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      A couple of notes to finish up the week:
—  I was going to apologize to District Judge Bruce Roth but his comment about my father was so crass and out-of-line that I will not. And I’m not sure that because a 20-year-old says he’s homeless and jail would make him feel safe, that means we put him there! There must be other options for this struggling young adult.
     I’m also concerned about Roth’s office telling me twice that I need a full-time job to post bail and I wonder if they are doing that to discourage individuals from posting bail and having to do the paperwork. Having only one individual posting bail in five years that was not through a bail bondsman is unacceptable and I plan to look into it further.
     And thank you to the caller the other night who really, really doesn’t like Roth. Keep the calls coming!
—  Some good Friday news – you may have noticed in the comments on this site that Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife and author of a book about him has a new name! She got remarried! Congratulations!
—  And there simply are no words for LNP failing to inform the public about the alleged domestic violence by Sadler and removing his ex-wife, Rosaura T. Thomas’ comments under their stories and removing anyone’s comment that mentioned domestic violence. As I’ve said many times, they are a complete disgrace to journalism and the public.
—  And that brings me to The Caucus and what a joke it is. I am republishing the below comment that came into this site because this person nails it! My only disagreement – LNP did have a Gary Hart sort of story – and, as you said – totally ignored it and kept it from the public. That would be State Senator Scott Martin with his secret divorce, secret remarriage, secret divorce again and then marrying the county treasurer. But Martin helped them out with their convention center/hotel and who knows when they might need his help again? Everyone in Harrisburg needs to know what a greedy, lying and disgusting company LNP really is!
      I think I can answer your last question regarding why the “Caucus” addresses trivialities in the larger scheme of things, and won’t dare touch anything of meaning and importance: From all outward appearances, and knowing what we do about the incestuous financial relationships LNP has with certain newsmakers…and lawmakers, it looks as if the Caucus was specifically and strategically set up to 1. make it look like the parent company is, actually, a “news” organization, when it is not (i.e. to try to hide those incestuous conflicts of interest and; 2) and more importantly, to curry favor with lawmakers from outside Lancaster County that they do not yet have relationships with currently, but will need to cultivate as their avarice and greed only grows. They can accomplish that by pissing off and outing piddly lawmakers whose vote they do not need, to the delight and glee of the rest…who matter to them.
     It is just drawing their power and corruption into a wider net, while trying to fool the public into thinking they are a serious, unbiased news organization. I promise you that if one were to gift them with a, say, Gary Hart type story about Lloyd Smucker (I am just using that as an example), the girl would still be sitting in his lap while they cover copy machines. This strategy also helps should they face legal scrutiny or any other kind of oversight for some of their boneheaded, if not downright unethical, immoral or illegal, actions over the past few years. Call it a preemptive strike.


**   The LNP article on the police station, “Lancaster City Council hears concerns about police station security zone, lead-paint inspections,” is here. But LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher is a liar and you can watch this on Tony Dastra’s “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).

*    LNP has made the Sadler story an “insider” article online – click here.


     Below: An article on Police Chief Keith Sadler from today’s LNP print edition, next to it the article on the police requesting a “safety zone,” an online petition to fire Lancaster City Police Officer Todd Dickinson (click here) and a quote from Mayor Gray from the article on Sadler.


Please check back later today.


  1. I wanted to share my thoughts with all your followers in regards to Keith and many others. As I watched the news and read many posting, I asked myself, what if someone just asked Keith if he ever hit me? What response do you think he will give? My children asked me “Mom are you waiting for dad to say he was wrong?” Good lord no! Men like Keith will never admit to any abuse, any sort of Domestic Violence, they would rather sit their and lie because they will do anything to uphold their IMAGE! No one wanted to believe me :(. My story has not ended because there are so many others who has seen what has happened to me and continues to happen to others. Our Justice System would rather protect the abusers because of the position they hold. All I can do, is thank you Becky.

    Wishing you all a bless and wonderful day.

  2. Frank Lee says:

    Top Ten Reasons LNP Doesn’t Tackle The Truth

    10. It might interfere with spin

    9. Takes up column inches used for coupons

    8. Philosophy majors on payroll keep asking; what is truth anyway?

    7. Could make Dale High, PSP and mayor Dick look bad

    6. Truth can be so negative

    5. It wasn’t mentioned in the press release

    4. Could put a damper on all the conventions held here

    3. Reporting stuff like that is a good way to get fired

    2. Might have to leave the office and nose around for answers

    And the number one reason LNP doesn’t tackle the truth…..


  3. Thank you so much Becky for the well wishes on my marriage. This means so much to Michael and myself. Wishing you continue success!!

