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     LanCity Connect is a service of Reading-based MAW Communications, provided through a public-private partnership with the city of Lancaster.
From the LNP, June 5th article, “LanCity Connect rethinking its deployment plan for residential fiber optic Internet service,” (click here).
     LanCity Connect, Lancaster’s residential high-speed fiber optic broadband service, says it has been deluged with much higher demand than it expected, and more than its rollout plan could handle. 
The opening sentence to LNP’s article the very next day, “MAW president explains decision to pause and regroup on LanCity Connect rollout,” (click here).
     So why is MAW Communications paying LNP to sponsor their Concerts on King music series (click here): 
     As soon as I saw this I sent an email to all the city council members and Mayor Gray’s top administrators asking: “Please state why the city (LancCity Connect) is ‘sponsoring’ LNP concerts and the exact money amount involved in this sponsorship?”
    As reported here previously, I received this one response from Pat Brogan, Gray’s Chief of Staff, who copied in everyone I wrote to in her email:
     Inquiries related to LancityConnect community engagement efforts and other services can be made through their website at:
     So I put in a Right to Know request and received this response from Patick Hopkins, the city’s business administrator: 
     Sponsorship of the Concerts on King music series was by MAW Communications. As the City of Lancaster was not a sponsor, no public documents exist that would be responsive to your request.
     I thought they were a “public-private partnership.” Why does LNP say they are being sponsored by LanCity Connect and not by MAW Communications?
     These games are not funny and they are not acceptable! This is $3.4 million of the public’s money and the public has a right to know what is being spent and how. Why would MAW Communications need “community engagement” if they were “deluged with much higher demand” than they expected?
     And LNP, on top of failing to report accurately on this debacle to the public, is apparently receiving “sponsorship” money from these liars and thieves! And these city administrators and the members of city council think they can get away with this and not be questioned because they know LNP will protect them and not do it and if they don’t, then who will?
     This site will! There will be much more on this to come.


 From the LNP article, “Here’s a list of 41 unsolved homicides in Lancaster County since 1992,” (click here). 

Julio Garcia-Camacho

**  His family, who have been vocal, went below this article and stated Julio Garcia-Camacho died instantly and LNP and reporter Tom Knapp never corrected it. He died on June 13, the same Saturday night he was shot and in four days it will be two years that his murder has been unsolved and his killer still on the loose.
     This is one of the most shocking (if that is possible) of the unsolved murders because there are two coalition cameras very close to where he was killed and there remains a “mystery” (which absolutely should not be and the police need to tell the public now) about the involvement of a van which many witnesses recounted.
     The images from those cameras need to be released to the public now and the detectives and District Attorney Craig Stedman need to be grilled as to why this murder has not been solved and the images released. Do your job, LNP, and hold these public officials accountable, get a killer off the streets and bring some closure to this grieving family.



*     Yesteday, “Frank Lee” sent a comment into this site with a link to the ridiculous YouTube video, “This Lanc is Your Lanc.” Sure enough, this morning LNP goes up with a “serious” story (click here).
      LNP, maybe you could have your reporter, Lindsey Blest, who normally covers the police and crime, look into the twenty unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray? Unbelievable!



     The Manheim Township Police Department changed their cover photo on their Facebook page yesterday (click here):
     It was sent to me with this comment:
     Most racist picture I have ever seen!
     That is obviously an exaggeration – but how does this happen in 2017? And why doesn’t someone say, “This is not right – the police force should reflect the community it serves!” This cannot continue in this country! It cannot continue.
    It’s too early to say when LanCity Connect will resume scheduling new installations or how deployment might change, Wiczkowski [Frank Wiczkowski, the president of MAW Communications] said. The service will be making further announcements in coming weeks.
From the LNP article by LNP reporter Tim Stuhdlreher, “MAW president explains decision to pause and regroup on LanCity Connect rollout,” (click here).
     Then how are they going to repay the $1.5 million dollar loan the city just made to them. When is the first payment due? What is their payment schedule? Why don’t you tell us, Stuhdlreher?
     The collateral on the loan is the fiber optic network they were supposed to install! But they have stopped the installation so there is absolutely no collateral except that building they own in Reading assessed at $89,000!
     Is the fact that LNP is receiving advertising money from MAW reflected in their terrible reporting on LanCity Connect and their failure to tell the public the truth and hold these city officials and city council members accountable?
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Money loaned to MAW who then turns it over to the LNP to “sponsor” concerts.

  2. my goodness says:

    This thing reeks of some type of sophisticated money laundering scheme.

  3. Jay says:

    Maybe Manheim Twp decided to roll out there Vintage camera from the closet to take the Picture or someone decided to be a idiot to take it that way but in all of it Sad for what they decided to do it that way must have been the Yuppie who took the Picture to be a smartass.

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