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     This is what happened  the last time there was a fire alarm at the LNP building and the employees spilled out into the square (click here for the original on this site)!

**   It was a smoke bomb! Do you remember the last time there was a fire alarm at the LNP building and the employees spilled out into the square?

*    Uh, oh! Did Krasne’s lies and hot air cause a fire? From LNP reporter Chad Umble’s twitter this morning:




     The Keystone Press Awards reinforce excellence by individuals in the news media profession, by recognizing journalism that consistently provides relevance, integrity and initiative in serving readers, and faithfully fulfills its First Amendment rights and responsibilities.
From yet another full page ad for themselves in today’s LNP print edition and “signed” by LNP Chairman and CEO, Robert Krasne.
     You are a flat-out liar, Krasne, and LNP is a disgrace to journalism everywhere. You validate Donald Trump’s negative claims about the press and dishonest journalism. And it’s time people knew what your racist, greedy and dishonest company have done in Lancaster County for years.
     Oh, and I have two more words for you: MAW Communications. Oh, and two more: domestic violence. Oh, I have a lot more words for you!


  1. barry in winnipeg says:

    My wife is Norwegian, so i get the Scandanavian Embassy joke. Back when I worked at the County Building on North Queen, we had so many fire alarms because the renovations then being done would stir up so much dust it would set off the alarm system. Since we could not reenter the building until the fire department declared it all safe, our normal practice as to check in with our supervisor and then head straight for the donut shop! By the time we had enjoyed our pastries, it was usually safe to enter and get back to work.Except for the one time it wasn’t, when carbon monoxide was sucked into the building and some people were hurt. Boy,did that picture bring back that memory!

  2. LNP Sucks 2 says:

    Must not have been many proms this weekend for that much space to be left for self aggrandizing.

  3. huh? says:

    I personally love seeing these full page “ads” they put out… the only reason a paper does that is because it’s ad space unsold.

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