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     The woman who called and identified herself as “Nicole Heely” yesterday afternoon and repeated several times that she was “bombarded” by messages within 10 minutes of my posting her name, said she has not talked to Amber in “forever.”
     She said they used to be good friends but had a falling out and that’s why she moved to Texas. She said she didn’t want her name used or associated with Amber’s businesses. She said she has since married and had a baby.
     I told her several times that she needed to prove to me that she was “real.” She said several times, “I didn’t block my number so there you have it right there. That should be proof enough.” 
     I said two-and-a-half-years is not “forever!” And I pointed out that in a later Facebook post Amber told her she should move back to Lancaster. The woman hesitated and said, “Well we had a falling out but we’re still kind of friends.”
    I asked if her profile picture came from a British dating site and she said, “Maybe. I was doing PR work and involved in politics and you have to be careful so maybe it wasn’t mine.”
     I asked who all the coats were donated to. She hesitated and then said, “To the women in the homeowners associations.” I was going to ask her why those women would need coats but the connection was so bad I never had the chance.
     She repeated that she didn’t want her “name out there.” I said it’s from a public Facebook page and involves a public person and that I will use her name.
     It is one of the most bizarre and ridiculous phone conversations I’ve had and in three stages as her connection was so bad she had to call me back two times. And, of course, we know about the phone…
—  LIP News will return to regular Lancaster news over the weekend and then beginning next Monday – an in-depth look at Amber Martin’s two companies will be coming along with a wrap up of this week’s posts.
—  And for your reading pleasure, another post in which “Nicole Heely” tagged Amber Martin and we find out Amber has even more talents. Have a great Friday.

**   A friend was going to pay to find out the name of the person who has the phone number 325-718-4310. No luck.

*    I actually had someone send a comment into this site stating:
      Google nicole heely and you will see her mentioned twice on penn manor gop website. It aint rocket science. Now you all sound like a bunch of mean girls instead of a “journalist”.
       And you were once an “award winning journalist!” Oh, my!

      Yes, “Nicole Heely” shows up in a google search on the Penn Manor GOP Facebook page, and while I can’t actually find the Facebook posts themselves, this is clearly Amber or a cohort heaping praise upon herself again! This most certainly is not “proof” that there is a real “Nicole Heely”(see below).


     If you were on this mission trip, please contact this site. If you recognize anyone in this photo, please contact this site.
Please check back later today.


  1. Truth stranger than fiction says:

    Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

    Responding to
    Train Wreck!
    if you have a Court case sealed there’s
    a reason for that
    So what are they hiding
    Obviously something pretty Horrible
    Again the Court case is sealed to protect
    Scott on Amber Martin
    The county is protecting these two scumbags

    It never stops

    Information does leak out when you have a court case that has went on for over a year
    Lots of witnesses
    A lot of People working
    In the Court house/Room

  2. Poison Pill says:

    Poison Pill

    Amber Martin is
    the Poison pill

    Everything she touches or gets involved with turns to disaster. She is compulsive Liar, Manipulator, a fraud
    andScam artist

    Yes it’s true Amber and Scott Martin had an affair while they both were married to other people

    Amber and Scott Martin lived together in the house where they currently live
    now before they got divorced from their ex spouses.

    Amber stole the business that she is currently running the, Homeowners associations Business.
    There is proof

    Amber Martin Brags
    About writing everything off on her Income tax, Her car, A office in her house, Her gas, her mileage, and even entertaining
    Office supplies
    You name it that woman writes it off

    She has no employees but the man that mows the Grass and does snow removal

    The other people are Amber Martin’s family
    her mother, her sister
    and her cousin. They all live in Baltimore Maryland
    They all have jobs And it’s not With Amber Martin
    The landscaper is
    Amber Martin’s friend

    Has any body found out what Scott.Martin does with his per diem Money?

    $150 A-day. I was told
    It all goes on personal use

    The same thing with the money he raised to run
    for senator, his campaign money. All on dinners for him and Amber
    while they were dating
    drinking at bars with friends

    Scott Martin While he was running for Senator he worked for a lobbyist outside of Harrisburg
    Why has he not got in trouble for this conflict?

    Scott Martin has his hands in the pipeline cookie jar

    Scott Martin, his bill
    Trying to take away your freedom of speech

    Scott Martin At a town Hall meeting screaming and pointing his finger in
    a woman’s face
    there’s is a video

    Scott and Amber Martin teaming up to try to Pass a bill to eliminate the tax collectors to put more power in Amber Martins hands.

    Amber Martin
    Did not take out insurance or bonds To protect our tax dollars

    Then tried to cover it up

  3. Train Wreck! says:

    Word is out Scott Martin was driving drunk with the children he later abandoned in his car was given special treatment to keep it quiet. Also in the custody battle amber and Scott Martin where in why were the children taken away and only allowed to see them through supervised visitation? This drama is so crazy no one outside this county actually believe these powers ever elected to any position besides inmate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If “Neely” “wants nothing to do” with Amber Martin, then why is she the author of the only TESTIMONIAL on the woo-cat website? Woo-cat! I’ve taken all you dumb people in Lancaster who elected me and my husband on a HUGE ride. And destroyed the GOP and everyone else’s credibility in the process while we remain fat and happy. And rich. Woo CAT, BABY!

