on herself.

  16. Photoshopped says:

    You can tell these screen shots are fake. In all political FB pages, you will see next to the date, “Published by” and the person’s name. These screen shots don’t have that which means these are photoshopped.

  17. Really. Who voted for her
    Lies cheat crook
    Now stealing friends
    Oh wow

  18. Wake up Lancaster

    Becky A comment About your post on
    Amber Martin
    July 23rd

    Anonymous I would Prefer to vote for Mickey Mouse or Goofy
    Before voting for
    Amber Martin
    She is a Joke
    The woman never comes to work Or rarely
    The people That work for Amber Martin Are the people that are doing
    her job
    She is there in name only
    Long enough to pick up her paycheck

    Amber Martin stealing a photo from the New York Mets Using It to Try to act like she’s charitable

    Right there shows exactly
    Who she is

    The only Charity Amber Martin cares about is her own pocket
    That woman is a liar manipulator and a scam artist

    Late night 2000 more boxes to make
    Wow. She is a joke
    Stealing a photo Of a food drive to benefit herself
    You can’t get any Lower than That
    Amber Martin There are real people out there struggling
    All you care about is using that to your advantage
    you piece of SH–

    The gossip around the courthouse about her and her husband Scott Martin
    Are horrifying
    Lancaster’ is better off
    if No one is Runs that department if it means Amber Martin running it
    ( In name only )
    It would save the taxpayers money

    I don’t think anybody forgot about Amber Martin not taken out insurance or bonds on our tax dollars

    She tried to cover
    that up. (Fraud )

    Again more lies More lies. and manipulation

    You know what they say
    if the crime doesn’t get you the cover up will

    Thank you Becky for asking the correct questions
    Amber Martin has no employees but her and Scott Martin
    She will not reveal who she represents
    In Her property management business

    Question how did Amber Martin become a property manager for H.O.A
    What neighborhoods does she manage

    Maybe Amber Martin
    is trying to get a new
    Striped jumpsuit

    Just Saying.

  19. my goodness says:

    It’s just her guy again.

  20. huh? says:

    One unfortunately lifted photo… Used to illustrate an event… Maybe forgiveable. But this latest one … The fraud of these being her friends is disgusting.

  21. huh? says:

    Reading this, I can’t help but think of her children. Pawns in a mommy daddy war.

  22. Charlie Smithgal's cannon says:

    As a property manager Amber is responsible for paying property taxes for her clients. As treasurer she is responsible for collecting property taxes. I’m surprised that no one has bothered to look into how she is handling this conflict of interest.

    The Lancaster County Voter Registration and Board of Elections would have her financial disclosure form on file. It would be interesting to see what she has listed.

    Her husband’s is online at the state. https://www.co.lancaster.pa.us/164/Voter-Registration-Board-of-Elections He doesn’t list a mortgage as a creditor. I wonder if she wouldn’t let him on the deed to the house they live in…

  23. This county deserves so much better! says:

    How can this woman be an elected official of this county? This woman has continually lied, cheated, and taken advantage of this county. Where is LNP? Is it because they own Scott Martin and even if he is guilty of covering up a murder he is treated as special? Scott Martin as tge entire county knows is the worst our county has to offer it should be of no surprise he would marry someone just as corrupt as himself. What are we teaching the next generation? Are we showing lying, cheating, and a total lack of morals or ethics will get you ahead in life? or are we showing we are just too lazy, scared, or we condone having these criminals represent up? It is time we stand up for what is right and completely clean house and send these criminals where they belong!

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