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     There is a hearing at 1:00 pm tomorrow in the Lancaster County Courthouse to make the Protection from Abuse Order permanent against Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple. Why wasn’t he fired after he held his service revolver to his fiancé’s head on July 16, 2013? Who covered it up? An internal report was even given to the Lancaster City Police Department. How was Caple allowed to stay on the force?
      There will be much more tomorrow.


*    In December of 2016, LNP did this feel good story about Officer Caple (click here). That is when I wrote about how deeply, deeply in debt Caple is!
     When the story went up on LNP’s Facebook page, there were the below responses (I have deleted the names of the posters for their protection):



Jonathan Caple

     The first page of the Temporary Protection From Abuse Order, effective May 1st, against Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple is below. The name of the victim has been redacted at her request and for her protection.
     This is the second PFA against Caple. Caple, nicknamed “Patches” by the community, has quite a reputation in Lancaster. He is reportedly on desk duty at this time.
Please check back later today.



  1. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    NY A.G. resigned just as I was saying, “See ya…”. It should all be that easy….

  2. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    Oh…and Huh, the “people in charge” don’t throw up their hands and think “why bother”. They’re IN on it!

  3. OntheBeachByNoon says:

    Police who are PROSECUTED (to conviction) do not get their jobs back….and, therein, lies the rub. The FOP only fights for cops who are fired for “misconduct” or “conduct unbecoming”, etc. So…firing cops and then having the union win their jobs back for them is always a done deal…done for show, to placate. Then the public outrage turns to the union, which takes the hit and the blame, as posted above, because it could care less what the public thinks, while laughing its ass off. The union works for the employees. And the city or township or whatever the entity avoids a lawsuit,they did their part; the D-A has the full support of police chiefs and officers when he/she runs for re-election, because he NEVER prosecutes a cop (merely a “professional courtesy” fully within his discretion, whether or not a law has been broken and to hell with any victim) yadda yadda yadda. Meanwhile, the only way to get an elected MAN prosecuted or kicked out of office in PA is to accuse them of sexual misconduct. (Kathleen Kane would NEVER have been prosecuted if she were a male who discovered so-called porngate. In fact, if she were a man, there would have been no “porngate”, as those emails would never have been made known. PA abhors whistle blowers, and the more people one complains to, the more they are gang-stalked…as occurred with her). Speaking of which, check out the story tonight on the NY Attorney General. See ya… Wouldn’t wanna be ya.

  4. huh? says:

    Regarding getting rid of bad cops in Lancaster. Even if the city council unanimously fires a bad cop, it doesn’t matter. The union in the case of Dickinson apparently ‘pled’ his case and got him reinstated.

    When things like that happen, it doesn’t surprise me that people in charge end up throwing up their hands and thinking ‘why bother.’

    I am not a union basher. But just like most organizations, bad decisions are sometimes made. And the union’s clout that got Dickinson back on the force sends a message to those who would try to oust another bad cop off the force.

    Public outcry when Dickinson was reinstated was successfully thwarted for one part because there was no publicity given to the fact that he was rehired. Looks like Caple is going to fly under the radar too.

    But, hey, it’s prom season. And in a last century mold, the LNP is banking on people purchasing their pictures… never mind that every parent, friend, sibling etc etc has a cellphone or a digital camera.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are only as corrupt as the person above you, according to a good, honest cop I know. That would be LANCASTER COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY CRAIG STEDMAN. HE IS BEYOND CORRUPT…THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR IT! WHY???!!! IS HE THE TOP PROSECUTOR IN THIS COUNTY? WHY????!???? Who else is he protecting besides these cops and his political career? Certainly NOT the public!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    A cop in a desperate personal and financial situation. I can’t think of a potentially more volatile and dangerous mix. Especially if there is a prior history of violence.

  7. What is wrong with this picture says:

    ( Exposing the truth )

    Becky I have not forgotten
    About those documents
    I was telling you about
    Still working on the best way to handle and expose this crooked politician
    your Favorite politician
    What this person will do to line their own pocket is absolutely criminal

  8. huh? says:

    Jim, well at least we know it has an updated heating system…

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