    * Edited by Becky to eliminate a profanity. Please keep it clean. And “her” name is Heely.

    • Becky says:

      I don’t see a testimonial?

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re right. It’s gone. But the first day you posted I checked out the woo-cat website and clicked on testimonials and there was only one – from Heely – which read as if she was a satisfied customer, not an employee. It is gone. Try the wayback machine. There is no longer a testimonials link on the woo-cat website. Boy is she slick! I have no axe to grind – don’t live in Lancaster or know her. Just an interested reader. But there is definately an over abundance of liars in Lancaster County, PA.

  5. Kelvin Nolt says:

    Where is LNP? Our county treasurer is a self promoting liar and she is in charge of our money! Our state representative chose to cheat on his wife with this married woman and leave behind his wife and two young children and marry this liar! They are good friends with Craig Stedman who wrote false expense reports to steal our money from the county. They were married by judge Reinaker who is under investigation for using his position to try to intimidate a police officer. Craig Stedman decides not to charge a heroin addict guilty of 2 murders and a laundry list of other crimes because she is Scott Martin’s sister. When does this train wreck ever end? If it was up to LNP we would only know about a pike of potatoes and names and addresses of dogs who might be dangerous. LNP really needs to wake up the ship is sailing and once again they have missed the boat

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seems like Mission Trip Picture was trippin’

  7. Scott Martin accessory to murder. says:

    We all know Amber Martin and Scott Martin are lying manipulators. Liars, cheaters, adulterers, child abusers, thieves, anyone who C.A. cheat on their spouse abandon their children and push Christians off their land for profit has no place representing the values of this county. How can someone high on drugs with a car full of drug paraphernalia cause an accident that kills a man and a small child and walk away with a free pass? They are Scott martins sister! An innocent truck driver rear ended on 222 by a person high on drugs is arrested and has to fight to safe himself from a life behind bars, Why? Because Craig Stedman is Scott Martins Crony. How could this person ever be a fair and impartial judge? Lancaster is going down the toilet quickly. We must not let these people represent us!

  8. Where is LNP? says:

    Our elected officials are lying and cheating their way into office and there is no end to their corruption while in office. LNP does not find this information important but instead chooses to report about someone dumping potatoes near that fish place. LNP really has no clue to what is going on! They don’t understand why they have become useless and actually insulting to readers. They try to give away papers and all types of deals instead of just doing what a newspaper should do. Where are the stories that actually effect us and the Corruption in our county? I guess they feel it is better to report about rotten potatoes.

  9. Albert Speer says:

    The entire population of Lancaster County PA Thanks You for exposing this Liar! Amber Martin and Scott Martin have taken advantage of this county for way too long. LNP has chosen to turn a blind eye to this disgraceful behavior and purchased Scott Martin no wonder why they are protecting their investment and not reporting the truth about them. It is not a mystery as to the reason LNP is going down the drain. The people of this county know the are being taken advantage of and being lied to.

  10. my goodness says:

    I hope our county commissioners are following this saga.

  11. Lock her up says:

    Lock her up

    Becky great reporting congratulations

    A couple of things
    I do not understand
    why is it big news when

    judge Dennis Reinaker

    Yells at a police officer telling the officer you better check this tag Mr.
    I agree he was using his Authority or power to get out of a ticket
    But, The news on Amber Martin you just reported on In my opinion Is a much bigger story

    Somebody needs to get Ahold of a reporter in Harrisburg and tell them to look at (lip news)

    the story that Becky just broke From July The 23 through July the 26

    And obviously more to come on Monday

  12. Prophet says:

    Scott Martin is rueing as I type.

  13. my goodness says:

    Scott Martin will rue the day he traded his wife and children for this.

  14. Secrete phone calls says:

    Likely lot more ways, just did a quick search

  15. Anonymous says:

    Snake oil salesman!! Get this low life excuse of a person out of our Lancaster County government.

