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     Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale gave LNP everything they wanted today (click here for the above story and video of his press conference). He said the school board broke state law and wasted $358,000 regarding the former superintendent. He said he believes the board was trying to subvert the Sunshine Law but said intent is hard to prove. He was emphatic, used colorful language and seemed eager for questions – wanting more than the reporters had for him. He very much enjoyed the press conference and the attention he received.
     Regarding the rest of the audit, Manheim Township passed. It will be interesting to see if any of the then board members speak out.
     Meanwhile, the Manheim Township School District issued a lengthy statement regarding the audit on their website and had this calm statement regarding the superintendent situation (click here):
      According to the audit, the only area that the district demonstrated lack of compliance was with administrator contract buyouts.  Manheim Township School District failed to publicly post the settlement agreement of a former superintendent who submitted a resignation before the superintendent’s contract end date.  The audit finds that the settlement agreement should have been posted to a School Board Agenda since it was voted on during a public School Board Meeting. The district agrees with the Auditor General’s report that the separation agreement should have been publicly posted on the Board Agenda.  However, school board directors and administrators who were working in the District Office at the time were following legal recommendations pertaining to Board procedures, and were unaware that the actual separation agreement needed to be posted on the Board agenda.
     There will be more tomorrow. I am going to unplug for the impending (weather) storm.


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  1. huh? says:

    So, did Nodecker actually shove a woman’s face into his crotch? Seems like they confirmed that from what I’ve read. And IIRC, that wasn’t the only incident.

    We all know about power corrupting men who then think they can get away with all sorts of shit. Has Nodecker ever denied those?

    Personally, I have been witness to “resign or you will be fired” ultimatums given to men to protect their futures.

    As far as the suit goes, will the LNP end up folding like before and giving up the name of who gave them the tape?

  2. PaIsCorrupt says:

    They werent protecting Nodecker – they were protecting themselves from a potential lawsuit from Nodecker.

  3. PaIsCorrupt says:

    Township just gave away the school board’s defense in making excuses for them (not advisable from a p.r. standpoint).They were following their lawyers advice. Its an old, old legal trick – and it works. That “professional courtesy” thing lawyers have feeds right into it, too. Lawyers dont like making other lawyers look bad. They ought to start.

  4. huh? says:

    I get the feeling that because of the accusations of lewd behavior that the board confirmed, that despite that they were in some way protecting Nodecker from public scrutiny of his departure.

    So Twp. is saying that Nodecker submitted his letter of resignation? I thought I had read that he claimed that he was pushed out. This is a very confusing situation.

  5. huh? says:

    Off topic: there’s a story regarding the Auditor General and MTHS on the LNP website.

    Which reminded me to ask, do you know if Township ever successfully pulled all their board meeting advertising from the LNP?

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