* 4-15-18 UPDATE ** – * WHAT IN THE WORLD?

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*     Can you imagine one of LNP’s “world-class” journalists rewriting the police press release  and seeing the charge of “riot” four times and not questioning it? Oh, yes, people are charged with “riot” everyday in Lancaster County. Nothing to see or question here. We don’t ever question the police! We’re LNP!
— (Click here for LNP’s, “4 arrested Thursday evening in Lancaster city after traffic stop goes awry.”)

4-15-18 UPDATE


     Five people were in a vehicle when they were stopped by the Lancaster City Police for an unknown reason. The police did not find drugs, alcohol or weapons. One juvenile who was not in the car was tasered. His mother who came to the scene was arrested along with the juvenile and two of the car’s occupants.
     They have all been charged with “riot” and in some cases other charges as well (legal definition of “riot” is below and their charge is based on #2).
     Reportedly, there are multiple witnesses and videos of these arrests. The District Judge apparently didn’t think much of this because she released them on unsecured bail.
     This is a blatant case of racism and is outrageous and this site will follow these cases very, very carefully.     

**   I posted the below on July 1, 2015 when the five men were sworn into the police department (click here for the original).
     And of all days, today the NAACP and SACA and others will be discussing the Lancaster City Police Department (click here for, “Officers to discuss progressive policing at Crispus Attucks Center”)!

*    Officer Jake (Jacob M.) Bingham when he was sworn in with four other men on June 30, 2015 (click here).



     What in the world? Goes “awry?” Click here for the police press release.

3 Responses to * 4-15-18 UPDATE ** – * WHAT IN THE WORLD?

  1. WTF? says:

    Interesting that the riot statute was apparently just revised or added June 2017. Sounds like protestors could also be charged under the statute. Wasn’t Martin recently looking for a way to “lock em up?”

  2. LNP Sucks Too says:

    Until people who aren’t in the old boy sphere of influence start voting, nothing is going to change. See Mayor Dick clone-Mayor Sorace for further explanation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new here.

    This is how the police operate in Lancaster Pennsylvania under the leadership of Lancaster’s chief law enforcement officer, District Attorney Craig Stedman.

    If you are black or Spanish or other minority, you are f-ed. If you are white or well connected, like the heroin addict sister of Stedman’s pal, State Senator Scott Martin, you can kill or hurt people and not have any worries.

    Now the geniuses in the Lancaster GOP want to make this racially biased DA, whose 1st assistant had an affair with a subordinate female employee, a judge. This is the same group of wingnuts that made Mark Reese the Sheriff

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