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     There is a city council meeting tonight. It is also “Giving Tuesday.” Tony Dastra, who live-streams the meetings on his “See-Thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page, has a GoFundMe account (click here).



***  Just a quick note about yesterday’s post regarding a Right to Know request for a mugshot of Jesus Rosario who is charged with rape.
       I published District Attorney Craig Stedman’s denial letter on this site on October 26th and it is here. I am not appealing the decision because at this point it would require an attorney to do so. Perhaps at a later date I can challenge his ridiculous, preposterous refusal to provide mugshots. 
     If you recall there was this story from LNP also from October 26th, “Office of Open Records rules for LNP in dispute over autopsy & toxicology reports,” (click here):        
    The county has 30 days to appeal to the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, and has indicated it plans the do so. That court is currently handling the county’s appeal on a similar request filed by PennLive.
     LNP is piggybacking on PennLive who is far ahead of LNP in their appeal but it is worth noting that both have hired the same law firm to argue their cases. There will be more on this at a later date.


**     I am well aware of this lie filled debacle going on. Please give me time to adequately address it!



*    In case you think these two stories on Lancaster Online are the same case and someone made a mistake – no – these are two different women. Mountville is apparently a hotbed for theft!
     I’m not sure why they even bothered to arrest these women. White women can steal in Lancaster County! This site has proven that.
     They will cry; they will get probation and the judge will sternly order them to pay restitution which they will never do.
     But just out of interest, LIP News will follow the cases of these two women.
     Heather Hartman (more than $50k and no mugshot) is free on $50,000 unsecured bail, of course! They haven’t even set bail for Crystal L. Roten (over $75k and a mugshot) so what is going on there? But she did have enough money to hire a private attorney so it’s doubtful she will see a single day in jail!
     It’s good to be white in Lancaster County!    


     The silence of the entire establishment is both deafening and suspect.
Part of a comment into this site about Debra Slaymaker-Walker immediately below.
     Exactly. It’s a sure sign something is going down and it is not good.
     And where is LNP? They hire these young reporters straight out of college and then teach them to never question the DA or the police. And as reporters they defy the public trust and don’t go to these public officials and demand answers but wait for them to issue a press release. And if they don’t issue a press release – then they forget about it and move on to the next story.
     It is an absolute disgrace what LNP has done to journalism in Lancaster County.
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Put another way, your ? should be: Why are you reasing a photo of the suspect if he/she is already behind bars or has already been processed?

    (Honest) Answer: to further prejudice the case against them so everyone knows they are a minority.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a general rule, mug shots are not mandatory in most cases, are not automatic, and are the exception, rather than the norm. Most are obtained through subterfuge and deceipt by police when a scared and compliant person shows up to the police dept for fringer printing prior to a preliminary hearing. Every “mug” shot you see on Crimewatch (which purports to be a police blotter) was posted by the police department that feeds the story and was taken – and used – in violation of the suspect’s state and federal constitutional right to privacy and protection from being painted in a false light, etc. Mug shots are only required, for obvious reasons, if a person is, actually booked into a jail, is a flight risk, or certain other –
    limited, fact-specific circumstances. Therefore, re-publishing the unconstitionally obtained photos only feeds into (enables) police to continue their unethical (and, illegal) conduct and gives it legitimacy. Even if the charges are dismissed at the prelim. (or they are adjudicated not guilty … as many charged with minor crimes are… their “mugshot” lives on eterally on the internet, appears at the top of searches of the name, in google photos, etc., and overpowers every other good thing they have ever done in their entire life. Most of the photos you call “mugshot” are solely designed to humiliate the defendant, ensure the dèfendants name is forever associated with the “crime” – regardless of the outcome in court – and that their life, job prospects, hopes to move on, etc., will be impossible to achieve just because of that one, cheap, easy, dirty little trick the cos pulled. Please consider NOT republishing these vindictive, ILLEGALLY OBTAINED, eggregios Constitution violations unless the suspect is at large or there is a belief that there are other alleged victims of a suspect who have not yet come forward, or any other instance where jurisprudence warrant it. Otherwise, you feed right into their

  3. huh? says:

    You are missing the fact that this DA often exhibits priggish behavior that stems from control issues. Add that to an office that has hosted a cheating equally self entitled employee whose wife had a bare knuckled, social media assault on him until it was exposed on this website and I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that she was forced to change it along with being forced to know that she had a cheat for a husband.

    Whispers about the Peyton Place atmosphere certainly suggest that the person at the top is not feared or well respected by his minions.

    So. What happens? Behaviors unbefitting an office that in other jurisdictions would be put up for public scrutiny. But there is no public scrutiny in Lancaster. And there are no investigative reporters or reporting on incompetence or selective sharing of information. I don’t doubt that there are reporters who often have a lot of this information but decline to report it for a variety of reasons.

    Selective mugshot releases are only the tip of the prissy iceberg. Add prissiness to the mix and I think that is another tip to another iceberg.

    Who knows what was scrubbed from social media in this latest event. Scrubbing has happened before. And let’s face it Becky is a perceived thorn in the DA’s office side. God forbid they end up in a city where the press is a real presence. The heat in this kitchen will be nothing compared to a good weekly investigative reporter who doesn’t give a shit of the powers that be like them or not. They seem to be able to get away with power games here. Same as when minions show up at a citizens home unannounced who has also been a thorn in their side. Dismissive tactics on a level of Trump’s reaction to the climate change report and an unbridled but mistaken belief that they not only are supposed to uphold the law but that they also can selectively obey or disobey laws and regulations already in place. And looking at their record it happens all the time and often aimed at what they perceive as enemies or stones in their career shoes.

  4. Antiduh says:

    How can the DA’s office refuse to show the mugshot of this guy… or any arrestee for that matter? I thought it was public information? What am I missing, Becky?

  5. Anonymous says:

    “It’s good to be white in Lancaster County”? Are you kidding me? Men get away with what these women are accused of EVERY SINGLE DAY in Lancaster County! Many of them are public officials. You are a disgrace to women if you don’t think women are singled out and treated differently than men in this sexist county. WAKE UP!

  6. Becky says:

    I am moving the full comment under this post as well:

    Just another day and story in Lanky town. Take any other accident and replace this good Christian white woman with a brown or black woman and by now the commenters would have their torches lit and asking why she was in such a rush to see her drug dealer or they would be talking about all her baby daddies and telling stories about oh what did you expect from a mother with kids like that.

    Someone mentioned to me the fact that the​ other family has had nothing to say. Well, maybe they aren’t buying into the poor innocent woman angle. Maybe they are pissed at the cop’s, the dispatcher, the woman who killed their daughter and caused an eight vehicle accident after careening into a school bus. Wouldn’t it be awful if the family who did speak out then learn that their forgiveness was premature and worse case scenario they were used to sway public opinion to benefit the perpetrator.

    You can take it to the bank that if she were black or brown that her personal life would have been a front page story for days. And when she passes away someday, will they​ put what she did in the first paragraph​ like they did for the black gentleman not too long ago?

    The silence of the entire establishment is both deafening and suspect.

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