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     I published my afternoon update yesterday at 3:16 pm. It was the first time Nicole Heely’s name appeared on this website. My phone rang at 3:26 pm, ten minutes later. The woman on the other end said “This is Nicole Heely.”
     I do not believe that a Nicole Heely exists. A friend and I scoured the internet and there does not appear to be a person named Nicole Heely living in the United States.
     The call came from Texas where she moved in February of 2017 according to a post on her Facebook page. She said she had been “bombarded” with messages that her name was on my site. I asked, “You were bombarded? I posted it only 10 minutes ago.” She insisted several times she had been bombarded but her phone kept breaking up and I could not hear – hence the three phone calls!
     This was a conversation for the ages and more will come tomorrow. She lied and changed her story multiple times!
     Do I believe this was truly “Nicole Heely.” No, it was Amber  or someone very close to her and they knew the next logical step coming in my story was Nicole Heely and they were prepared to call me to try and keep the name and what transpired with her off this site. Because it is damning! It is “Nicole Heely” who began this whole investigation into the blatant deception and lies by Amber Martin.

**     And the beat goes on. This woman is simply amazing!

*     Literally within 10 minutes of my publishing yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from someone claiming to be Nicole Heely! Oh, my! Stay tuned…




     In January of 2017, Nicole Heely sang the praises of her boss, Amber Martin, the owner of Woo-Cat Management and the Lancaster County Treasurer and the wife of State Senator Scott Martin. This woman can work miracles!
     Did Heely take her profile picture from a British dating site? Does Nicole Heely exist or is she a fake account?

Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Google nicole heely and you will see her mentioned twice on penn manor gop website. It aint rocket science. Now you all sound like a bunch of mean girls instead of a “journalist”. Getting redic….

    • huh? says:

      I happened to do the same thing, got the same results. When you go to the link, it’s a thread with original posts and comments. That was when I figured that the name came up in the comments as a commenter. I couldn’t be bothered digging in. Better things to do with my time it’s redic that you didn’t dig in yourself before you sling arrows.

  2. Please just go away. Liars! says:

    Amber Martin and Scott Martin please just go away and take Stedman with you. What a trio of losers and total jerks. Not only are you embarrassing yourself you are embarrassing this county!

  3. Is she Moe, Larry, or Curly? says:

    Another great job Becky. it just goes to show what a joke this woman is whether she calls her self Amber, Nicole, or just plain old looney tunes. How did this person ever become an elected official? I guess in a corrupt world where Scott Martin could be elected to anything it’s possible. Along with Stedman these people really need to fade into tge darkness what a joke they are. The three Stooges!

  4. Wake up Lancaster says:

    Wake up Lancaster’

    Becky She’s using somebody’s picture wouldn’t that be
    Identity theft?

    She also uses pictures From the New York Mets food drive. ( for the poor)
    Acting like it was her food drive Or. WOO CAT

    Amber Martin Words going to be a late night only 2000 more boxes to pack

    Amber Martin post
    Says 100 new Coats Like the one I’m wearing for women in need.
    Again a lied to promote her company

    Amber Martin’s post said $20.000 From H.O.A
    For the elderly
    Again Woo CAT

    You have proof that she stole people’s pictures from Facebook the
    New York Mets boxing food for the poor

    The pajama party
    She stole somebody else’s post
    Saying they were her friends
    her party

    Same people
    Wearing the same pajamas

    Same background

    Amber Martin acting Like that was her pajama party

    The real person lived in Louisiana

    Amber Martin Lancaster’ county treasurer

    Never took out bonds or insurance on our tax dollars until she was caught

    Amber Martin then tries to cover it up Illegal

    She Amber Martin
    post dated bonds and Insurance
    on our tax dollars
    Again illegal

    If Amber Martin did all
    of These charities
    it would be front page news
    She would have plastered pictures of it everywhere

    Liar and fraud

    Not to mention her husband’s sister was high on heroin
    Trace evidence found in her car
    she killed 2 people and hospitalized one and walked away
    Katy West
    Was not charged
    because of her brother. Scott Martin

    anybody else would be spending prison time for vehicular homicide
    Scott Martin sister’s
    Got by with murder

    Scott Martin stealing land from Nuns

    You could write a book
    On all of the
    Lies And fraud.
    that her husband has done
    to line their pocket

    Lying scumbags

    Thank you Becky
    great reporting

  5. huh? says:

    If the call came from Texas, is Woo Cat expanding their business?

  6. Times up says:

    Times up

    Becky isn’t this fraud or identity theft

    You also said
    You were going to post a Comment from Ida

    Some how did I miss that

    I have to compliment you.

    you have done such a great job with Your investigating reporting

    • Becky says:

      I approved Ida’s comment this morning and it’s under the post below. They said:

      With further investigation you’ll find Nicole Heely was a fake account.