  4. I am not formal Anonymous Too, just Rosa please or Rosaura which is very hard to pronounce for some :).

  5. Gone Fishin says:

    Years ago I heard a defense attorney say that if you referred cases to certain bail bondsmen you may get rewarded. Fishing trips have been popular, supposedly.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That is an insightful comment by someone I do not know, who knows nothing of what I have had to endure.
    I called the d.a.’s office years ago to complain about harassment from Graeff. Not only did I not get a return phone call, but Graeff made it clear to me he was aware of my complaint, and that made the harassment far, far worse. The fact that Mr. Stedman was unresponsive might have been excusable. But, to allow further victimization and endangerment of my safety and security by revealing what should have been a confidential phone call to the d.a.’s office, makes him biased, dangerous, and completely unsuited for position as a judge in any court in Pennsylvania.
    Graeff, however, is – in no way – a clown. He has a serious mental illness known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There is no treatment and there is no cure, and it is the most dangerous mental illness (to others…..never to themselves), on the psychiatric continuum, and the most frightening to its victims.

  7. Police Abusers Rule says:


    It won’t ever end. DA Stedman, now trying to become a judge…seriously!….encouraged this kind of behavior by never stopping it. And Graeff. What a clown. How did Manor Township end up with an ethics violator?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Polygraph examinations make truthtellers out of liars more often than the other way around. I do not recommend that as a way to ascertain the veracity of a dispute. There are much more reliable ways to determine credibility. The best way is always a good, old fashioned grilling by a skilled interviewer. I can get a liar to lie in three questions or less.

  9. Anonymous says:

    On the day that there were two fatal shootings in Mountville several weeks ago, two police officers dressed in what appeared to be full SWAT gear banged on the front door of my home. When I looked to see what the commotion was, I moved the curtain from the glass and asked them what they wanted. Both were tall and balding, but my gaze was fixated on the officer to my right because he was the only one who spoke. I remember thinking he was very handsome, and I remember he had a very nice smile. But the scene was surreal because he was asking me if my “dog trespassed on a neighbor’s lawn” and was laughing menacingly while peppering me with ridiculous questions. There was no doubt in my mind he was sent to harass me by Manor Township police chief Todd A. Graeff and, now, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that that officer with the engaging/menacing smile was Todd Dickinson. Thank you, Becky, for putting a name with the face. I urge everyone to sign the petition. This kind of unprofessional behavior on the part of taxpayer-paid, sworn servants in Lancaster County MUST end.

  10. Anonymous too says:

    Well then, Ms. Thomas, it should be very easy for him to pass an examination! I look forward to seeing his results:-))

  11. I so enjoy many of the comments. I cannot help but be a bit sad. How I wish he would take a polygraph test…Let’s see how far he would get? Allow me to emphasis most OFFICERS are trained to lie.

  12. Anonymous too says:

    So…the police love polygraph examinations. Let’s demand that Chief Sadler take a polygraph, administered by a respected, independent source, related to the allegations made by his ex. I think he should JUMP at the chance if the allegations are actually false. It would clear his name and allow him to move on without this cloud hanging over him. No taxpayer wants their tax dollars paying the salary of wife beater. He can easily prove that he’s worthy of our support.

  13. huh? says:

    I would love for AG Kane to finally speak up and speak to this exact issue to the Washington Post or the New York Times. And supply those images that have been shared surreptitiously and with the names of the defenders retracted. The climate is right for her to finally get her due.

  14. huh? says:

    “talking” brings up some excellent points regarding the police chief’s situation and possible fall out in all kinds of direction.

    It is so important to remember that this is all happening in Pennsylvania. The state voted most corrupt, by many, of all the states above the Mason Dixon Line.

    There are countless judges, DAs, legal assistants, you name it who still have their jobs despite being caught sharing images of women engaging in acts of bestiality, bondage, gross demeaning, submission to men, champagne bottles shoved up their vaginas and on and on.

    How did the new AG handle what the old AG tried to uncover and expose? By declaring ‘case closed.’ And those same judiciary members will be hearing cases about the abuse, rape, and assaults on women. Knowing their real opinions of women and still holding women’s lives and safety in their hands.

    But the people of Pa go merrily on. And AG Kane learned the hard way that when you are a woman trying to do the right thing, you’re decimated.

  15. talking says:

    My brief search turns up no statewide press about the Sadler appointment; however, the Weinstein scandal is turning the entire entertainment industry on its head. Did you see an Amazon guy just got suspended? NBC is getting roasted for passing on the story initially. If the ex-wife choses to push the story, he cant keep this statewide job and maybe LNP ends up with a little egg on its face for not running with the story earlier. the entire statewide press wont remain silent and the Dems are feeling the heat from the mostly liberal entertainment community that seems to have remained hush about their own abusers.

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