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     The commissioners’ move forces Stedman to use either civil-asset forfeiture proceeds intended for use by the Drug Task Force, campaign money — he is seeking a county judgeship this year — or personal funds to pay for his legal expenses.
From today’s LNP story linked to immediately below.
       He can’t use campaign money, can he? He’s running to be a judge! I don’t think he can use campaign money to pay his legal fees as District Attorney!


***   The human resources office also found that Stedman’s top deputy, First Assistant District Attorney Christopher S. Larsen, violated county policy by taking a personnel file out of the office. It recommended that Stedman discipline Larsen “up to and including termination” for his use of the file.
         Larsen, however, remains on the job. He appeared in court this week.
From the LNP story that just went online, “Lancaster County Commissioners block DA Stedman from using taxpayer funds for lawsuit,” (click here).     
     Yup! That’s exactly what I said immediately below!


**    The birthing happened while Osei was working at a Warwick Township group home Jan. 14. She called her supervisor to say she was in pain, and the supervisor called 9-1-1. A Northern Lancaster County police officer found Osei sitting on a toilet, and realized there was a baby partially submerged in the water, Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen presented in court.
From yesterday’s LNP article, “Woman pleads guilty to giving birth, leaving baby in toilet at Warwick Township workplace; will be sentenced at later date,” (click here).
     Two items about this:
—  First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen is still with the district attorney’s office. Was he lying about going to the Georgelis Law Firm? Did Georgelis change their mind after the county commissioners stated he could/should be fired for his antics regarding ADA Mark Fetterman? Does anyone know? (Click here for “IS LARSEN OUT?”)
—  The below is part of an excellent comment posted under the article on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page. She has been in jail since giving birth and I can’t imagine the trauma she has gone through. Women (and men) need to come to this woman’s defense!



*     Judge Leonard G. Brown, III has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, April 11 in the Open Records lawsuit to obtain civil forfeiture records from the District Attorney’s office.
    To recap:
— The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records sided with LNP and reporter Carter Walker that the civil forfeiture records must be released.
—  On February 26th of this year, District Attorney Craig Stedman appealed the release of the records in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.
—  On February 28th, the County of Lancaster filed a petition to intervene in the case.
—  On March 1st, DA Stedman filed a motion strongly objecting to the county’s request to intervene.
—  On March 15th, the county requested a hearing.
—  The hearing is now scheduled for April 11 (see below).



     The city managed to livestream last night’s very short city council meeting – with a brief break (click here)! The report from the Human Relations Commission. was literally only two minutes long and it’s difficult to hear because the speaker was far from the podium microphone.
      I need to buy a new pair of headphones and I will listen again and report back.
Please check back later today.


  1. The truth must be told says:

    Why is Scott Martins case sealed is it because he would never be elected to anything ever again if the truth about him was known. Scott and amber Martin were in court all day today and we notice they no longer have custody of some children. Are trey child abusers? Are they unfit? Are they on drugs or alcohol? What is going in? The public deserves to know! Becky please help us find out the truth! We know these are terrible people we know they are corrupt why can they hide their dirty laundry? The public has a right to know! How can these people hold office when they are allowed to hide the truth of who they are? Becky please find out the truth. Someone knows the truth. Please let the truth be known. If you know anything about what is going on please let this county have the truth we all deserve!

  2. Layne Kisster says:

    How Ammon? Because he’s a Republican and part of the Republican old boy network in this chicken corn soup republic.

  3. huh? says:

    Is it me or has the Smucker story already disappeared from the homepage of the LNP?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stedman’s use of taxpayer money and employees and resources to campaign for judge is ILLEGAL. And that is exactly what he did by allowing (or directing) Larsen to walk out of his office with a confidential personnel file (which was probably phonied up, anyway, just for the occasion) and try to use it to destroy a political enemy. Desperate people do desperate things, but there is no legal justification I can think of for his actions. Time to call for a special prosecutor and grand jury investigation. And don’t be fooled. This grandstanding on taxpayer time and money is campaigning, as well. It benefits no one but him, if that, because at least he gets bad press, which is better than no press when you are counting on name recognition from the uninformed sheep who comprise the majority of Lancaster County voters. GO AWAY, ALREADY! JUST GO! AND TAKE YOUR CORRUPT FRIENDS WITH YOU!

  5. Ammon says:

    How could anyone ever vote for this guy? If anyone actually votes for him it shows their character in the same way you can judge someone by the company they keep. Anyone associated with him or believes could make a good judge would have the same lack of morals and ethics as him. It will be funny to see who actually supports this criminal and his cronies.

  6. Rednek says:

    Which LOL headline will generate more clicks…..Steadman…..or…….Scrapple??????

  7. Anon says:

    Of course its open to the public. I suggest people show up with placards that read: Stedman No More! I’m sick of this political zealot after just three weeks. Meanwhile, it would be a legal paradox to ban the public from a hearing that wouldn’t be necessary if Craig Stedman TRULY believed in TRANSPARENCY. He throw the word around like he does, but he is the most controlling, manipulative and SNEAKY d.a. I’ve ever heard of. Hope the court appearance is a spectacle. TV STATIONS SHOULD BE THERE!!

  8. huh? says:

    *** The human resources office also found that Stedman’s top deputy, First Assistant District Attorney Christopher S. Larsen, violated county policy by taking a personnel file out of the office. It recommended that Stedman discipline Larsen “up to and including termination” for his use of the file.***

    A while back I questioned whether Larsen might have “borrowed” files of therapy sessions that the daughter of the accused nurse took part in, at an agency that Larsen was associated with. Another poster at the time thought that was an absolutely outrageous opinion.

    Well, looks like my suspicions were valid. If he grabbed Fetterman’s file in his overwhelming desire to win, it’s right in line that he would grab the defendant’s daughter’s file to win a murder conviction of her mother. I hope the nurse’s attorney is paying attention.

  9. Layne Kisster says:

    Why isn’t he in jail? Because this is Lancaster County and he’s a member of the Republican old boy network

  10. What a joke says:

    How is Stedman not in jail? What he did is a crime. If the DA is a criminal himself how is there any hope for this county? Where is his friend Scott Martin? I hear he is in court this week and what he has done will Rock this county To its core! I remember when you used to be able to be proud to be a Lancastrian. How do we let these people represent us? How are we allow them to seal court proceedings so the truth of who they really are is hidden?
    Please Becky this is going on now please look into this!

  11. Anonymous says:

    No. All of the above was in prior, more in-depth, news stories from multiple sources about the case. Furthermore, another LNP article about the plea notes:

    “Osei told hospital staff she did not want the baby”

    That was said to hospital staff at Reading Hospital that was trying to get her stay!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This woman knew she was pregnant because she was told by two different medical facilities that she was pregnant, but lied and told her family she was not. One of those medical facilities tried to admit her and get her to stay not long before she went into labor because they said she needed immediate medical attention, but she made the decision and effort to get up and leave that facility. She also already had a child, so she was familiar with labor, delivery and the care required by a newborn. When the pain started, instead of seeking help, she took steps to secluded herself in an unsanitary bathroom and proceed to give birth to her child over a toilet. At some point, she had the sense about her to pick up a phone and call her supervisor for help, but apparently did not have the sense to remove her newborn baby from a toilet full of water and then proceeded to fight and resist the responders that tried to remove her from the toilet so that they could help her baby. Plenty of people were available and tried to help that woman when it counted.

  13. Anon says:

    I believe the hearing is about the county’s petition to intervene.

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