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—  I am watching Attorney General Jeff Sessions testify before the Senate this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.



The headline from Page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition and posted online as an “insider” story (click here).
*   This was reported days ago on this site and I think it’s more than a “snag!” The LNP article says this:
     Martin and Aument were given 20 days to present an amended complaint that re-argues their case before the case is dismissed. The suit was initially filed in March.
      The senators, in a joint statement Monday, said they intend to “remedy the concern raised by the judge” within the allotted time period.
     I don’t know how they can “remedy” their standing in 20 days – but we will see. Don’t waste the taxpayer’s money with nonsense, Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument!  And those 20 days are going to be up soon!


     LNP goes yellow this morning! How appropriate!

Please check back later today.

9 Responses to — * YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

  1. huh? says:

    I agree “my goodness.” From what I’ve read in various places, Reese sent some really slimeball emails and communications.

    Aument and Martin should however do a 180 and ask the same of the judicial side of Pa. government. To disclose just which judges and DAs and associates were involved in their disgusting email porn sharing.

  2. my goodness says:

    Though I have a really low opinion of Reese I think it’s hysterical that he has this entire county outflanked. Whoever would have guessed.

  3. Frank Lee says:

    In all fairness to the P, the quality of their paper stock is the best I’ve used to line my cat’s litter box.

  4. my goodness says:

    Yellow to represent all the raw sewage Lancaster City dumps into it.

  5. barry in winnipeg says:

    If they don’t know that the Conestoga begins at a soggy spring by now, they’re way behind the times. This newspaper ran a story on this when I was a kid (and I’m 73 now). The real story is ‘what is the source of all the dysfunction in Lancaster City and County?’ Now there’s a story for a real news organization!

    • Becky says:

      Well said, Barry! I actually tried to read the story but failed! What is this doing on the front page and in yellow? LOL! 🙂

  6. Frank Lee says:

    Viral? Sounds like “This Lanc is your Lanc” won’t be able to escape the reality of what Lancaster has become.

  7. my goodness says:

    I thought a dog peed on it. Is it supposed to look like ancient parchment? But the news, the gal on Manor St that ko’d 3 people, most guys can’t do this. And, of course, the Waffle House scuffle that has gone national, exciting weekend in Lancaster.

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