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     I sincerely thought this was a joke article because of this drawing !!! Seriously why publish this drawing?? Makes the department look ridiculous!!
One of many, many incredulous comments posted on Lancaster Online under their story about the sketch of a thief posted here this morning.
     Yes, it makes the department and LNP both look ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!
     Sure hope House of Pizza defends and countersues for frivolous litigation. The stated reaction of the clerk makes clear there was no malicious intent or racial motivation. I’ll have to look up what lawyer would file such a waste of the Court’s time.
This comment into this site today about the lawsuit against the House of Pizza.
      I know nothing about this suit except what was posted. I would note the last sentence in the suit below says this:
     The above are just some examples, of some of the discrimination and retaliation to which Defendant subjected Plaintiff.
     Philip Benson is represented by Chloe E. Gartside of the Philadelphia law firm of Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC. She was not in the office when I called this afternoon and the woman who answered said their office is closed tomorrow for the Eagles Parade. As soon as there are any developments in the case I will let you know.


*    The below lawsuit was filed in Federal Court on January 12, 2018 against the House of Pizza Restaurant located at 21-23 West Chestnut Street in Lancaster. The suit states that Philip Benson filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission in June of 2016 and this suit is being filed more than one year later. The receipt is not attached to the suit.
     The beginning of the suit is below and below that are the “Material Facts” from the suit.




(Click here)

     Have the Lancaster City Police and LNP lost their minds? Seriously! Is this a joke?
Please check back later today.


  1. ThisTownSucks says:

    Here is frivolous: I am now a convicted criminal in PA because yesterday, a Lancaster County Common Pleas Court judge (Ashworth)found me guilty of “defiant trespass” for mowing a 10 x 40 foot piece of grass that I have been mowing for the entire 10-years I have owned my home in Manor Township. The renter next door, who has terrorized me for three years, Joshua Klingseisen, was my accuser. He is a convicted felon (burglary and theft), who was incarcerated for years because he kept violating his parole. But the corrupt Manor Township Police Chief won’t charge him for stalking and harassing me, and when I filed a complaint against Klingseisen, Todd Graeff tried to entrap me. He wasn’t successful, so he made everything up. But here is the kicker: I was accused of trespassing on July 12. The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office’s ONLY “evidence”, a no trespassing sign, was dated July 13! Instead of dropping the charges, like a non-corrupt d-a’s office,some d-a 6-months out of law school named Caitlin Bree Blazier wanted to “move forward with the case”. So they destroyed the evidence by taking a picture of this 12″ x 10″ No Trespassing sign I supposedly walked right past on 7/12/17, photocopied the picture, and shrunk it down so small, no one could read the date! (They had the whole sign at the last hearing, but I had asked for a continuance, like a dummy.) So when I asked Klingseisen on the witness stand to read what the sign said, he could read everything BUT the date. AND his name was spelled wrong in the signature on the sign, which I pointed out. Judge Ashworth found me guilty!!. Yes, that’s right. The taxpayers of Lancaster County paid tens of thousands of dollars for a trial against me in which the only “witness” is a violent ex-con who has been stalking me – an award-winning journalist of more than 35-years – and the prosecution’s only evidence was a shrunk down photocopy of a photo so small it could not be read. Where was my evidence, you ask? It was on my camera, where I left it for ten months to preserve its integrity so I would not be accused of “faking” evidence. But, since cameras are not allowed in the courthouse, I couldn’t bring it in. When I held up the local rules of criminal procedure containing the evidence exclusion rule for recording equipment, Judge Ashworth still denied me my right to evidence. “Can’t bring it in the court house”! But he was, apparently, very impressed with the prosecution’s case and found me guilty and sentenced me to a 100-dollar fine. AND ALL OF YOU PAID FOR THAT! Now I know why they were so I afraid I might actually record the proceedings, when all I was trying to do was follow the rules! No victim, no damage in this “crime”, but the taxpayers of the Commonwealth paid for me to (not) have my day in court so that a corrupt police chief can live to sponge off taxpayers and frame innocent people for another day. And I would be remiss if I didn’t report it because, well…that’s what I do. (And who says they can’t solve crime in this County?) !!!! I sign this email with my professional name because Manor Township police claim it is an “alias”, anyway. I shit you, NOT, Elaine Keno BTW, My home is for sale – cheap…but you have to live next to a stalking idiot and a few other losers. And, there’s no police protection and NO ETHICS….anywhere. Other than that, it’s a great place.

  2. PAisCorrupt says:

    Is the police artist the same person whoxdrew the monkey on the check? Could you please post those drawings side by side? LMAO

  3. PAisCorrupt says:

    Unfortunately, no one watches the police. I just witnessed the d.a.’s office intentionally spoliate evidence to cover up the corrupt, contemptuous conduct of Manor Township Police Chief Todd Graeff, two of his officers perjure themselves to keep their boss happy, and a judge who is smart enough to know it happened turn a blind eye. It used to be that if one lay down with dogs, one would get fleas. (No offense to dogs). But not in Lancaster County. Apparently, all of these people would rather consort with a known liar and thief and impugn their own integrity in the process, than tell the emperor he needs to put his clothes back on and hit the road. I was, however, very impressed by the letter to the editor in LNP by Gregory Paulson blasting Martin and Aument for their choice of Stedman for judge, and very surprised LNP ran it. In the interest of full disclosure, I recently realized my late mother was the judge’s piano teacher. If he knew, it certainly didn’t bias him. Unless, of course, he hated piano lessons. Maybe that’s what happened in court and I have this all wrong. Yeah. That must be it.

  4. PAisCorrupt says:

    This appears to be a copycat of a similar, frivolous lawsuit against a Harrisburg eating establishment a few years ago. If the lawyer were a pro se litigant, they would be laughed out of court and ordered to pay the other side’s legal expenses. But since they are a member of the PA Bar, the court will assume it has “merit”, instead of referring the lawyer to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. I hate this state.

  5. WTF? says:

    As to the House of Pizza lawsuit… If that is the best example of the claimed racially motivated discrimination, and I suppose the plaintiff would list the most outrageous example first, IMO this plaintiff may just be a very difficult person to deal with. Dealing with the public is ever difficult. Perhaps there’s more to the story, I sure hope so. Life has taught me that some very difficult people don’t seem to realize how bizarre their worldview is. Sucks for a small business to become entangled with one of that sort.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s now made national news. Next stop, late-night talk show monologues.

  7. Rednek says:

    Only LNP (LazyNewsPaper) would lower itself to publish something likes this. All-time journalistic depths.

    What a joke of a newspaper we are subjected to in Lancaster. The whole country must be laughing at LNP, and feeling sorry for the rest of us.

  8. WTF? says:

    Sure hope House of Pizza defends and countersues for frivolous litigation. The stated reaction of the clerk makes clear there was no malicious intent or racial motivation. I’ll have to look up what lawyer would file such a waste of the Court’s time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My bad. I didn’t know if you knew there are two of them. Although you mentioned Chestnut St in your description, the screenshot of the lawsuit doesn’t specify the address.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does the suit mention which House of Pizza this is? There’s on Chestnut St and another in Millersville.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I opened your site and saw this story and spit coffee all over my laptop. Hilarious!!! Whoever the moron is who drew that picture, he/she certainly isn’t a Bob Ross student.

  12. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Quick–call Bob Mueller. That sketch shows Carter Paige!

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