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      LNP has had this as “BREAKING” all afternoon. Can you imagine? But LNP almost caused a riot with the false story that the teacher was to be fired. This whole saga of bad reporting is unbelievable. And suddenly the teacher, John Byler, “was not immediately available for comment on Tuesday.”
     What a bunch of whole-grain nonsense! Your job during the PSSAs, Mr. Byler, is to be a proctor. Your job is not to cook pancakes on an electric griddle (whether “whole-grain” or  not) and hand them out to students as they take the test. It’s that simple and it’s common sense! Enough said. Tomorrow back to serious news.


***  Gee, Alex, maybe as a reporter you should have checked his story before you had half of Lancaster ready to march in and attack the school administration!


 **   “There was never any dismissal action on the Board’s agenda,” SDL spokeswoman Kelly Burkholder said in an email Tuesday afternoon.
From the LNP update on pancakegate, “Teacher who served pancakes during PSSAs won’t be fired, is scheduled to return to classroom,” (click here).
     Uh, oh! So LNP’s whole first story that he would be fired was not factual to begin with. Unbelievable!  
[The LNP “reporter” states twice in the new article that they were “whole-grain” pancakes! Ridiculous! Does that make it okay?] 

*     Byler had brought an electric griddle and made one whole-grain pancake for each test-taker to eat during the test, he said.
From the pancake story.
     I agree that firing this teacher is over-the-top, but you can’t make pancakes during the PSSAs! You are supposed to be monitoring the students!
     And how did he serve them? Were the students given a plate, fork and syrup? Invite them in before the test for pancakes – not during a national, very important test!


     LNP has their latest clickbait story – about pancakes – but they were “whole-grain” pancakes (click here for “Hand Middle School teacher likely to be fired for making pancakes during PSSAs”)! Oh, the outrage! Where’s my electric griddle?

     $750,000 cash bail (click here)? Let’s look at some other cases where people fired guns and killed or could have killed someone.    

       As noted here by a commenter yesterday, Rich Manieri is no longer listed as the LNP Deputy Opinion Editor. And his LNP Twitter account is just gone! Wow! What is going on? He actually had journalism credentials!

Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “4 arrested Thursday evening in Lancaster city after traffic stop goes awry,” (click here).
     I wish I were “Jai Sai!” He or she went under that story and made mincemeat of all the racist trolls and stupid people posting there! What an outstanding job! And my blog is doing just fine, thank you! Stupid, nasty and arrogant is no way to go through life, Diane!
Please check back later today!


  1. huh? says:

    I get the reason that this teacher may have prepared breakfast for his students. So many kids come to school hungry and tired. He may have seen a need for his students to eat something.

    If he cooked DURING the PSSAs that’s a whole different ballgame. But the piss poor reporting by Alex Geli can’t be taken as truth one way or the other.

    Just another tempest in a teapot or maybe a panic in a pancake.

  2. JoJo says:

    Actually, I’m not giving a hoot…..BUT… order to report a story, shouldn’t one know if the teacher’s name is John or Kyle? Both names have been used. But,then again, that is the kind of reporting we’ve been getting!

  3. Rednek says:

    Someone is making up a story………the teacher?……..The School District?……LNP??????

    Surely it wouldn’t be LNP would it??? Just to get a few clicks, or sell a few papers?

    Anybody ready for a lawsuit??

    I hope Alex has his resume caught up to date!!

    • Becky says:

      This reminds me of their false story a while back that a Jewish family had left the county out of “fear” when, in fact, they went on a pre-planned vacation!

  4. LNP Sucks Too says:

    Pancakegate. Now LNP can ignore real news with a clear conscience

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