  16. Shamless says:


    Becky Your post on
    July the 23rd
    Where Amber Martin Stoled the New York Mets photo of a food drive
    of people boxing food up for the poor. Amber Martin pretended like it was her food drive or Woo Cat. It is one of the most Heartless things I have ever heard

    She is a evil evil person

    You people out there with real computer Skills
    Please send This article to the New York Mets
    Let them know that the Lancaster’ county treasurer Amber Martin
    is stealing their picture of their food drive
    Acting like it Was hers
    To promote herself
    Or better yet please send it to Some New York newspapers

    It really is scary How
    evil people can be

    Amber Martin I hope you’re never hungry enough
    That you have to receive food from a food drive
    to feed your Kids
    But unfortunately there are people out there that need help
    Real people
    Quit using Other people’s charities to benefit you

    You are really heartless
    You stole pictures of a food drive for the poor
    So people Are able to.
    feed their family

    Then you claim you bought 100 Coats to keep people warm again preying on the poor
    You’re comment
    just like the one I’m wearing
    a photo of you in a coat.
    Everybody knows if this Really happen you would have taken a million photos
    of you handing out new Coats to people in need and plastered it all over your website

    No pictures of that just you setting there with a Coat on

    Amber Martin

    The Bible says do on to others as you would have them to do on to you

    Becky great reporting

  17. HOA’s says:

    How to Detect and Prevent Theft, Fraud, & Embezzlement in HOAs
    It’s a sad but true fact: Condominium associations, homeowners associations, and other residential community management organizations are frequent targets of embezzlement and fraud. A combination of factors makes them a tempting and lucrative target for embezzlers: relatively large sums of money; lax standards and enforcement; and part-time volunteer boards in charge of accounting and control. These surprising statistics establish the magnitude of the problem:

    The median embezzler manages to steal $145,000, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. 22 percent of embezzlers steal $1 million or more.
    Embezzlers can keep up the con for an average of 18 months before being caught. Alternatively, a Marquet International study estimates that this could be as long as 4.8 years.
    28 percent of all companies with fewer than 100 employees are victims of fraud, with an average loss of $154,000.
    Smaller organizations experience bigger losses than larger firms, generally due to weaker control measures.

    * Edited by Becky to add a link for the information quoted above:

    How to Detect and Prevent Theft, Fraud, & Embezzlement in HOAs

  18. huh? says:

    Text says that it was taken on July 10, 2008.

  19. Give me a break says:

    Give me a break
    That is Amber Martin Comments today

    Again, these are pictures she stole to act like she is charitable. What a joke!

    In 2015 Amber Martin was running for office for Treasury. Her company Woo Cat have 2 clients & small clients at the time.
    She did not have a dime to her name. She lived in a rental house on Centerville Rd. She was not working at the time she was running for office. For a year She
    Did Not Did Not work or have a job. She was just running for office

    (Her 1st so called business)
    Was A-day care business
    She referred to that as the owner of a day care.

    In reality, she was a babysitter for 5 children in her home, when she was with her 1st husband. Her pride would not allow her to say she was a babysitter

    She had to say the owner of a day care business …
    “A business woman”

    ( Con artist)

    She never in her life organized anything for any body other than herself
    She is a liar and a manipulator and a fraud.

    She cheated on her 1st husband with a married man. That man also was married at the time.

    She was too focused on leaving her 1st husband and hiding her affair
    while she was running for office.

    Everybody knew about the affair. That was the daily gossip at the courthouse.

    That man Is
    Scott Martin

    Scott Martin married At the time with 2 children -boys. Amber married at the time,
    2 children -girls
    What Scott Martin doesn’t know he was not the only one.

    Becky those comments has Amber Martin’s name all over it. I know you will not fall for more of her scams

  20. This liar is in control of our money? says:

    Becky you really deserve an award or at the least recognition for an excellent job well done. Where is LNP? Still sleeping? Maybe judging a Whoopie pie contest somewhere. Amber Martin has to be one of the most corrupt elected official in this county it makes perfect sense she is married to Scott Martin the other most corrupt politician. Did amber do anything besides spending her day lying about herself and surfing the web to look for pictures of others she could use to promote herself? The list of lies and self serving accomplishments achieved by Amber Martin and Scott Martin are things that shame this county to its core for allowing this abuse of position. Amber a proven liar is our county treasurer? Stedman a proven thief will be a judge? Scott Martin who’s list of crimes is never ending is a senator? What have we allowed to happen? These people need to be permanently removed from their positions!

  21. huh? says:

    The image search result on tineye is that this photo appeared on Messiah college’s website in 2013. If you use tineye for yourself, and then click on the link you will find that it’s not on Messiah colleges website anymore. That may be because it is old news and not archived there. I don’t have the time, but I think that if you go to Messiah college’s website you might find out more. Or you can use perhaps the wayback machine.

  22. nope says:

    lancaster ca…..took 5 mins to spoof

    • Becky says:

      So that was you who called my phone from Lancaster, CA? I had someone tell me they could do it with google voice in 10 seconds! 🙂

  23. Doesn’t Matter says:

    Please stop harassing my wife!
    She does not live in Lancaster any longer and she is not involved with any of these people.
    Putting our phone number on your blog is crossing the line. She could have blocked her number but did not because she thought you would respect her reaching out.
    Now we have to change our phone number. 14 calls and counting just this morning. This is harassment

  24. Mission Trip Picture says:

    Looks like my cousin Jenna in that picture on the far left. I screen shot the picture to her and she said it was her. All she remembers is someone named Amber did pay for several people to attend this trip back in 2014/2015. Jenna said she will double check with others that attended but they were from all over the place and sponsors paid to get them there.

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