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     As of 3:30 pm this afternoon, according to the Department of State website I have been linking to for the last two days, with 9139 out of 9,162 districts reporting and 99.75% of the vote counted the unofficial totals for the fourth seat on the PA Superior Court are as follows (click here):

—  Mary P. Murray – 911,947
—  Craig Stedman –  907,445

     Murray has won the fourth seat and Stedman has lost. If there is to be a recount – then do a recount (see immediately below). Once again, Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman has lost and will not be a judge on the PA Superior Court!


—   Let me clarify one item in the below. The professor at first thought this was a two person race when we went through the math. I later explained that this was a nine person race with four available seats and DA Stedman was in a close race for the fourth seat! So then, he wasn’t sure and said you might have to add up all the candidates’ votes… and he was particularly interested in how they actually “recount” the vote and I had no answer!


     I just got off the phone with a Franklin & Marshall mathematics professor who was extremely helpful but asked not to be named and he is also somewhat confused.
     When presented with what LNP stated:
    The recount would happen if the two candidates’ final vote totals are within one-half of one percent of each other.
—  He said you add up Murray and Stedman’s votes – 911,563 + 907,085 = 1,818,648
—   One percent of that total is 18,186
—   One half of one percent of that is 9,093
     So, if Murray wins by less than 9,093 votes there would have to be a recount at this point.
     And then he asked me what do they recount? And I said I don’t know. And I said a lot of these races are very close for the Superior Court and they might have to do a lot of recounts!
     And he said he wasn’t sure and if they meant all the candidates for the office and all the votes then you would have to add them all up and…
     I do not feel so foolish. I will try the Department of State.
     And thank you to that patient professor!

*** 10:25  am – 99.69% of vote in – percentages unchanged – votes below – click here:

—  Mary P. Murray – 911,522
—  Craig Stedman –  907,049

**   I am being told that my math is incorrect and a recount is required. I am checking and apologize if I was wrong.


 *    Apparently LNP’s “political reporter” Sam Janesch doesn’t know the word “lose” but he knows the word “tepid!” From the current LNP story online about Stedman (click here):
     He tepidly threw his name into consideration for the Superior Court race in January, saying he would only run if he was endorsed by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.
     What a hoot!



     Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman has lost his bid for a seat on the Superior Court of PA. It is very unlikely that there will be a recount although LNP continues to include that possibility in their articles and headlines (click here).
     According to LNP, a recount would be required if the two candidates’ final vote totals are within one-half of one percent of each other.
     That is not the case. With 99.51 percent of the vote counted as of 6:45 am this morning, the two contenders for the fourth and final seat on the court remain as follows (click here):

—   Mary P. Murray – 12.01% – 911,375 votes
—   Craig Stedman –  11.95% – 906,917 votes

     Stedman lost the election.
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    So, if he doesn’t run for DA again in the future, what is the other most impotent and ill-qualified elected position in Lancaster? The mayor’s seat of course.

    I can just imagine it… the law and order candidate running on his record. And I saw “record” with more than just a hint of sarcasm. How long has it been since Lancaster has had a mayor who hasn’t fleeced the public and been a rubber stamp for avaricious developers et al. Who better to run than another person who can effectively sweep so many wrong things under the rug while at the same time promote three blocks to the ‘burbians?

  2. PAisCORRUPT says:

    I suggest they train some of those cameras spying on Lancasterians on the re-counters. I trust that about as much as I trust my dog not to eat the bone in front of her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This “tepid” quote is interesting. I’ve assumed that Stedman hired Hamburger as his PR guy in anticipation of running for another office. It might be interesting to get the e-mails between those two prior to him being hired to see if something like that is revealed.

  4. PAisCORRUPT says:

    Normally, the next step “up” from D.A. is common pleas court judge. However, looks like he did Conrad a HUGE favor by skipping over that step, running for a judicial seat he could not win, and HANDING Conrad a win for a judgeship he is unqualified for. Now watch that unholy alliance at work. Sinful. And that either party let that happen is equally disgusting. Conrad RAN AGAINST HIMSELF FOR A JUDGESHIP. HE COULD NOT LOSE EVEN THO HE WAS NOT ENDORSED BY EITHER PARTY OR THE BAR!!!

    • Becky says:

      Note: Whether a recount is required is still being worked on. From LNP (if they are correct):

      The recount would happen if the two candidates’ final vote totals are within one-half of one percent of each other.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Let us know when a victory dance is appropriate!

  6. Anonymous says:

    True about the unsolved killings under Stedman’s watch. Not true about becoming a fixture.

    One would guess that Barry Goldman probably didn’t give up his private practice to join the DA’s office without some promise of being given a deal at a run for the top job. Larsen, always viewed as the heir apparent, is damaged goods because of his shenanigans with a subordinate female.

    Stay tuned.

  7. Becky says:

    This comment in from “huh?” under the story below and I am also moving it here:

    PS as it stands now, unless I am way off base, he stands to become a fixture in that office. And how many more dead bodies will pile up with no arrests or convictions.

    It’s way over forty eight hours since Mr. Cooper was killed on the streets. Still no arrest. It’s safe to say, based on previous experience, that it will just sit there among the rest of the unsolved murders.

    As we know, there was a comment that was removed from the LNP’s website purporting to know the identity of the murderer. A ‘regular, normal’ paper would have jumped on that and by now there would be a story on just what she meant.

    They have no qualms about basing an entire story on an unnamed source. So why aren’t they interested in this one?

    No one seems very interested. I imagine that at some point street justice will prevail when the police and the DA don’t. Who knows? Maybe some of these latest murders unsolved are retaliation murders.

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