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     As to District Judge Bruce Roth’s assertion yesterday that I am a terrible reporter, with all due respect, I disagree and state that the LNP reporters and editors are far, far worse. I strive to tell the truth. I am not swayed by money and keeping Mayor Gray in office and in the public’s good graces because he is going to obtain millions of dollars in taxpayer monies for me.
     And to yesterday’s story on Police Chief Sadler leaving, I am reprinting my post about LNP’s opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy’s first editorial after her promotion in September of 2014 (the original is here).  
     There will be more tomorrow. The headline to the below was “A TERRIBLE, LYING START…”

—   I received an email with a link to this petition today (click here).

**** They added the below charge yesterday and “criminal mischief.” Surely they can find some more charges to add – five might not be enough to put him in jail for a couple of years!

***  Shaw-Cannon is still in jail and they increased his bail and added two new charges at his preliminary hearing yesterday (see below). Unbelievable. Under the original article, a commenter said on this site, “It’s Lancaster and he’s black. If he was white, the cops would have sent him on his way.”
     This has reached a level of absurdity and it is disgusting and I will continue to follow his case.


**   Delonte Shaw-Cannon is either very mentally ill or an actor. He confirmed that he told District Judge Bruce Roth at his arraignment that he was homeless and jail was the only place he would feel safe. And Roth obliged and sent him to jail.
      He changed his mind yesterday at his preliminary hearing. He wanted to leave jail and stay with his mother. When I left court yesterday, the Judge and his public defender, Courtney Monson, were trying to call his mother to see if she agreed.
     But Shaw-Cannon also stated that while in jail someone was using “mind control” on him and he had thoughts of “committing murders and raping.” He also said he had “weird dreams” of committing almost all the crimes you can imagine and then ended with “touching himself.” He said someone was “invading his mind.”
     Someone needs to give this 20-year-old a mental evaluation stat to see if this is true or if he is playing games with the court!

*     I am not going to revisit the incest story. I will simply republish this email I sent to my brothers and sisters on May 2, 2002 (it and another email are published on the original LIP News website – click here) and then I will move on to why Delonte Shaw-Cannon wanted to go to jail.

      I understand that our family has been keeping yet another secret.  Tom molested his own brother Steve and you knew.  I think it would have been nice if someone had told me before I sent my son to Canada for a week by himself.  Very nice.
    I come from a normal, nice home, but I have a brother who molested his younger brother (by the way that’s a CRIME) and his “foster” brother.  But let’s keep that a secret so everyone thinks we’re the nice, normal family that’s better than everyone else because our father is a PROFESSOR.
    And you are surprised that my therapist immediately saw sexual abuse – and you say it couldn’t have been our father.  I wonder what other secrets are out there.
    Why didn’t you ever suggest to your twin that he gets help – before he lands in jail.  Shit, the Catholic Church has nothing on the Holzinger family.


     “Your father was a wonderful man,” District Judge Bruce Roth told me in open court yesterday.
     Roth attended Franklin & Marshall College for two years.
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    The Pennsylvania Judiciary is so utterly corrupt and the porn email scandal was brushed under the rug.

    Oh for AG Kane to just speak out and say their names. It is absolutely the right climate right now to do so.

    Becky, perhaps the folks over at jezebel might be interested in this. You can message them privately so as not to get your stalker/harrasser’s panties in a wad.

  2. Offended says:

    I am not easily offended, and I know nothing of Judge Roth. However,it is clear that his comment regarding your father was more than insensitive. It was done, solely, to try to discredit you and, considering your relationship with your family, to wound you with words. It was unprofessional, uncalled for, judgemental, and unjudicious. I, strongly, believe he owes you an apology, as he does to all abuse victims, whether it be sexual, physical, or otherwise. Only a man would have done such a thing, and I believe that that one sentence from him, that one action, says more about his character than anything else he will do from the bench, any sentence he might hand down, bail he met set, stance he might take. I am also certain that he violated the Code of Judicial Conduct.
    It must be nice to have been raised in a family that was not dysfunctional. I, like many other people, would not know, but could only dream of it. But if it would have made me as callous as Judge Roth’s remarks make him appear, then I am fine with where I’m it.
    On, that note, I also wish Rosaura all the best, and hope she can finally have the peace and happiness she deserves.
    Every second any of us waste thinking, talking, or obsessing about any of the losers and abusers so often mentioned on this site is a second of our life we will never get back. And they are just, plain, not worth it.

  3. Never give up Becky…You are that light of truth!!

    So proud.

  4. huh? says:

    So, the guy claims he hears voices and threats. What do they do? Pile on charges that would ultimately be thrown out by a reasonable SCOTUS.

    Yup. Lancaster and being born Black.

    Better that he would be a doctor, murder a lover by neglect and then hid the body for others to find in a horrific state of decomposition.

    I think this badbadbad flag guy has already spent more days in jail than the murdering doc.

  5. huh? says:

    PS people who speak that way to the judge… If it is not an act, he is vulnerable to attack and worse in that jail. Mentally ill people are easy targets.

    If it’s an act, then he is a menace to other inmates.

  6. huh? says:

    Since Roth is reading your website, maybe he might want to read this.

  7. huh? says:

    Does this guy ever rule on incest and molestation cases? Wonder what his track record is on believing children?

    So if a person he considers a “fine person” comes into his court and evidence is presented that this fine person has molested children… well, heck, based on Roth’s extemporaneous comments, I think we know how he might rule.

    Bill Cosby would have been his dream person to exonerate. And people wonder why women and children don’t come forward… they face people like Roth in court.

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