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     I am rerunning this from the day the LNP editorial board interviewed newly elected Mayor Danene Sorace and failed to ask her a single question about MAW Communications and LanCity Connect and the over $4.7 million of the taxpayer’s money spent on them so far (click here for the original).
      And LNP ran another totally fluff and cheesy (really!) piece on her on Sunday, where we learned this (click here for the article and apparently this is LNP reporter Tom Knapp asking the questions and Sorace responding):

     There will be more tomorrow.    



*     The ad also once again refers to “world-class journalism” which is surprising because most of their reporters are a year or two out of college.
      The only reason they can possibly make this claim is because they supposedly hired book author and journalist Michael Deibert who lives in Lancaster County (see below for the first time I mentioned him on this site).
       LNP continues to list him under their “Contact Us” tab as an “investigative reporter.” Is he really working for LNP? His personal website and his Facebook and Twitter accounts don’t mention it.
      Since September 6th of 2017 he has written exactly seven articles for LNP. Why would this man, whose primary concerns are racial equality and journalistic integrity, work for this racist, greedy, corrupt company that masquerades as a news organization?
     Time will tell!
     The original of the below is here. His Twitter account is here.



     The beginning of a full page ad LNP ran for themselves in yesterday’s Sunday Magazine.

     What in the world? Susan Baldrige and Kara Newhouse no longer work for LNP! And they are both being sued by former Manheim Township School Board President William Murry. He doesn’t think they told the truth!
      This is beyond ridiculous and disgusting!
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    Perhaps the reasons above are why the Pulliam Prize was not listed in the full page ad.

    Looking at that photo again, perhaps Deibert was brought in as window dressing. 🙂

    He’s the closest thing they have to someone who speaks spanish on staff.

  2. Interested says:

    I was using LNP as it is the name today. You are correct. I believe it was the New Era.

  3. Anonymous #2 says:

    The Pulliam for the Nickel Mines story was not awarded to LNP (as it is today) rather the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era (I don’t remember if they had yet been combined). The Intell/New Era was nowhere near the rag of a newspaper LNP is today.

  4. Interested says:

    Anonymous, there are two different awards. The First Amendment award is named in Eugene Pulliam honor. The other Pulliam is funded by the Pulliam Family, which is what LNP, won. They are both prestigious, national awards.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I dont know what your point is. Awards are like a**holes… The Pulliam is a First Amendment writing award. LNP is not synonymous with the First Amendment. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. It only prints the “news” it “agrees” with. …dangling past participle notwithstanding.

  6. Interested says:

    Anonymous, well what ever your issues are with the Amish, it does not diminish the Pulliam Award. I was merely making a point.

  7. Anonymous says:

    sorry, but the amish story is no dif than any other tragedy in america. what is obfuscated by the over sympathy for “amish” is that first and foremost, it is driven by misogyny, pure and evil!

  8. Interested says:

    Huh?, I actually agree with you regarding the story and the fact that it happened here. It certainly was a great tragedy but it did lend itself to a compelling story. But it did not write itself in the literal sense. My overall point was they did win it. It still required great skill and for a moment in time they displayed said skill. I will say that Janet Kelley, the actual writer, was a unique talent at LNP. But you can’t critique their recent body of work by dismissing such an accomplishment. Like it or not, it happened.

  9. huh? says:

    Interested – the Pulliam Prize has a very ‘interesting’ genesis.

    Here is what I have to say about the LNP winning the Pulliam Prize. With all sympathy to what the Amish community suffered that day (an Amish friend of mine who lives in Coatesville lost a granddaughter that day) that story pretty much wrote itself.

    I’m more prone to admire investigative reporting like the Sandusky expose’. Legwork, digging, putting yourself (sometimes) at risk to get the truth and speaking truth to power as what happened with all the pols and judiciary and election committees covering it up to further their own careers.

  10. Interested says:

    It is an Award given to Journalists every year since the 1960s. I too have a background in media and although not the Pulitzer it is a top, nationally recognized award. Several winners have Pulitzers, as well.

  11. Anonymous says:

    ive been a reporter for decades – won everything in radio news except a dupont colombia – but i was nominated. wtf is a pulliam?

  12. Interested says:

    I am very well aware of the recognition factor of the Pullitzer versus the Pulliam. “Pullitzer Prize” is a part of our national lexicon. My point is/was they won a substantial national award and I can promise you the Pulliam Committee was not part of some huge, Lancaster based conspiracy. Although I was not aware that Dan Quayle was related to the family!

  13. huh? says:

    The Pulliam Prize is certainly a nice one but most people haven’t heard of it whereas most people have heard of the Pulitzer.

    When you google the word Pulliam, the prize doesn’t come up as the prime result. Keysha Knight Pulliam does.

    Google the word Pulitzer and the Pulitzer Prize is the very first result.

    Whenever I see the word Pulliam personally I think of former VP Dan Quayle who is one of Eugene Pulliam’s grandchildren.

  14. Interested says:

    I agree but it was recent enough that some current staff are still there. All I am saying is the Pulitzer was referenced for Harrisburg and that is coming up on 6 years. Had it been 30 years ago I never would have mentioned it. You can criticize LNP all you want, and it is becoming increasingly easier, but you can’t just ignore something like that.

  15. Interested says:

    In fairness to LNP, they won the Pulliam for the Nickel Mines tragedy. My question is why did they not mention it??

  16. Frank Lee says:

    This is LNP. They may say it’s a newspaper. But in the end, it’s LNP

  17. huh? says:

    These are vanity awards. You don’t see the LNP winning any national or international awards. Pultizer has passed them by but awarded to Pennlive for the Sandusky expose’.

    These are “pee pee” awards.

    Why are they running full page ads? NO NEWSPAPER runs a full page ad unless they have empty ad space and fewer advertisers so they fill a page with fluff and self congratulations. They would NEVER pass up advertising dollars.

    Like they say on CNN… this is an apple. People might say that this is a banana. But in the end it’s an apple…

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