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     Patrick Hopkins, the city’s business administrator and councilwoman Danene Sorace need to resign their positions today. And Sorace, as head of council’s finance committee who sponsored this loan and an additional and separate $1.5 million dollars to MAW, needs to withdraw as a mayoral candidate today!


Frank Wiczkowski

      William G. Koch, Sr. said Frank Wiczkowski of MAW Communications stiffed his accounting firm of $30,000 many years ago. Koch, of the William G. Koch & Associates Accounting Firm in Wyomissing, PA, instantly remembered him in a phone interview today (click here for their website). He said Wiczkowski came up with excuse after excuse not to pay. His firm sued Wiczkowski and settled (see the screenshot below) and Koch said they walked away with a loss of at least $30,000.
     Koch revealed some other details of his background and said of Wiczkowski: “He’s bad news!”
     MAW Communications is in a “public-private partnership” with Lancaster city government to provide a fiber-optic broadband network known as “LanCity Connect.” On top of payments of close to two million dollars so far to MAW, the city just loaned the company $1.5 million dollars.
     Click here for LIP’s special report in March of this year, “MAW IS TAKING LANCASTER TO THE BANK!”
     Mr. Koch told me it is good that someone is looking into Wiczkowski’s background and he wishes the city of Lancaster “good luck.”


  1. PaIsCorrupt says:

    OMG! Now that I’ve seen his photo, I am SURE this is a con job! Case closed.

  2. PaIsCorrupt says:

    As I stated months ago, and said I would be happy to change my position if new evidence comes to light, this company appears to have conned the city of Lancaster. I have not seen an evidence to the contrary, just more evidence to support my position. I have not had time to do any more research, but I have a hunch that there may be a bankruptcy or two on I have never been wrong. Well, actually, I thought I was wrong once before, but it turns out I wasn’t;-)

  3. huh? says:

    From the promo materials you would never know that white people are in the minority. 41 percent.

  4. my goodness says:

    Aww, come on guys. The man made a mistake. Charitable Lancaster City is just giving him a second chance.

  5. huh? says:

    So many of Lancaster’s elected and managerial personnel have risen to their levels of incompetence.

    It floors me that apparently there is a clown car load who make the decisions for the city and its residents.

    Imagine if High and LNP were out of the picture. How many millions would have been saved for the taxpayers to use for “fluffy” things like streets, early education, small business owners and so many projects that would start small and grow instead of that big sucking sound you hear at the con center.

    Becky, it just occurred to me, will the con center, city government and other LNP/High PSP projects will be using the MAW communications connections?

    Why is it that regular human beings can smell a rat a mile away while clueless people at the top of the food chain don’t seem to have the capability of the thought process of a gnat when it comes to these projects? Sheesh.

  6. talking says:

    Of course he is bad news. He must have heard about all of the free money given away by the LCCCA and came a calling to the City. Remember Dan Logan? You know, the LCCCA marketing consultant working out of his house who received $1 MILLION for NOTHING! Literally, the LCCCA can produce NOTHING for his $1 MILLION. Lancaster must be known as an easy mark! This guy will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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