  7. For God Sake says:

    For God Sake

    Becky I do not know if this is important or not but

    This ( Dunphy ) Family Is Amber’ Martin’s family

    The pictures is of Her Grandfather and Grandmother
    on her mother’s side of the family
    The picture of the woman in the red blouse is Amber’ Martin’s
    Aunt ( her mother’s sister )

    Amber Martin’s
    father’s last name is.

    Amber Martin’s
    mother’s name now is
    Kathleen Trevino

    Amber Augustowski Martin


    Amy -Augustowski- -Sayler -August.

    And they all lived in Baltimore Maryland

    $20000 For the
    Dunphy. Foundation
    Wow (her family)

  8. Money says:

    Nicole was her hench woman. Nicole used many Facebook accounts to track down people that owed money. This same Facebook account tracked me down. Nicole was a real piece of work. Still remember her showing up to my house and demanding money. Lovely lady.

    • Becky says:

      LOL! Nicole didn’t show up at anyone’s house. Nicole does not exist.

    • Catfish says:

      Amber (posting from your AT&T wireless cell phone) let’s get real.

      Your fake henchmen did not create fake accounts to track down creditors. You’re suggesting that you enlisted a slightly-built girl in her early-20’s (as pictured, but again, the profile was sourced from a dating profile in the UK, and there is no Nicole Heely) as your collections enforcement person? Showing up at someone who is derelict on a payment, and stands to lose their house? Alone?

      Okay, if that’s the case, that’s arguably more egregious and irresponsible than leaving such a transparent trail of shameless self-aggrandizement.

      But, really, the jig is up.

      • Catfish again says:

        And, further, Amber, why in the world would someone need to track a homeowner down on Facebook to pay their HOA dues? What, they skipped town and left their house? But then Nicole tracked down their NEW house on FACEBOOK and DISPATCHED herself to demand payment in person? There is zero scenario under which this makes sense.

        And, how ineffective can Woo-Cat be if there are so many henchmen accounts out there collecting debts?

        Think before you try to speak this away.

        I reiterate, the jig is up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Both Amber and Nicole are on the Penn Manor Republican Committee. Explains why Manor Township is the most corrupt local govt. in PA. Kirk Radinovic is corrupt, too, and no one mentions how the state’s top GOP leader just quit the post AND got fired from his law firm for sexual harassment of a Philly gop candidate. These women are FECKLESS.

  10. ny goodness says:

    No, she is not going to pay your taxes and she will not hesitate a nano second to place a lien on or sheriff sell your property should you not pay your taxes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There is a Dunphy Foundation in NY but it never heard of woo-cat OR Amber. Already checked. Game over!!!!

  12. U R ALL CORRUPT! says:

    Agreed! I worked my whole life, am now disabled and can’t afford my property taxes in corrupt Manor Township – where she QUIT her elected job as a supervisor to run for a higher paying job. Is this b*tch going to pay MY taxes?

  13. huh? says:

    Strange that the Dunphy Foundation is not a 501 C 3 org. They are not listed as a nonprofit on Guidestar

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh, for corns sake, if you can afford to live in a place that has HOA fees to begin with, you have plenty of money!!!! If this person is such a kind, caring person she would be financially helping the folks in Lancaster City that can’t afford to live any type of decent life.

  15. When will they just go away? says:

    That is just too hilarious that Amber Martin called pretending to be this fake Nicole person. Next Scott Martin will call in pretending to be a woman but it might be tough for him with all tge steroids. Someone should really make a movie about these clowns the only problem is the good people of Lancaster will look like total idiots for allowing these losers to represent them. Where is LNP? Again they are a day late and a dollar short. These criminals need to be tarred and feathered and rode out of town in a rail!

  16. Anonymous says:

    WOW!WOW!WOW! Becky you have done an outstanding job of providing the truth to this county. Where is LNP? They might want to reconsider their investment in Scott Martin Along with anyone else who ever supported these liars and cheats. How can we allow these people to represent us? These people have played the good people of Lancaster as suckers! When will we stand up for what is right and just and send these criminals packing?

  17. huh? says:

    Ok now I see it. That dark halo around “Nicole’s” face. Done as a drop in. I wonder whose pic it really is if it’s not a real person.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Martin is Healey’s boss? Not acc. to woocat website. So they are BOTH frauds?

  19. huh? says:

    Posted too quickly.. the coat pics do have the same hoods and hair.

  20. huh? says:

    The finger print of this account being fake is evidenced by random posts with zero likes or responses.

    One thing confused me. The faces in the coat are different as are the colors of the coats. What gives?

  21. my goodness says:

    Many are following this closely.

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